Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Things

there's many new things i'v tried nowadays..hee! i ate BAKSO..then i ate this weird char kuey teow..i mean so-calld charkueyteow...its like..i dont know what to say..sooo liquidishh. so BASAH laa..LOL..and tonight is the first time i ever go out at around midnyte??

dont worry momeyhhh...EIJA's with me.there's SHEBREENA and NADIA fellow english club soo touch with ms safrina 'speech' just now..DAMNNN i fell for it. she sacrifices her personal life for us? *sigh* so Shaz bought a new car.well he didnt buy it,his parents bought for him.and it is color.n the plastic in the car havent bukakkkk~

so Shaz was driving.eija sit at the im all alone behind.n the journey..fuyohhh... it was like a roller coaster.i can slide using my butt from left to right.damnn..its slippery.LOL. yalaaa with the plastic which aid the slipperiness to become more slippery..

mr.awesome didnt join us makan2.i tink he's mad bcoz i didnt say hi to him or i choose to be in the Swift rather than in a Waja..LOL..this is sooo not true.if he read this.imm sooo dead.LOL..

i need to read a lil bit of programmin notes..GOD help me with my programmin.OHHH the plan tomorow.ahaaa..maybb MAYB we will go to one utama! the curve! Ikea! LOL.either shaz or aizul will drive us there..the us are me,eija,shebreena n nadia..
eija never been to one utama curve ikea pavillion..ahahaha..never mind eijaaaa..we will show u the world!

i better go..pray for me kayy..just pray that i will read my programming in C notes.pleaseee..gute nacht!