Monday, March 22, 2010

Alergic To Bakso

sooo i went to the night market to eaat bakso with my lovely girlfriend, Eija
:* and mufidah. but before that we went to the ktm kajang station to buy my ticket to ipoh. damnnn..its a wrong time to come out coz its peak hours.pity eija lovely coz the car is manual so her kaki will be in pain if there's a jam.

the three of us dont know..well..not really know the road to ktm kajang.i tried to recall back but i can only memorize some of the 'scenery',scenery~ not the roads.dammit.. but thankgod we didnt get lost.ahaaaa.i love every moment in the car with eija coz its sooo funny when she did her 'not-confident-face'..

arrived at ktm there was this kelantanese fella wanted to buy ticket to kelantan..but he took AGES to buy his DAMN ticket.wat the hell! im hungry u...urghhh..
i heard him saying 'duk depe' 'warga emah(emas) sa.....' haiyoooo before u want to buy lotsa tickets,write in a piece of paper laaaa..u made me waitd there for sooo long.

then off we go to the night market.i bought stuffs for my roomates.well they orderd not that saint to buy them free foods.LOL. then we ate BAKSO. its my first time eatin bakso.n it was okayyyyy.. its like my mom's bihun soup.ahaaa.. the only diff is,they hav abc soy sauce and this chilli sauce. ok laa.. eatable. :D

right now my whole body is itchy.i think im alergic to one of the ingredients in the BAKSO. mayb the abc sauce.or mayb the meatballs. or mayb the bloooody whole bakso SHITEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ i ate piriton already to stop the itchyness.. damnnn. urghhhh.

i gtg.i have programmin test tomorow..dammnn i hope i didnt fell asleep coz i ate piriton..shite. gute nacht!