Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lazy Me

i have mornin class.i realize i didnt do my morning prayer for quite a long time..darnnn itttt~ i hope im goin to wake up 6.30am tmrw to do my subuh prayer..huishhh~ devils are everywhere to distract us.

so my quincy jr. when nuts.its my hp btw.i woke in d morn n found out my keypad lights and cam lights r on but nuthin on the screen.i guess quincy had a heart attack. so i searchd in d internet bout this,n they askd me to update my i downloadd the update service. then when i was downloadin the internet connection...urghhhh! im usin broadband n it has a limit of 5GB! suddenly when it was about 40%,the connection *piak*.dc. dammit.

the guys askd the gals in our group to join them 'beraktivi sihat' LOL at the sports center.too badd its 3pm n its BURNING out there n u expect us to walk not gonna let the rays burn my skin bebeyh~ if its at night then ok la. 3pm! gila ka? the guys book the whole sports center.LOL.i dont whether its true or not but they said so.i need to workout.dammnn.i have tummy.goshhh.i cant even do 60 situp..shite. what i'v done to myself!!???

its hot right now.i can feel the heat.of speakin of heat makes me think bout burberry the gonna buy that perfume one still thinkin whether i shud go out this weeken or nope..hurmm..gute nacht! XD