Tuesday, March 16, 2010


im so sorry i didnt blog for bout a week :))) gomen gomen..so there's so many things happen lastweek

snowy died~ :'((( i cant blieve he's dead..when i was eatin my breakfast.i recall back the way he lay helplessly on the grass *sob* even when i write this,my eyes are watery..on saturday night,he didnt come back home.the next morning we thought someone has taken him but BUT when my parents went to buy stuff they saw snowy..*sob*..near my house post..he was bitten by a snake.my dad said it might b a big snake coz when he saw the bitten part is kinda big..

*change topic* since i dont want my friend ask why im crying.

wee! hehe the gals cafe hav two new shops.i love the middle one! LOL the aunty is so friendly.on monday,i buy my breakfst there,s'pore fried bihun..LOV it..then today at 6,after my maths class.the class suppose to end at 6 but Sir Goh end at 5!! ahaaa oh back to my makan story.i ate chicken chop..ahahaha i calld it economy chicken chop.ahahaha bcoz it cost me rm4.50 and wat do u expect for a rm4.50 chicken chop..the size is like a fish filet/fish&chips.got two slices of the chic-filet.then coleslaw.lov it.then fries. ok laaa..eatable.quite nice

ouuu did i tell u what is my mini project for semester 3??? ahaaa a SHOE DRYER.i discuss wif Ms. Eliza n she scared our project can achieve wat we want.wth. Ms im sure the shoe will dry when put it in the dryer.. our plan B is to build an auto jack/lever.u know hydraulic jack? yes that thing.the diff is its auto.suitable for the ladiesss :)) plan C is to create a product that can nudge when the water in the bathtub is full :)))) i lov this bcoz its sooo easy to create :D

sooo i have to choose which plan by saturday,since i have to do a proposal bout it.*sigh* do comment in my chatterbox yaa

i feel like i want to buy crocsy.it will b easy to just slip on a pair of crocsy n off we go to class :D no need to wear socks.*sigh* im so into crocs disney beach adult :) i want my crocsy to have the disney die-cut..so kawaiii