Monday, March 8, 2010

Mamak Mee Goreng

thats my dinnerrrr~ the last time i had mamak mee here is like last year n it doesnt taste nice...but this timeeee..i duno wat made me order that n it taste aweeesomee.. LOL... i ate with Jo and long didnt eat together with them.

so todayyyy english class has been me Ija Fatihah and Mufidah went to cimb bank to bank in their check.its my first time i went to warta.its like greentown mall in ipoh but smaller and more crowded..dammmnnn fatihah's fren,which is a guy,who drive the car.he drive like a mad personnnnnn~~ i dun wanna experience it nymore. dasyattt la i tell u..kalah John(my classmate)..back to my purpose of saying english class has been when my class canceld,i hav to stay in my room..the problem is ITS so HOT in here!!! but BUT the god loves me so much,therefore he rains the earth.woalahhh~ so here is one advice,advice for today: God Is Watching U

:)))))) sooo i hav german test tisch is table,stuhl is chair,sessal is one seated sofa,dusche is shower,badewanne is bathtub,wohnzimmer is living room,elektroherd is stove..grun is green,blau is blue,grau grey,schwarz is black,gelb yellow

gegenteil is opposite.opposite of; schon(beautiful) is hasslich(ugly),billig(cheap) is teuer(xpensive),schmal(narrow) is breit(wide),jung(young) is alt(old),lang(long) is kurz(short),leicht(easy) is schwer(hard),dick(its THICK lol) is dunn(thin),seltsam(normal) is niedrig(weird),sauber(clean) is schmutzig(dirty)......

i tink dats enuff for the german lesson.ahaa!damn thirsty..i cant wait to be home!!