Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mr. Not Awesome

i only ate bread for lunch and i askd mr awesome to buy me food but he said askd mcd to dun do delivery here.i duno why the HELL they dun deliver here.idiot. then he said cafe.. *angsty* why i didnt THINK of that..sheeeshh..the fact ryte now im lazy to drag my ass out! guys r sooo...shessshhh..

so u'r not awesome at all!!!! im gonna call u mr. NOT awesome! and my fren r callin hers mr wolf..LOL..this is funny.. so i was like,mr wolf sounds do u knw he's wild on bed AHAHAHAHAHAHA shite. ok i think i hav crappin disease ryte now coz im angry and hungry..dammit..rachel is at the ukm komuter station,she said she can only buy BURGER faster fly starvinnnngggg..

cant wait for sumthin *wink* LOL sudenly talk bout 'sumthin'.aha! im not gona spit out until i get my hands on the 'sumthin'.