Saturday, March 6, 2010

ck wallet for Dady?

i feel like buyin my dad a new i searchd in a man that sells ck wallet set frm US.but BUT he sold it to another guy by hand.darnnnn it. then i go to lyn.found the exact ck him/her.he said i was like quickly reply him back SEND ME THE PAYMENT DTAILS!!! but he went offline.DAMNNNN ITTT.. u better read my bloody IM and RESERVED that ck wallet for me!

so today i just knew that theres a train frm kajang to ipoh.*sigh* why kajang??why no UKM i went to kajang by just one i paid rm1 for that.then i went to nilai.ahaaaaa.i feel like goin to mydin.i wanted to buy YEE MEE but theres no yee mee there.blooody i bought nesvita,white bread n peanut butter and lunch today was white bread and peanut butter wif jelly.sulkin for not havin my yee mee.sheeesshhhh~

nextime i will go to the mines.mines hav sure SURE giant will hav yee mee.besides that the mines has new outlets.theres SUPERHEROES shop(im goin to buy one tee frm there one day!) theres marvelous Carls Jr. their burger is like superdooooperrr *droooolin* starbucks subway crocs

back to the story.after nilai i went back to UKM.phewhhh. and i hav my MENSTRUAL CYCLE todayyyyy..weeee! i was waiting for it since.....last month..

i hope i get to buy that ck comes with a ck key chain.i lov the key chain actually.LOL.gtg.i was suppose to do my english essay draft but end up lookin for more mens' wallet.ahaaa. gute nacht!