Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Change my font type

Yesterday me eija faeza and kak dah..lol..mufidah.eija calld her kak dah.ahahahaha.v rent a viva car just to find assam laksa.at first we went to a gerai  which is infront of the hitachi factory but it was closd.so we went round bangi.we  get lost.but we manage to keep on track.then lastly went to kajang.then we saw Restaurant Mak Cik Dah..LOL..it was sooo funny cz everyone was like LOL..ahaha..lastly we end up in kajang’s pasar mlm.*sigh* thankgod theres assam laksa there.only one shop is sellin that in d pasar mlm.
So we ate at the gals’ cafĂ©.we askd for bowls,then we startd eatin.i ate my bihun soup first.its okkk la.no smell of the beef at all.not enuff spices.then with my laksa.first mouth I was like ‘wat is thisssss?’ doesn’t taste like laksa at alllll.isk! better than the one in ipoh which in my dad’s camp.ahaaaaaaa..
I helpd my roommate wif her digital system presentation.she has to create a logic circuit which the output is 1 when ONLY two from a,b,c is 1 and the last is 0. Damn! Its hard. I haven’t learnd digital system but I hav prerequisite for that subject that’s y I knw how to create a logic circuit. Wait! I think I just got a clue while im writing..hurmm..
i hav class at two.german n maths.gtg.goin to post another one tonight.mayb