Monday, March 1, 2010


its sunday i feel the sun the sun today LOL my god,tsunami hits japan,n d earthquake is like in chile. God save the innocent. i had maggi for my lunch coz d cafe is close on sunday. i watch Inkheart. it was ok but abit confused at the end when Mo tried to send back the guy(blonde curly hair,i forgot his name),i thought he can only poppd out did he send him back.idk.

oh my dinner is filet o fish.bought by...u knw who..i promised not to write his name here nymore.LOL.he was sooo scared sumone might read my blog n wolahhh~ gossips all around gmi.ahaha.not many ppl knw my blog laa :P n he chose filet o fish n ribena n lembik fries :DDD

im listenin to bach now. Johann Sebastian his musics.especially Ave Maria. n its true the most relaxin classical music is air on the g string.

my legs r in pain.i dun know why.mayb i sit for a long much sittin makes my leg cramp n muscle pain.arghhh. thank god i hav deep rub oinment.i remmber i askd Adriene bout d oinment.phewhhh~ i can feel d hotness right now.aaahhh better.i gtg.good night.gute nacht