Saturday, February 27, 2010

i know this will come *wink*

my sis commentd on my status sayin 'dont trust guys easily........' i know i know i may hav been out of my mind for a while.wat am i thinkin going out alone with a guy..sheesh~ bcz of dat my mum cant sleeps soundly. wat kind of daughter i am ryte now for makin my mom tak tidur lena.isk!

i know this will happen.i told everythg happen to me here.i dont know why i did i stupid?i dont know. wat happens if i didnt tell my stories here? i think no one is goin to advise wat i'v done wrong.true o not? OH! perseus in wikipedia, is ZEUS's son,not poseidon.aik! he's the one that killd..armm..wats her name..madura? damn i forgot.the lady wif d snakes hair n can turn ppl into stones. ITS MEDUSA..ahahah madura.LOL

i wanna be pro in playin O2 mania.LOL.i lov to watch syamim playin it.he was soooo cool.dammnn,i wanna be like him.V3 songs in my mind.ahaaa

*everythin dat u feel,is everything that i feel* its just d song's lyrics m listenin ryte maksud tersirat