Thursday, February 25, 2010

Perseus son of Poseidon

i watchd the lightning thief yestrday in was great! i lov the movie cz i like history.well not sejarah was all startd when i said to farhan that i didnt go to cinema n that time it was 7pm.n he said lets go now.n i was like..???? now?? he askd to chck d show time on9,and percy jackson is at whn i read his sms sayin now quickly i grab my bottoms,change my tee,put on my giordano cardign(it was purple n grey)

we arrived at 7.57pm.then i said usually d movi will start 10mins after but he said thats usually blablabla :P
we thought there will b less ppl but BUT thankgod it wsnt full.d only seats left is the first front we chose the third line.dammmmnn d screen was soo near n i had headache ryte after watchin d mov. ahahha but overal it was great.mayb im goin to watch it again.ahaha bcz i lov all those kind of things,poseidon zeus hades athena persephone :)))))

i hav eet test next week.3chapters r coming out.gtg! mayb im goin to read my english handout :DDD