Wednesday, February 24, 2010


ahaaa..gmi will b university college by this year.i wonder when but i think june. :))) there will be 16 16 diploma courses.damn! thats alot.i wonder wats d courses.then there will b 2 degree course which is EE( electrical electronics) and mechatronics..oh! in EE,there will b a subject on RENEWABLE POWER.dats a veryyy strong subject.oh god i cant wait to learn bout it.all the syllabus will b same as in germany's U.well a certain U.thenn right now there's thousands of company that hav strings with GMI.n the selectd company r goin to build their lab here in gmi.coooooll~ there will also b a twinning prog. but i duno much bout that.oh! the degree intake might b open next year..soon is next year la.. aww this makes me wanna study here instead of in germany.damnn~

i skippd my soooo hungry ryte now..isk! me n farhan are still smsing.we r arguing,but he will always win *white flag* *kena booo~* *surrender* ahaaaaa.oh damnn! i playd tap tap revenge with him n i LOST wth dats supose to be..ahahah *change topic*

ouuuu i'v orderd stuffs was so fun to order sumthin thats not in m'sia.LOL.n eija said our check for mara loan..mayb..MAYB they'l giv us on may..MAY??? why sooo long :)))))))

i hav plannd to meet pnut this friday..cant wait to see long didnt meet her..she'l bring me to sungei wang.. never been there n thankgod theres pnut that goin to bring me there if not i will never step foot there.aahahha..ok thats just not so true LOL

*did i ever come across ur mind*