Wednesday, February 10, 2010

love is in the air

i cant stop smiling...

aha! LOL *still smiles* well it was my first "outing" wif a guy.only me n him.ahahaha so-calld-outing
:DDD v had dinner in nando's..damn the chicken is sooo hugee.i didnt finishd my fries.ahaaa. i said i hav issues wif tall attracted to tall guys.i duno whyyyy..sheeshh~ but it was GREAT! i like him. he's funny. wat else. it just that im afraid he doesnt like me.LOL. well we'll c that later.ahaha.

i have this complicated c++ program exercise.dammnnn it was hardd.. oh! i ate spagetti for branch( i learnd that word from him!)ahaha bcoz i seldom use that word.its good to hav someone tat can improve my bad at findings suitable words when im talkin.n lack of confident makes me swallow my words which sometimes makes me havinn problem wif my pronunciation..*sigh* but i like himmmmmm :)))))))

k i better stop now. :DDDDD ahaaaa! nacht! :))))