Tuesday, February 2, 2010

need a booster

shud i get a broadbd?? idk.i think i shud wait after sem2 since im havin problems wif my xtrmely hard subjects. mayb im makin it hard,i dont know.urghh i need a counselor to change my mindset
*i can cope quite well if i GET the PROPER handout n a GOOOOOD teacher to teach me*

dis comin thursday,im havin my club's registration day..im sure its goin to b boringgggg :))))) im incharge at 9 till 11..oh gosh,i didnt tell Eija bout it. shitage. she didnt go to d meetin just now.how dare u left me alone :((((( hahah i wonder will there b students at that time.idk.our college doesnt make curriculum a must unless u'r applyin a scholarship n u need to fill up the curriculum part..hee! im doin the 'fun facts' or 'do you know facts'..thank god i chose that.. n i cant think of any decor for our booth since i cant imagine wat will our booth look lyk..

bloody atm machine didnt work when im about to transfer some greens..dammit..oh talkin bout greens.i loathe greens.i heart greens.GREEN is the new pink.LOL. y green? i dont know *wink* u know who u r :))))

 i need to choose which facts im goin to display.i gtg.oh it 0000.tepat pada masanya :) later!