Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Im Back

sweetness! im back blogging fellas..i dont know if there's human still ready my blog.if there r,do tell me :)
wee! :))) i got 3.88 for my semester 1.dammmitt~ it will b nicer if its 4 ke *wink* ahah so now smester2 is quite hard. electronics? digital system? programming? wat the heck weyhh~ but i will try my best.

ouuuu,i receivd my MARA loan lovin it.ich liebe es. :))))) einthousand i put aside for my mumeyhh.the rest will be moi~ :) i duno wat to spend.shud i spend or nop?? i think i shud a bit.hee! i want bonia foorwear!

this year german subject hav 5 german tto is miss..damn..i forgot her name.ahaha. i salute her la.she can speaks german fluently.example for german numbering:
123456 - einhundertdreiundzwanzigtausendvierhundertsechsundfunfzig
thats how they write it.dasyat ryte..havent include Millionen :D

i might go back to ipoh dis friday since myt parents r comin here..weee! my burfday is coming sooon :))))) ahaha im goin to turn 19..neunzehn Jahre alt,pronounce it as noin-zehn yare alt.

i enterd the english club of gmi..i hope it will make my life more interestin by havin ms safrina in my life.LOL. im goin to watch a play! wee! Shakespeare's play..i cant wait for the play actually.i love literature.its just that its hard to understd the isi tersirat of it.ahaaaa

im having a hard time learnin programming in C..adoiii,very hard la.i must have Einstein's or a very geek's brain to think computerly.LOL.i do the exercise until i hav a headache.i can feel my head was like sooo thick..ahahah do we used all those things when we'r wonderinggggg~