Friday, December 31, 2010

3 in PappaRich

had lunch with Ridhayah and Priyaa in PappaRich. we talked about lotsa stuff, we laughed super LOUD. didnt care what others will think bout us. 
we are just 3 cool ladies from CONVENT
ahaha. we realized some people doesnt like convent students because we like to mix around. LOL. nayhh.. but wat the heck. dont give a damn lah~ everyone has their own point of view.

curry mee for lunch
with plain water :)
arrived home 5++
had sticky rice/glutinous rice with coconut milk and mango
bloody freaking headache right after that

cancelled my plan to meet Amyra and the rest of the convent girls in JJ at night. besides that, my mum doesnt let me since i already had lunch with my friends and she afraid i might go elsewhere if i hangout with my friends since its new year eve!

my sis bought me a new bottle and its CUTE! thank you so much!

happy new year

Thursday, December 30, 2010


today is the most laziest spend-time-in-front-of-the-computer day
bloody hell
mum went for a check up so im free to go online this morning

i waited for so long for this picture to be saved in my lappytop. theres food in my mouth when this was taken. can u seeeee?? i was eating Bryani. yummy bryani ALERT~ in Ampang. 

my dad has a facebook. yikes! i should beware and maximize minimize swear words im using in my status but i dont think i can. LOL

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


mum cooked kuey teow soup
and i finally get to SKYPE with sweets
and my DAD

dad said g-shock in Lebanon is cheaper, so i asked him to buy me one. like this

isnt it bloody beautiful~~ i can see pearl behind it. LOL. thats just too much. ahhhh.... its green and i love GREEN. everybody knows it. he said theres many red and blue. if he cant find green, i think i'll go for the RED one.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Another Productive Day

i didnt go twistering today
i had cekodok ikan bilis for breakfast, it was super marvelous!
a very big lunch
CENDOL PULUT during tea time
skipping my dinner

enjoy ur holiday
i think i'll be busy increasing my weight during my semester break.arghhhh! 
this is fucking sickening.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Semester 3 Break

having my fabulous holidays right now for 3 bloody weeks! im very sure i'll put on weight after the hols.aha! 

went to Menara UOA with Sweets to take my mum's medicine. at first we got lost. we passed through kL Sentral 2 times. after that, Sweets wanted La Comida in Solaris for lunch. but we get lost. he's dying to bring me there but i said NO. my train wil depart at 6, so im afraid we wont arrive on time in kL Sentral. so off we went to a restaurant called Ruz Aladdin in Ampang. we had bryani! since we only had pasta the day before. so i suggested we must have rice. the food is quite nice but a bit salty. environment is nice. the price is okay. yada yada yada 

arrived kL Sentral quite early; 0500+. phewh! we went to find a wrapper to wrap Ally's birthday present. then had ICE CREAM together. and waited till 6.
we hugged
we waved
we kissed
for the last time
of the year

lol. however it was sad~~~ because im not going to see him for like 3 bloody weeks *sigh* and it was bloody fucking freezing in the train. 
next time, force me to take ur jacks
regret for not bringing his jacks when he said i should bring it. grrrrrr.... 

celebrated Ally's belated birthday by having pizza and chicken wings from PizzaHut. with pecan cake from Secret Recipe. we ate like pigs. lol. and Ally love my present! 
a game that involve legs and hands. i was worried she might hate it, but she loves it. 

woke up
cleaned up the cats poo
nose in pain due to the cat's litter sand
had mcd for lunch; spicy chicken mcdeluxe
a 30mins nap
played twister; won MANY times bwahahhahaha
legs in pain due to too much twistering
had my mom's cooking for DINNER

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Before Monday

it is such a productive day. aha! nothing MUCH to do, its either im reading or drinking. 
reading to keep up with studies
drinking to keep me alive

latest band-diction
its the *drum roll* FOSTER THE PEOPLE!! 

by the way, in response to previous post.. there's no such grade as A+ in my college. LMAO. no wonder i never get A+. bwahahahha

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Spaghetti Fever

its saturday and i spent my day with without Sweets. ahaaaa.. i have to because my finals is not over YET. i went freaking mental this morning by waking up before 730
its bloody weekends
arent i suppose to be awake late
then i read my Sensor notes since the finals for that paper on Monday. im estimating to get at least AT LEAST 
for my sensor
i have to, must to, compulsory to, if not my cgpa will reduce and i will be a dead fish if it does. i just hope my gpa for this semester wont go so low *crossing fingers*

getting an A+ is bullshitly impossible. AHAHAHA. i never get A+ in my college. the highest is A. if i get A+, there must be something wrong somewhere *wink*
i cooked spaghetti today. i ate like a total pig. i think i just ate approximately 500g of spaghetti for a day
thats fucking a lot
approx. 250g for each lunch and dinner
i lost my mind.ahahaha. because i bought the tin spaghetti sauce and i cant keep it, so i have to finish it in a day. so thats why i have to be a pig for a day when i cook spaghetti.

after lunch i read my Islamic Studies notes. if i dont read it, i'll feel guilty. then i got knocked down by the beautiful weather. 
cold and serene and solitary 
great combination to get a good nap.

i've started a lil bit of research on my final year very excited. ahahaha. even though i have to do the proposal on somewhere around October. there will be no revelation on my FYP. aha! someone might counterfeiting my idea. LOL

we were suppose to have ice cream together last night
the picture doesnt belong to me.

foster the people - pumped up kicks

Thursday, December 16, 2010


since today i had my Maths final paper, i doodled with Farhan last night. well, we didnt actually doodle anything cute ahahaha.. its been a long time since i doodle with anybody. dangg! 
and dad wanted to chat with me last night :( i was busy and i said i'll skype with him today. awwwww... sorry daddy~ i was doing my exercises.

i think i did very well for the paper *brags* because i can answer most of the questions. i was so worried if i cant answer the questions, especially integration by partial fractions. or maybe implicit differentiation. ah~ enough of education.

i finally got all the documents to start looking for a company for my in-plant training
*super excited*
however, the guy said its best if we apply after 3rd January. awwwwww... thats still ages to wait. i really want to go to Schlumberger because its like MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)or Louis Vuittion or maybe Gucci. AHA! its a company that most students wanted to do their training. i have a few companies that search in the net; Vastalux and Tanjung Offshore and Ranhill.

will i be working like them?
no.this is more to engineer architecture 

how about this?
bloody WELDING? i hope not!

ahhh~ this is better. process instrument. aha!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


what would u feel when someone is stalking u
what would u feel when someone is peeking u
thats when Uneasiness appears

i just know my group members for next semester. it was awful  to KNOW not know any of the guys but i really really hope that i can get along with them
awww..getting number 2 reminds me a lot of my high school. i was in the second class in Convent Ipoh; orchid. and in Puteri; Omega. only that in St.Terasa Kuching, i was in the 1st class.

it wouldn't be a relationship without a fight
it wouldn't be a spark without love
it will be fire without trust
that will burn the vibes away

where can i find positives electron in the supermarket? which department? girls cant runaway from prejudice but we cant runaway from the truth as well. rephrased humans cant runaway from prejudice.

i should be posh now tq to someone. ignore what im suppose to ignore and believe wats in my heart. lets buy SHADES sweets! 

Monday, December 13, 2010

1st Day Sucks

it was my first paper today; Malaysian Studies. damnnn~ its my favourite subject and im frigging love hate the paper just now. it was pretty bloody hard for the objectives because they asked a lot of Articles in the Constitution. i thought Sir said we dont have to memorize the bloody articles.
lets just pray that i pass for the subject, shall we
for the Muslim, add me in ur prayer
for the Christian, kneel and pray for me

tomorrow is ESP3 at 830. i still have my previous ESP2 book on my table
i wonder why is it still on my table... whatever. my blog suddenly became so famous after recent bullshits happens around me.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Exam Fever is On

finals is on Monday and i started to get sick on Thursday night after i had Chicken Rice and Tea. i wonder which has caused me to have itchy throat. grrrr.. when i have that, i started coughing and result in mild fever. mum and Amy jiejie were 'worried' and force me to go to the clinic and check the hell of me. 

seriously, that was my first clinic i ever remember going because since my dad is an army officer, we dont do clinic. we have special clinic for ourselves called RESAT. 
i feel so special

im feeling better. my fever is gone, i guess so. and i have not much to write
studying has made me bored person

when u look a picture of me and a guy in my phone, not holding hands, not even 'that' closed to each other. u dont have to worry and be pissed. there is a picture of u in my phone, u didnt scroll it completely.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This is for You

To sit with you, serene comes alive
To talk to you, laughter comes alive
To walk with you, secure comes alive
To laugh with you, priceless comes alive
To be with you is ever I wanted
for you
To be with me is ever I doubted

You take me as I am
You give me strength when I am weak
You at my side when I'm in need
now it's my turn to comprehend
that you are the one
for me
<3 Aizul

Sweet Quarrel

yesterday Sensor practical test went well since im the first to finish. but i fucked up my theory test on the afternoon. i told some ppl i did good, then some other i did bad. well, its over. i have to forget it and look forward for the next big paper; FINALS

me and Sweets get in fight over a phone last night. it was bad since it was a bloody fight. it happened because of me not aware of his feelings. i apologized and myself went a bit LaLa or in other word emotionally disturbed. i get scared when he's mad. well, no one sounds beautiful when they are mad. 

so since my emotion was disturb by the shocking yelling and high notes voice, this happens:
 i tried to say im scared of him and need to give him time so that his angsty disappears
 then i said i want a hug
 then i hope today i have free time and able spend a lil time with him (wat the heck, u said u SCARED of him)

if u have a girl like me, would u be like so depressing when i act dubiously? there will be so many uncertainty of my feelings and i really think people will get tired of me one day. 
i dont know if i can ever be committed in a relationship. i should have the book for dummies to be in a relationship. ahahah. so far, i know i care about him, i think about him every single day, it just that my EGO keeps hiding it from him which i dont know why.

keep calm and carry on

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gloomy Sunday

The Spice Girl > Erika, Mufidah, Eija, Fatihah, Faeza
we are doing our group assignment for Malaysian Studies. we have to choose 2 museums from a list given, and each person has to have at least 3things from each museums and write about it. 1st museum is the Orang Asli Museum in Gombak.

its air-con. free admission. there's only an officer in charge on Sunday, and he's so expert in telling us the story of the orang asli (aborigines) in malaysia. he's uber kind too by giving us notes and articles. he said he only give those stuffs to students.

then we decided to go to Tunku Abdul Rahman Memorial. tragically, we get lost. its bloody fucking hard to go to the freaking shittist place. they dont have a bloody signboard for the memorial. what the fucking age. we were in the car like hours. lastly we gave up and went to Tun Razak Memorial.

it was so freaking easy to get to Tun Razak's . wat the heck la weyyy... i was so disappointed for wasting our time in car getting lost *sigh* because BECAUSE i was holding my pee! in the Orang Asli Museum, i dont really know how to use the 'cedok' or small bucket. my bladder started to get so bloody full when we get lost. once arrived in Tun Razak's, i straightaway look for the ladies.

Sweets is sulking for some reason. i dont know what else to do. i guess, i just have to give him time, to relax or to do whatever he wants to do. 
time heals, i hope 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Solitary Saturday

had an enjoyable skyping moment with dad. i asked dad to buy i heart lebanon tshirt. ahaha. as a souvenirs from there. spending most of my time reading today. i have a theory test and practical test on Monday.

i can feel the tense now

had dinner with Firdaus and Muttaqi. Megat was supposed to have dinner with us too but he fell asleep and woke up after 10. ahaha. then we saw Sonny, the turkish german who's doing her practical in GMi, sitting alone. Firdaus was eager to chat with her so i bring the two and introduced them to Sonny.

we talked about many stuffs. we were there at 1945 till 2240. almost 3hours? damn, it was long. LOL. not that i dont like it but i was getting sleepy. overall i enjoy the talk we had. i know something new etc etc.

it is a cold season now. im loving it. Sonny doesnt like it, so does Firdaus. but me and Muttaqi love it! we have something in common Muttaqi. ahahaha.

Friday, December 3, 2010


yes, how tragic it is to watch HP7 today. ahaaa. when can i see Hermione kissing a guy, a real romantic scene of her with.. i dont know. Harry Ron or any other Hogwarts guys~~~~~ XD 

Wakdol Scene
a guy was talking to Sweets, then he askd me
guy: ni boyfriend kau eh? 
i able to examine his expression when he asked the question. and i know i have to knock his face by saying

did i disappoint u? lol. whats the bloody wrong with me and Sweets are together? why is it so hard for them to believe it? whatever. idgaf.


off to Sunway for a movie. i didnt have my breakfast and lunch, so that time i was fucking bloody hungry. it was around 1600+ so i went to 1901 to have a hotdog. reminds me of Ali, i remember she loves to buy hotdogs in 1901. i ordered something that has to do with Deutsch because it has whipped potato in the hotdog. after the movie, we went to A&W to have waffle and the root bear float. then went to kfc to buy whipped potato because i was craving to have whipped potato after eating the 1901. while walking back my mind was thinking about sushi. then off we go in Jusco, to buy sushi!
i love sushi
i just love how the wasabi 'reaction' flows out of our nose. wow. ahahaha. there was no individual salmon sushi, i guess it was all sold out. so i only managed to eat one piece of salmon sushi. hmph. but im satisfied to get to eat sushi today

however, i need more sushi

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hectic Comes Alive

i was so bloody busy since last sunday. there was so many things to do. i know i've been saying the same phrase over and over again
there's so many things to be done
idgad. n i have to find a cartoon based tee or top for my next english club meeting. where the hell im going to steal a cartoon top la?
me and Sweets wearing the superman tee
awwww.. we will be the best damn thing that their eyes have ever seen :)))

yesterday superman and lois lane craps
sweets: lets have sundae
me: ok. sundae. but its tuesday??
sweets: *confused*
me: ahha sundae.. sunday. lets eat in tgi friday. but its tuesday. hahaha

i had my practical test 2 in PLC. programmable logic control. its a tough subject, well for me, where we learn on how to make a program. its mind challenging and brain cracking when it comes to create a hard program. i get to complete my program first
first among the others. hehe. it feels so fucking great. fyi, im the only girl for the first session of the test. at least im being competitive *wink* 

at the same time as my test, Sweets in having his final year project presentation. aww...  too bad it interferes with my test.