Saturday, November 27, 2010

New House

i arrived Ipoh yesterday. it was my first day to be in my new house. my family have to move to a new house because my dad is not working under 2RRD anymore. he's not the CO,chief officer, anymore. so we moved to a double story bangalow nearby. even though our previous house is a single story, but i still love that house because its bigger. ahaha. 

i didnt do much today. i cleaned Munchkin up, my cat. i drive to a nearby animal store to buy the litter sand for our cats. i drove quite recklessly safely. LOL. i like to be rebellious when im driving. AHA!

allie: u didnt press the brake when cornering?!
me: hehe. i did

i freaked allie out with my driving skills. i like to drive our toyota ipsum, its smoother and bigger than my sis car, kelisa. this is a random fact. my mum cooked Assam Pedas for lunch.
its like totally heaven when im home. i dont have to eat economy rice. i get to eat delicious-guaranteed dish. i get to munch whenever i want. even i get my Cekodok ikan bilis/anchovies fritters during my tea time. 

Sweets said his lappytop is having a problem *sigh* i miss him so much. we didnt skype last night because both of us were busy. i was cracking my head for my essay and he was busy with his documentation. he's doing his work in his friend's house. he's sleeping on the floor.
dont hurt urself

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jaya One

it was my last day with ms Shahreena, my English tto for this semester. awwww, i wont be listening to her accent anymore.
im not sure : im not shoo-are
she's the best yet.

at 1200, Rachel and Abg Long sent me to the komuter station. i need to go to PJ to take my sis, Ali, graduation pictures. i met Sweets in Sentral. i brought along my laptop, thought he might arrived late. i wasted a lot of time during my purchasing of train tickets *sigh* then went to KFC for twister. there was so many people queuing. but i queued. i waited patiently for my turn with the glorious smell of the chicken.. *sigh* then when there was only two person in front of me, i received a msg from sweets
im on my way
wth. omg omg omg. i went a bit kanciong because i waited for so long and its not worth waiting if i didnt buy a Twister. aha! once i get hold of the twister, i run to the pickup area. 

we didnt get lost on our way to the Fotorex Portraits in Jaya One, PJ. near UTAR. well, i memorized the map. me and Sweets googled map n the morning for the place. but he didnt remember. he almost went to the road to UM ahaha thank god im Erika Quah. lol. Jaya One is quite a cool place. love the environment with the exquisite and luxurious restaurants. its the rich and famous area i guess. aha!

had sour cream pretzel. we ate it when its cold, so i crossed it out. dont eat it when its cold, it taste like Pringles *green face* 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


yesterday we, me and Sweets, went to the mines just to have our lunch. lol. i have test at 1430-1600. i didnt have my lunch because there wasnt enough time for me to eat peacefully. after the test, i straightaway get ready for my date with Sweets :) maybe we are bored with Alamanda, thats why The Mines is out next target to waste out time there.

then i had mcd nuggets for dinner. its from Sweets. at 9 something, i wanted to eat burger. then lovely Sweets again sent a burger to me. i think its my upcoming menstrual cycle that increase my appetite. my hormones are not stable. i hope not my mood. ahaha. Sweets always be super EXTRA careful during my pre-menstrual cycle period. 

this morning class went well. i got my malaysian studies individual and group assignments. at first i decided to go home this weekend. then i got freak out by the assignments and straightaway
i repeat
straightaway call mum and told im not going home. awwwww... pity my family misses me so much. ahah..

today i have an appointment at 1400 with my bro, called him Abg Bani. i had lunch with him, together with Mufidah. he came early in my collio at 1415, which is my predicted time, but his handphone went LaLa after he calld mum. no wonder mum said he didnt call back which is a bit weird. so he waited 15mins in the girls cafe. and i waited in my room. thank god his cell went back alive and quickly give me a call. that time was at 1435. 

its been a while i didnt go out with him, so today's outing is quite fun. we laughed a lot. idk, i enjoyd it. he's like chipsmore. there's a period of time u are going to meet him frequently, then vice versa it ur own. ahaha.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


me and Sweets went to The Mines on Friday. went there just to eat Carls Jr. because Sweets havent eat there like for a very VERY long time. once arrived, we straightaway headed to the place because we were so damn hungry, the night before, we only ate Mcd. LOL. and both of us didnt have our breakfast. i ordered guacamole bacon burger and he ordered western bacon cheeseburger. mine was huge but thank god there's Sweets *giggles* its delicious and completely making ur tummy 'fullhouse'. 

its so big, it might make u sick LOL

we are serious about the subjective questions. forget the rest AHA

look at the melted cheese~ yummeh!

they'll surely gives lotsa guacamole! 

Koko crunch duo. this sentence is not originated from me LOL

it feels so good to be the one who breaks ur marathon for not eating Carls Jr. for a very VERY long time. 

in The Mines there's a lake cruise, while drinking our Bubble strawberry milk tea, we spotted a boat with a table for two. so it must be a cruise with a romantic candle light dinner! how cool is that.
him: lets try that
me: our anniversary? well, if we last.

aha! as if we are married. noooo,what i really meant was, if we managed to keep our relationship for a year, then why not try the Sunset Dinner Cruise :D im soo going to bring up this if we last. i hope we do :)

then we went in Nichii, i asked Sweets to try on a cool short. seriously, its so nice till i want to buy it. well, not for me, for him of course :D so we went to the fitting room. met this indian girl. she open a rail that separated the guys part from the girls fitting rooms.
me: can i go in there too *referring to the hallway*
d girl: sure sure.
me: *realized the message isnt that CLEAR* ohh, kat luar sahaja. bukan dalam. 
d girl: *nod and smile* u cina ke? 
me: yes (i didnt reply properly because was still embarrassed by my 'can i go in there too)
d girl: ohh, then u masuk Islam la.
me: ehh, i memang Islam. my dad is a chinese
she didnt get that message

d girl: aih, ur husband? *referring to Sweets >>in the room*
me: *startle* ehhh,bukan husband la! boyfriend. dia melayu.

the question here..
do i look like a person's wife?
ahahahaha.. ish ish ish. rather than do i look old? bwhahaha. btw, it looks good on Sweets.  the shorts *wink*

i googled about the mines Sunset Dinner Cruise. O_o its RM 499.00 per couple. ahahahaha. forget about it, Sweets. find another place for a romantic candlelight dinner. or OR maybe MAYBE u cook for me. its cheaper, economical(dun ask me to relate that LOL) n much more romantic? 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Total Dead Place

i'v got to do something in my collio. the cafes are not open today! well,in the morning. now(evening), its open.
wat the heck
im like so bloody starving for not having a proper meal yesterday. i ate Instant noodles for lunch and nuthing for dinner. well, thankgod Sweets sent burgers and ice lemon teas for me and Rachel, n its almost midnight that time. my collio really need to have chinese and indian stalls. or maybe allow the chinese and indian to own a cafe here. if dont have chinese or indian applying to open a stall here, then FIND them. lol. 

god knows this pity lil erika is starving. aha! WakDol is open(which at the other side of the road) and thank to the max god! if not i will be bloody pissed off and might bomb the Admin Office *exaggerating* i asked Mufidah, to buy my lunch because she's at the cafe having discussion. she chuck in so much rice for me and surprisingly, i finish all of it with not a piece of rice left. 
i was freaking starving!

then class at 2. there were 14 of us out of 22. 14, i repeat. aha. i told Sweets, 15. heee. at least half of the class present. phewh... because some of them still want to take advantage on skipping this class eventhough the holidays is over. i hate people who skips class. and yes, thats include u, Eija. HAHAHA. eija is like my best mate ever. due to that, i dont hate Eija that much
but Eija, i still hate u for not coming to class to day :P

i was dismissed at 6. we have finished our syllabus. im so glad! i just found out that the questions in Islamic Studies final paper, doesnt based in the notebook that much. or should i say at all. yes, offensive. IDGAD. i mean wat the fuck. then we listen to ur lecture for what? i know its for our life but wat the fuck.wat the fuck. i cant believe it. at least have the willingness to let us 'flying in colors', getting good grades. thats not helping at all. whats the main purpose of studying?
to get good grades!
to apply it comes after that~ everybody knows that. its cliche to say u only study in college so that the knowledge u'll get, u will apply it in life.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Wish

its Raya Haji, and my college is a dead place. the cafe is close, there's barely more than 10 people in my building right now.

i watched two episodes of GG4 just now till i have headache. LOL. im using a broadband that has a limit of 5gb per month. i hope i wont exceeds the limit by the end of this month. i've been skyping a lot lately and youtubing and those two GG episodes will definitely consumed many of my gb(watever u call it).

im in an episode where Chuck and Blair are fighting against each other. i hate Juliet. Nate is cute. Dan is cute. but watching the war of Chair, its not that interesting. maybe not YET. yaa! im a bit outdated but wat the fuck.
im erika quah

i tried to call the person who rent his car, unfortunately he's in his kampung. and someone is not around, well why should him. im like all of sudden asking for a favor. ahaa. and Sweets is in kl. i thought he will come and surprise me. like surprise~ im at UP. but nope. he didnt. a bit of heart breaking. lol. to wish ur guy to be that romantic is hard. but rachel's guy is off the hook. he came all over from Tangkak(wherever that is), just to send rachel to clinic. how cool is that.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pilots of Fighter Jets

yesterday was freaking awesome, well because i had my lunch in PappaRich and my dinner was RotiBoy. lol. n we watched Skyline. we didnt plan to watch movie because we just watched Megamind last friday? ya,its last friday. lol. i forgot. 

Skyline is not that interesting, i hate the ending.ahaha. surely got the sequel of the movie because it ended that Jarrod has turned into a so-called-alien. the so-called-alien invaded LA, n took all the humans for their brains,which i dont know why XD its like 80% of the movie, the heroes and heroines try to run away from the alien. then 20%, at last,finally, in the end, they got eaten *applause* because i was like;
when are they going to get eaten by the bloody aliens
after 80%, the aliens managed to eat them n woa-lah~ they are in the base-alien-body. or should i call it the boss body,watever,u know wat i mean.ahaha. why am i telling u this..shesshhh..

Skyline is available in cinemas 

sorry for the 'sh*ts'. ouu,i bought myself a headphone with mic. wait to be more precise, Sweets bought me a headphone because the money came out from his wallet? LOL *wink* 
YAY! now, i can Skype easily with my dad. well, sweetness too :)) we took quite a long time to choose the headphone. OH! we bought two!
two headphones
one for him, one for her we are having the same headgear :D

well its not Logitech or Alienware, just a normal quality assured headphone. AHA! i look like a pilot of a fighter jet when wearing it. coolio~ XD wait i should rephrased

we look like a pilot of a fighter jet wearing it

tomorrow is Raya Haji, hence Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all muslims. its so peaceful here because almost everyone is at their kampung by now. i decided not to go back because i just went back home last weekend. thank god there's Rachel in the house~~ 

i got laksa and lontong in the house~~~ Nana, my roomate, who lives nearby sent me those food. she is so kind to send us food. n she gives us like a LOT. A LOT. how do i stress more on the amount of LAKSA she gave us.

however. awwww. im so grateful to have a friend like her. 
im currently skyping with Sweets. sumone wants me to write about it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Saturday 13/11/2010
some one being so melodramatic which influence other mediocre minds to go against me.
no offence.ahaha

had my lunch with Sweets. ate seafood fried rice. the one in sarawak is still the best. i ordered 3 layered tea. they put so much gula melaka. thank god its not too sweet. still drinkable. lol. we talked in the restaurant. its like the longest talk ever. the environment is nice because its air-conditioned and its comfortable.
me: what's the color of the wall?
him: pink?
me: *pause for a sec* chocolatey pink
him: there is no such color
me: well, we created it. i mean. me.

at night, i chatted with mum and daddy using skype till midnight. i chatted till i have a very severe muscle pain after skyping. i sit at a very bad posture. bloody hell. i felt like i want to die for a while then comes back alive. because its a total agony. seriously. at 0130++ i ate panadol for muscle aches(the one that Sweets bought). 

Sunday 14/11/2010
woke up early due to a wake up call. a call from Jiejie. informed me that our house banjir. flooded. and 2 kittens drowned. its munchkin's. poor baby.. munchkin didnt managed to save the 2 kittens. she only managed to save 3 others by bringing the 3 on top of the cage. WAAAAAAARGHHHH. this is total sadness. i cant imagined watching ur kids drown in front of u. munchkin, u might think u r weak in protecting ur kids, but u did ur best. she's still traumatized by the incident, Ali told me. 

had nasi ayam for lunch. i love the fried chicken, taste almost like Mamak's fried chicken. and im suppose to buy microphone so that dad can hear me during skyping. *sigh* dad cant hear me,only can see me. i can hear and see dad very clearly.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


i listened to the best lecture so far during my malaysian studies class. we learned about democracy.
rule by the people for the people
there were so many interesting topics came out during the class. i think one day, Malaysia, will be practicing full democracy.hehe. like my Sir said, freedom is what the people runs for. freedom to talk. freedom to choose. speaking about choosing. In a democracy country, the people has the right to choose their own religion, but in Msia, the Malays has to be muslim and those who marries a Malay has to convert to muslim because they are in the Constitution. one thing that my Sir has opened my mind is about my perception on Malaysia as an Islamic country. malaysia has not become an islamic country because the Constitution is higher than alquran. i dont know how to say in a proper sentence.

for example, a law can be amended even though in alquran it is prohibited/haram as long as it doesnt clash with the Constitution.

well,enough of the education part. aha. i was suppose to have dinner with Sweets but i cancelled it have no mood to eat with him? 
ahahah. im so bad. actually i have discussion with Syamim at 8.30pm, so at first i planned to not have my dinner. but then at 8.15pm, i was hungry and i asked Jo,my roomate, if she's hungry too. apparently, she is too. and there goes my plan to skip my dinner
its not my fault that she's hungry too. hehe
i had mee goreng/fried mee. after eating, i did my discussion with Syamim. after the discussion i was filled with remorse for cancelling my dinner with Sweets. i sent him a message to ask him whats his position. he didnt reply.
there goes my pay back time. LOL. i wanted to treat him mcd ice cream for being snobbish. but he didnt reply.

i have a big test on friday. islamic studies. rumors were saying its an open booked test. hopefully its true. after the test, we have presentation on GAY. im doing the part where i have to explain the ways to prevent the issue from spreading & evolving and the conclusion. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Busy Life

i experienced the most busiest time of my life. im now in semester 3,my second year. wow. its freaking stressful.. pray for me to be able to get through this ;)

i dont have class today. it has been cancelled due to the meeting held for all the staffs in my collio. i was suppose to cancel my reservation for the auditorium for the ELC meeting but
how to cancel if they are busy till 6.30pm??
i hope they call my advisor about it. hmph. i should put on a bullet vest in case someone wants to shoot me. LOL. 

i woke up early today.well, is 0718 early for u? it is for me ahaaaa.. i set my alarm at 0800. i had my lunch with Sweets, we both ate Nasi Kerabu. a new meal in the cafe. quite okay. n we had yeemee hotplate for dinner, also a new meal in the cafe. i hope they will introduce more new food, like grilled steaks or salmon? aha! no no, not suitable. maybe SATAY~ yessss. satay. or chee cheong fun. 

i have not much to say right now,maybe it has been depleted due to all my assignments. ahahah. i watched taylor swift in Ellen degeneres show. she is soooo cute and adorable. check this out if u r a big fan of Swifty~

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Best Advise Ever

i asked for help when im in trouble. its been terrifying last few days. i think its the Halloween. LOL. my sister has six sense. ahaha. she knows im having a hard time *awwwww thats sweet* and then she said the best phrase ever

never let go of something when u r not ready to let it go

i know i sound so jiwang right now but wat the heck. IDGAD.

enough of emo stories. lol. it was a girls out yesterday. me, Eija, Fatihah and Mufidah rent a car to go to the bank and buy some stuffs. we didnt plan to go to Alamanda but we went there. i bought my laundry soap. we wanted to watch 'Life as we know it', if not mistaken thats the title of the movie. the one josh duhamel n katherine heigl in it. but the movie wasnt on show on that day. wth. so no movie. aha!

today went well.i ate nasi lemak for breakfast
i know. i dont like nasi lemak but i was soooo hungry. my last meal yesterday was at 5/6pm. and of coz i will turn into a dangerously starving grizzly bear the next morning(which is this morning).

*third person point of view
someone treats Erika a Green Tea Latte today. and he ordered Caramel Machiatto. just like Erika ordered before and share with him. aha!

wait. i left out the most important person ever. LOL. miss safrina~~ we spent our evening with her.

i gtg. i have to do some exercises. YIKES. good night~

Monday, November 1, 2010

Agonizing Moment

its so hard to react when my friend realized im not so into my studies right now. then my mum was mad at me for spending too much time with Sweets.

its so sickening when u find out ur mum is mad at u

i went haywire and decided to break up with Sweets. it was a bloody hard thing to do. i have to because im afraid of my studies and parents. what i know is i should avoid making my parents mad at me or disappointed in me.

even though i still care about him, its just something that must happen because im totally suck in relationship. i dont know how to handle things, its like im making it worst. not solving it. besides that, i didnt think straight. my mind was absent last few days. confusion and pressure and anger and concern; all mixed which result in an unacceptable way of acts.

the evil Erika appears when she stress to the max. all the things she decide/say is way out of humanity of the mankind. she's a beginner in this type of situation and she hopes he will forgive her for what she has done. if he didnt accept her back, she dont mind but please forgive her for her foolish, dumbest, ridiculous action.

she's sooo sorry. gomenasai *hugs n kisses*