Sunday, October 31, 2010

Im Cruel

this is me

Erika Firdaus Quah

deepest apology

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Menstrual Cycle

i had my malaysian studies test 2 this morning. and the question was;
what is the role and contributions of the Japanese Occupation on the nationalistic movement especially among the Malays?
wow. i remembered the question. that coolio~ ahaaa. it was a tricky question because it tricks me. lol. i was concentrate on the role and contributions but ignored the nationalistic and among the Malays. i was like what the heck im doing?? i went kanciong and tried my best to find the exact answers. ouuu, it was an open-booked test, so we are allowed to refer books during the test.

i skipped my lunch because me and ija did our Electric car jack casing box. evening class at 2. it was a total sleepy hours before the break at 4pm. i bloody took a 10mins nap.
serious 10mins nap
is that bad? well, the class was a practical class. there are benches. each bench has 2 PC and 2 PLC. my bench was the most inner part, quite unnoticeable *coff cough* i was having a severe tummyache since i skipped my lunch. so when Sir asked us to do an exercise using PC, i started to take my nap on the table(bench) because it was bloody painful. so i lay my head on the table with my face facing my left. then facing straight. then i woke up. tadaaaaa.. it was a 10mins nap. i said it was a nap because i didnt remember what happened during the 10mins. KEWL!
it was good to sleep around 10mins because i didnt feel any pain after my nap. so sleeping is quite the remedy for every problems. LOL.

then i was supposed to have dinner with Sweets but he fell asleep. i called he didnt answer and i have a club meeting at 8.30pm. he was late to reply my call and msg at 7.45pm.however, its too late to go out and to have my cantonis kueyteow *sobs* argh.fuck it. 

bought dinner. and it was spicy. thats when the cursing scene happens. cursing alone. LOL. and i was a wee late for the meeting. again. eff my day.

my dad's flight is at night. YAY! so i dont have to skip class. btw, dad's going to Lebanon for the United Nation(UN aka PBB) mission. he's going to be there a year. yikes. 

im having diarrhea. well i assume because... my stools were...urgh. nvm. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Total Sweetness

sorry for not blogging for a few days. i went to Ipoh last thursday night to get an H1N1 vaccine on friday. it was bloody painful after the needle was out from my left arm. during the process of injection, there was no pain at all. so my left arm went a lil swollen and is swollen till today *sobs*

oh! on wednesday night, me and aizul had dinner with Sony to plan our saturday. we ate in the guy's cafe. sony took two pieces of huge chicken.. she can eat! :) well,im glad she can because not all tourist like malaysian curry/dish. and and horribly there was no PROPER fork and spoon in the bloody cafe
is that even make sense???
* exaggerating*
they only provide plastic fork and spoon. wat the eff. how the heck am i going to eat my bloody drumstick? serious shit, its not cool. and i dont want to blabbing bout this so much. ahaaaa~ so having my hell time eating my dinner
me: *make a pity-cat-eyes-face at Aizul*
him: ... *look at me and straightaway peel off my chicken for me*


well,i didnt askd him to do that. its quite...adorable. ahahaha. OH! i broke my spoon for the first scoop. what a scene. shesshhh~ then Sony noticed my white gold ring. and she thought i was engaged. AHAHA. then i said its a style/fashion.. 

on saturday, went to klcc to go to the klcc bridge but the tickets was sold out. what a pity. so i suggestd to go to the Petronas Gallery. so off we go to the gallery of arts. i love certain paintings in there. someone doesnt like the walk in the gallery because it was full of arts. AHAHAH. 
him: i tak faham la painting ni
me: of coz, we are not arts students. we are engineer.

waiting for Syaz is like waiting for a King to arrive. LOL. when Syaz arrived, we went to Lowyat to find Sony a laptop. while walking in the lowyat, she meet a group of three turkish. phewh! happy for her to find turkish friends. they are studying in UIA. lastly, Sony bought a mini laptop. white in color. and its samsung. and its cool.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Registration Day

its the day where the students can enter any club they want and as for the member's of the clubs, they need to prepare for their place/booth. and yeah, we didnt prepare much for the English Language Club because simplicity is our thing. 
we strut with it
but we have our TEMPORARILY logo.besides, we planned to do a small notebook with our fabulous logo on the front and give it to all the people who join the ELC. or OR a button. idk. its a plan.

so i woke up early. wait. to be precise, a message from Sweets wakes me up. eventhough it is just a vibration, i should say its a very STRONG vibrations just underneath my right ear. hehe. we went to the hall together and was the first to be there. that is a surprise because our president planned to be there on 7.30
*coff cough*
ahahah. and Mad LOVE emma watson. in case u've been living under the rock, its Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. and he just knew she's studying in Brown Uni. in USA. i know that like ages ago, and almost planning on pursuing my studies there because of her. LOL. but BUT i've changed my mind, i want UK. hehe. 

i had lasagna for lunch and share it with Sweets. we ate in the hall. it was quite okay, eatable. and someone,ermm,to be precise a guy bought Erika a drink,ice lemon tea. ahahaha. and someone was jealling about it. ahahah. this is so funny. 

besides having all the clubs booth, there was also a blood donation campaign too. and to be true, i feel sick seeing people's hand get tortured. its just too sickening for me. ahaha. yes,im afraid to needles but no, im not afraid of blood. i even feel the pain when looking people awing/ouching.

dad just called and said i need to be in Ipoh on friday to get my H1N1 prevention injection. thats a surprise. and i have to be back here,in kL, by saturday because i made a promise to Sony. to bring her jalan-jalan around kL. so,its going to be hectic but thats how it flows.

New System of Life

i planned a new system for *coff cough* my life.ahaha. i told Sweets, i need to balance back my studies and the time spends with him. i came our with hangouts ONLY on the weekends.and as i predicted, he thought i was going to dump him. LOL. im not going to leave u, sleepyhead~ im the one who is suppose to be worried of being dump because u have a lot of reasons to dump me, such as
im unpredictable
im not sane when im stress
i like to surprise u with unexpected stuffs
etc etc
both of us worried of being dump by each other. awwwwww. LOL. 

my parents is in kL right now. dad is going to get a pingat/medal from the King. im not sure of the medal's name
i am proud of u! mummy is wearing her stunning turquoise Baju Kurung(well thats wat she told me) i hope she is going to put on a great heels with it *wink*

my sore throat is getting worst because it comes with dry cough as well. however, thank god i didnt cough a lot. phewh. but BUT when i sneeze. SNEEZE makes my throat being cut with lots of blades. 
ahahha. fucking painful man~~ and yes. i like to exaggerate stuffs. its me. 

i had hot honey lemon just now and i think it was from the heaven because it heals my throat in a snap. and not just my throat, even my headache. 

now u can predicted how well is my system of life going on. LOL. it takes time. im going to make it. i might be weak in the beginning, but after a while, i will be able to live with it.hopefully. ahaaaa

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sore Throat

friday: the english club having an activity. before the gathering starts i have to wait in front of the hall because i posted in facebook that the gathering will be there. our advisor last minute change the venue for the gathering which in RDC building. so i stand in front of the hall, hoping that at least one person reads my post. LOL
sadly, NOBODY reads my post. -_-' the activity was fun, it requires us to answer some questions. some of the questions written by SOMEBODY need a lot of thinking such as
why does a platypus lays egg?
@#&$(@*&$@ ROFL. because its the god's will? or maybe it was borned to be that way? or maybe the duck's genes is stronger than the mole's(platypus is believed to be a crossbreed of a mole and a duck)

ahahah. my questions was What color do u like and why?Do u think becks n posh will be together forever and ever and ever. mad question is interesting because he asked What makes our life worth living for? it will be my PARENTS. they are my inspiration every morning, thinking of them makes me break through anything to get what i wanted to achieve in life. letting them down will be the worst nightmare ever like what i've done for my SPM. hehe. well, i know people will say 'get over it'. but sometimes u cant get over it because its in our head. sheshh. and this semester scares me because SOMEBODY said most of the student's GPA decreases in semester 3. *sigh*

saturday: Me and Aizul have to be a 'tour guide' to a student from Germany that doing her practical in GMi. thank god she speaks English. we were good, we understands each other and if a question/a statement is hard to understand we will say 'forget about it' in a funny way. LOL. her name is Shoogul if not mistaken. 
sorry if i spell ur name wrongly
we called her Sonny. SOMEBODY keep on uttering Sonia. ahaaa. overall, she's a cool person. glad she's a happy-go-lucky person.

today(sunday): my legs are bloody painful due to the excessive walking yesterday. LOL. and i am hungry! i ate Roti Naan for dinner. i think i better have my breakfast now. and oh. having sore throat right now. 

*my tummy is talking to me*
*this is not a joke*

Friday, October 15, 2010


my life has been so hectic nowadays,i didnt have time to blog. 
gomen gomen
i even stopped playing my CafeWorld in facebook. wow. thats a surprise because CW is very addictive. for me. 

there's nothing interesting happened so its a bit hard for me to think on what should i write for today's post. urgh. maybe about my lunch. AHA. i ate economy rice with Daging masak Assam Pedas.
heard of it?
surprisingly my friends never heard of Daging masak Assam Pedas. its Spicy Assam Beef. lol. come to Malaysia and u know what dish im talking about *wink*

i have 3 presentation to be done *die* first is application of sensor, second is about my islamic studies, lastly is about my project(electric car jack). oh gucci,i hope i will survive throughout my semester 3. i still remember this situation
dad: make sure not every semester ur GPA is decreasing
me: ok *feeling guilty*
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. *sobs* i got 3.88 for semester 1 and 3.74 for semester 2. this is such a heartbreaker if IF my GPA decrease for semester 3. 
*touch wood*
lets build a time machine! gtg. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

2 is the Best

i went to kl sentral with sweetness last wednesday to buy my train ticket to Ipoh. it turned out to be a waste of time because the system was down.
so we went there for nothing. huishh. however, i like the ending part. lol. scratch that.

yesterday was awesome due to something great happen. heee! and number 2 seems to be a lucky number for yesterday. it is also awesome because i had cheese nan for dinner. AHA! i love cheese nan.

so today~~~ took the bus to Ipoh, fed up on going to sentral to buy the train ticket. Sweetness sent me to the bus station. we went early and ate our lunch together. in the bus i was messaging mom to tell her this:
mummy,im arriving.please be quick, i need to shee shee urinary bladder was bloody full. then she didnt reply. something is wrong, so i called. 
*the number u hav dialled.......
wat the heck~~
quickly called dad to fetch me, even im still in the bus. but im arriving~~ and i cant hold my pee any longer.

had kuey teow soup for dinner, someone had sirloin steak for dinner
however,i love mum's kueyteow soup. ahaa :P i drove the car to the city to fetch my sister from work. it was an awesome experience. this is my first time actually to drive to the city with lots of car. im having problem in placing the car at a suitable place between the two road lines. the car was too huge for me
well,im going to get use of it. i just need more time and practice. practice makes perfect

latest mandiction
joseph gordon levitt. he has this one figure that makes ME go Lala

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Red Carpet

had a Jamuan Hari Raya with Miss Safrina yesterday. we, the english club, is organizing it. it was soooo damn tiring. i cooked spaghetti bolognese for our club. thank god our club only has around 15 members. when i was in faiq's house, cooking the spaghetti. our advisor called and said that there's people outside the hall 'camping', waiting for the registration. it was 5pm. 
i thought we only hav to be there at 6!
so i was kanciong and totally loco after the call. ya laaa... somebody has to be in hall. and i was in faiq's house at that time. shit. then Mad told me he was in the hall.
relieved sesangat
and there was no one camping outside. good to know that. *swt*

it was secret recipe's carrot cake and chocolate moist cake(if not mistaken) bought from Shaz, the classy guy with dark shirt and Farhan, the guy with his iphone(sayaFon) LOL
aizul: wait wait
me: let him be~~
<3 and yes. we are in a relationship. so stop wondering. LOL

during the whole event,we were quite busy except for someone~~~ who's wearing blue checkers. ahaa. yes. offence. i already suggested to faiq, 'someone' need to help him with his job but he thought he can handle it alone. his job is the most tiring job. pity him.
i would like to express my greatest gratitude to Faiq al-Samaraie
he's our ferhad. ahaha. he look almost like Ferhad. 

after the event, i was so bloody tired. and my hair. my HAIR, the hair stylist put super lotsa hairspray.
serius banyak kedabak
so i washed my hair, and that night was the longest bath i've ever take in GMi.then it was midnight, and i cant sleep with my hair is effing wet. i was sooo sleepy. i ended up sleeping at 2am.

today,morning class, before recess,  i wasnt paying enough attention due to my short sleeping time. hee! however, after recess, full concentration *wink* i was dismissed at 1. once arrived in my room, change to shorts and tee
and get wasted
lol. i mean
went to sleep. or nap. 2hours nap. i set my alarm. ahaaa. woke up and felt my head was heavy. as if i was drunk. watever. but a mild headache la.. and no. i wasnt drunk.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nothing Much

nothing much happen today because i spent my saturday in my room doing my Gantt Chart. i didnt skipped lunch and dinner. had very little rice for lunch and bihun soup for dinner. freaking spicy. now im having the laxatives-effect. 

darn it

my tummy is still upset,so that's all for today. like i said, nothing much. however, i still feel great even only a few things happened today. thank u for dropping by ;)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Too Much for Me

a bloody retard trying to disturb my life by sending me message and calls me EARLY in the morning. i slept late and wanted to wake up late but his STUPID call woke me up. eff it. and i sent him a very vulgar sms
i dont give a fuck

u just ruined my life and u didnt realized get a life or eff off. what the heck right~~ and lately there's SOME ppl wanted to eff my life. i have to find who's spreading my number. hmmm. watever. should i forget about it?

i've been making ketupats for the decorations at the hall for the raya party this Monday. i'll be cooking spaghetti on that day. yikes. i hope it will turns out well. wish me luck.

ate char kuey teow for dinner. the guy cooked too much, rephrased TOO MUCH, for me. this is not a lie. ahaa. then i cant finish it, now i feel bad. but wtf. its not that i waste my food frequently. 

how do i know when someone missend me a message?? i dont know if the message is for me, or he missend it. but its kinda not his type to send those messages. should i google bout it? 

tips for guys
1. if u want to know a girl, through a sms. introduce urself. dont go anonymous, girls like me doesnt like it 
2. use proper word la. not short forms.
3. never LIE. dont say she miscall u and u tries to call back. its so damn LAME~~
*coff cough*

this tips has nothing to do with my current situation. it just popped out of my mind. ahaa. have a great weekends.