Thursday, September 30, 2010

Red Clutch

i was supposed to wake up late today but end up waking up at 7. god. thats was like super early for me. because i didnt sleep well last night and planning to wake up at 9. ahaaa. 

had my maths test at 1430pm. the battleship went well. after the exam i knocked myself out for about an hour half. had dinner with Sweetness in Steven Austin, Bangi.

i hereby to tell in the worldwideweb Steven Austin Steak House in Bangi is so not cool. lol. the service is totally bad, they didnt read out our orders and they lied. u'uh. thats right. lol. so here's the story. i almost ordered Salmon but then i changed my mind to eat beef, so i said 'Ribs Steak'. i dont know what the hell the waiter heard,but he brought black pepper steak.

what the fuck right..i wont give a fuck easily, usually i'll say eff but totally pissed. LOL.

ribs and black pepper is sooo much different. if ribs and mix, i can still accept his mistake for taking the wrong order. but..urgh. when my order came, i was like this is not RIBS. and the person go back inside and bring the same plate just that he added more sauce so that he thinks we WE will not notice it the bloody difference! bloody mental. and he said 'har, ribs'. he thought we dont know what a bloody ribs are. mentalcase. soo. thankgod i was in a good mood. kind mood. nice mood. i said leave it. i'll eat it.

we went to the counter to pay, and Sweetness said ' tadi bukan ribs kan'. and the bloody cashier said ' tak, betul. ribs. yada yada yada'.....bloody mental. i feel like telling him in his face that

we are not stupid, we know what a fucking ribs looks like

*change topic*

then went to Alamanda to buy my clutch. i went inside NOSE and saw this adorable clutch and bought it.

besides that, i saw this cool shades. super nice. i want it so badly~~~ Sweetness said we are going to buy it nextime. i'll be waiting patiently the 'nextime'.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Plain Water

ahaaa~ i told im going to treat him water. h2o. lol. we went to PappaRich. both of us have this common ordered water in restaurant. its PLAIN WATER. ahaa. i ate ipoh kuey teow soup and he ate char kuey teow.
koay teow or kuey teow
again. i dont give a..

my battle today is okay~ not badly injured but i do have some injuries. well,its a battle. i wont go out without injuries. AHA. while i was constructing my own main circuit. wow.i feel like a pro. its ok to brag once a while. LOL. but BUT there's a mistake and my Sir was like checking while im doing it and he detects the mistake and SMUDGE my paper. well,at first he was showing NICELY la my mistake,then i didnt get it, then he went and SMUDGE my paper. as if he was so geram.. AHA. thank u sir~ after the smudging, i know my mistake. phewh~! im using pencil so its not a big deal.

i having problem with my differentiation. *sigh* i asked Farah for help. she helped me in ym. im so grateful to have somebody that can teach me. k,gtg. need to do more exercises. maths test tomorrow. :) merci farah.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hot Season

it bloody hot out there. u can get burned, ur cells might corrode by the unhealthy sun rays and it can surely dehydrates ur body. so water is the main necessity now. wait, water is forever the main necessity in human being. 

watever. i dont give a damn shit

so my battleship went great. it was called Control System Exam. we battled using our body and mind. as for body, the fingers are used to write our answer while the mind do the thinking. alhamdulillah, i can answer most of the questions without hesitation. all i can say, it went well. 

i gave mufmuf ( pronounce it like a cute dog muffing XD) a bar of camior white chocolate with..err...i forgot the nuts name. bloody hell. watever. i dont like white chocolate, its like total opposite of black because i loveeee black chocolate. and she finished the whole bar all by herself just now. wow. coolio. its ALMOND. bloody almond made me think hard. ahaa~

i have another battleship tomorrow. it involves machines. LOL. its because the subject title is Machine and Control. i really have to conquer the battle because its a 3 credit hours subject which will have a very big effect in my CGPA if i didnt score. *cross fingers* do pray for my success.

im going to have dinner with Sweetness. yay! i think i will treat him because i owe him a lot. i havent even pay my bloody dobi stuffs. hehe. Sweets i belanja u teh tarik! lol. he doesnt like teh tarik. maybe just mineral water, u like mineral water kan?? *sniggers* orr we can eat to a western restaurant my friend just told me. they served Salmon. i'll think about it. bwahaha. 

keep tracking my blog to know what i have decide. gtg little minions. :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweet Day

my parents arrived around 1015. mum rang me at 945, told me they are on their way.
i havent even shower yet
after hung up, i dashed to the bathroom. then i put on my shorts because i never NEVER wear 'longs' in my room. i dont know what came up into me that time i was busy checking my dress and forgot to be ready when my parents arrived. to be ready means i just have to change my shorts to longs. ahaaa.

*when im kissing u my senses come alive, almost like the puzzle piece i've been trying to find, falls right into place, u'r all that it takes, my doubts fade away when im kissing u*

thats my phone's ringtone. quickly take off my shorts and throw it away like u'v seen in most movies when a person is in hurry and put on my bottoms. :D 

my parents wore brown. mum's wearing brown head cover and dad's wearing his stunning brown pants with brown top. i greeted them and salam them. dad asked how am i doing, i said fine. yada yada yada. then i hugged both my parents. i received hugs and kisses from them. ahhhh~ heaven. LOL. oh! the main intention they came over is to give me heels, toner and earrings; pearls. :) i love pearls. thank you mum! besides that, mum bought me breakfast. sweet! she bought me twister including a drink and guavas. 

i bolted the twister immediately once i entered my room. ahaha. i sound like a pig. watever. then only i realized my day upgrade to wee more sweeter when the drink is non carbonated. LOL. well, usually in fast food chain, carbonated drinks will be the common drink. 

at 1230, me and my roomates; Jieha and Linda and Syamim went to Nana's open house. her house is just nearby. i ate a bowl of laksa and a bit of nasi dagang. after eating there was this japanese lady,which is Nana's neighbour, asked me to carry her baby so she can eat. that baby is heavy~~~~~ LOL. or i didnt hold properly. watever. its very hard to hold a baby, the baby's head keep on slanted off my shoulder, so i have to hold the baby's head so his/her neck wont get injured or fragmented or something like that. 

im not complaining just telling u the experience of holding a baby. its been a very VERY long time i didnt carry a baby before. wow. 

it was extremely hot on the evening. i was sweating like hell. Linda is so tired till she dozed off with her baju kurung.ahah.sweet. i get tempted to have a nap after seeing her. its so hot and i have no mood to i off on my bed. aha!

my butt is numb right now. lol. i didnt sit in a good posture. shit. gtg minions. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

15 Cili Padi in a Meal

surprisingly i spent 5minutes on what to start for today's post. bloody hell. ahahaha. so here it goes....
*still thinking*

i studied maths after i woke up and had lunch at 12pm. im having problem in differentiation. ok, i sound like a stupid person. its just a bloody differentiation and im having problem in solving some questions in it. shit. this means i need help and apparently my math's TTO internet is the only source that i can rely on. this is sooooo embarrassing but still i put it here.
worldwideweb's embarrassment
ahaaaa.. however, worldwideweb to the rescue by providing me ways to solve my unsolved questions. internet ftw. 

fyi, ftw is 'for the win' not 'eff the way'. thank you. LOL

after cracking my head for maths, i aired some songs quite loud with Jieha and Kak Ana in the room. ouuu, i wrote Jieha, i used to called her Jo. so Jieha and Jo is the same person. besides airing, i did some singing. bwahahha. pity them to let their ears listen to moi lovely adorable voice. so far my singing has no pitching problem. LMAO

went to the girl's cafe to have dinner. me and jieha ordered bihun soup. in Jieha's meal there was 15 cili padi and it is super dooper hot! well what can u expect if 15 cili padi in a meal. however, she able to finish her dinner. phewh~ its been a long time since we eat together. hehe. awwwww~ i miss the time when we eat together with Nana. 

*change topic*

my parents is in kL now and they brought my stuffs. i asked Sweets to take it from them but he cant make it on time because my parents has a dinner to attend. so my parents are going to VISIT me tomorrow.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Erika's Kanciong Mode

first of all, kanciong is a chinese word. its a behavior that u will face when u'r nervous.

English class today went well. she's in a good mood and we all love her. ahaaa. after lunch i did my work which is editting. editing the instruction manual for our project which is the Electric Car Jack
ECJ the mighty
ahaha. im the editor in my group so i have to edit all the members part in the manual. its not something that i whined for but its something that i want to do. its my own will because its a group assignment. and i think i better be the editor if there's no one to be the editor. ahaaa. anyway, i like to edit. the end. 

i have to retype Fitri's part, Chapter 3, in my Word. i typed for an hour. then went to take an hour nap. woke up at 5pm and continues editing. then my lappy went LOCO. i was closing my Chapter 2 word window then it doesnt really closed properly because the window is still on my bloody screen. the only difference is that its blank. so i dont know its Chapter 2 or which word document it was. once i pressed 'X' on the top right. it asked to save or not to save.
i pressed NO
the bloody two alphabet which starts with N and ends with O
then my Chapter 3 gone. follow the bloody didnt-closed-properly-word-window. STUPID HELL WORD. hishhh! i didnt save my chapter 3 yet so it went away just like that. dammit to the heck to the eff to the....

thats when i went kanciong. ahaha. i started to act crazy. i cancelled my plan to have dinner with Sweets and told him what happened. coincidently, he was waiting at the cafe to send my quilt cover and bedsheet.
he called 3 times
i ignored just to retype AGAIN my chapter 3. its doesnt took a long time pun. huishhh~ im the one who is kanciong and thinks the world will die tomorrow. bloody kanciong. after finish typing in a very super dooper speed, i called Sweets to like...u know...take back my have dinner together. then when he answered he sounds so tired and kinda mad so i changed my predetermined reason of calling. and said he can send the quilt cover and sheet tomorrow. and i told him i want to skip my dinner.

waaaaaaa...i feel so bad. *sobs* due to my ego i went LaLa. and ended up eating a effing maggi instead of a proper dinner. but i have tea. heee
*just to make me feel better*
i should remember this and never repeat it. my friend said 'a slip in tongue is not fault of the mind'. thank u sze meng. 

Resident E

i was supposed to have Maths class after M'sian Studies but the TTO cancelled the class last minute.
*she likes to do that*
 finally i able to watch resident evil; After Life. that movie is a one eff up movie. too many irrational and fictitious moves that a human being can do. aha! and too many guns, sadly no roses
*referring to guns & roses. LOL*

i have hilarious story to share. once arrived in OU, i went to the ladies. and chose the sitting toilet. a pipe was attached to the bowl, so i was like checking the pipe. to make sure there's water coming out. thank god i was standing aside. when i turn the knob 

of water
went through my right LUCKILY and hits the door..i was like
what the bloody hell just happen
AHAHAHHAAH. thank god im not wet. not even a drop hits me. but i felt a bit like Matrix to able to dodge or move my shoulder a little to avoid being wet. 

cool. coolio. kewl. tomorrow maths also cancel. arent i supposed to be happy? so i dont have to wake up early tomorrow. but but. finals is next week. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

After Raya Hols

in the train yesterday, i met a very friendly Indian girl. she's under JPA's scholarship and studying in sunway. we did talk quite a lot in the train. it was bloody hot in the train because of the aircond failure. stupid coach. thankgod i did sweat like hell.

me: i want to eat laksa laa
sweets: what laksa?
me: penang laksa laaa.

he almost bring me to sunway pyramid and KLIA! lol. but he didnt. i wont even allow that to happen because its too far away. at last, we went to Alamanda food court to eat moi LAKSA! thank god penang laksa exists in the food court.. he ate curry mee. he loves curry mee. nice. lol. my dad loves curry mee too.

i arrived early in my collio. surprisingly, i didnt spend like an hour to tidy up my room. waw~ i think i know why, before i left my room i took off my bedsheet. thats why i didnt spend hours to clean up my room yesterday.phewh~ 

this morning, i thought my class will starts at 845am. at 730am, Mufidah called me and update me that class is at 745am. its not my fault to be late to class. its just that wrong information given to me. bwahahha. arrived at 815am, Sir Sam didnt scold me or get mad. so im good. ahaaa

had my brunch and was early to evening legs are tired because stands too long during in the evening class.
besides,i just had my dinner right now.i asked Sweetness to send my comfort quilt cover and bedsheet to the dobi. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello Hell

my Raya holiday is coming to an end.warghh~ its going to be hard to get used to the usual collio's schedule
collio = college
its been 2weeks in my house where i am accompany with my lovely family. tomorrow, this will end. thank god, its not FOREVER
*of coz its not; talking to myself*
so i have finished packing my stuffs. well, i guess so. except for Munchkin Jr. ahaaaaa.. i cant sleep well without her. so i better not forget about her tomorrow. oh, and 'browny' too. lol. someone's jacks.
jacks = jacket

my parents is going to kL too tomorrow but they are going a wee too late for me. i need to arrive early in my collio because i have to tidy up my room that has been unoccupied for 2 bloody weeks. its going to be super effing dusty. hence i will be taking the train to kL sentral and Sweetness is going to pick me up there and send me to my collio.

my sisters and i opened up 2 hampers just now. they gave me quite a lot of stuffs to bring back to collio. besides that, i got a new handphone. LOL. well its not super brand new, just my Cheche Amy's nokia slide. my second line hp. what else is new?
*thinks hard*
well, i didnt change my hairstyle. i almost did! hehe. someone almost changed my mind but i wanted to try new things. i wanted my hair to be long.

OH~ i love my lunch today. lol. its Mamak's. i ate economy rice, special fried chicken and long beans without any curry. i prefer to eat my rice without curry because mamak's curry is just 'too much to handle' for me. ahahah. i was planning to eat Instant Noodles till Adriene get mad and asked me to put on weight a little by eating rice. ahaaa~

my dad is going for a mission. in Lebanon. its United Nations Mission. for a year. thank god he will be working at the base so we dont have to worry so much but still scared for his safety. well, anything can happen. all we can do is pray hard for his safety. :))

i need to rest. my whole body is in agony. i feel like i've been beaten up so badly on my hands. both of my hands. its like i did 50 pumping. darn it. so long earthlings.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day Out

went to Jusco today to watch Resident Evil at 1.30pm. we bought the tickets yesterday, well to be exact, Uncle Kumar bought it. we askd him to buy it. all together 6tickets. its for Cheche Amy, Allie, Me, Adriene, Aizul and Aizul's bro. the ticks are so bloody cheap, rm7 per ticks. 

we arrived early so we went to shop. Allie bought a very cute dress,turquoise in color. me and adriene bought a jeans; cute jeans :)) cheche wanted to buy a bottoms but couldnt find the suitable one so she bought jibbitz instead. woody and buzz lightyear! 
to infinity and beyond~~~~
buzz lightyear famous quote. hehe. cheche said she cant find Dora the Explorer jibbitz. im the one who askd cheche to buy Dora jibbitz because she is just sooooo adorable!

when it was almost movie time, we tried to go in but was stopped by one of the black GSC workers. he said 'only 18 above'
wat the bloody eff
so we went to the counter and explain innocently that we thought can enter if the under 18 has an adult guidance. shesshh.. thankgod we can change the tickets to another movie. we have 2 choices which is Vampire Sucks(1.30pm) and Cats & Dogs; The Revenge of Kitty Galore(3.30pm). we chose the 3.30 show because Aizul was late. got lost in Ipoh. LOL. he went to Greentown Mall. i dont know what has gotten into him because its not his first time going to Jusco. 

hence we waited..until Aizul arrived with his bro. oh god. i forgot his name. wait.
*thinks hard*
heyyyy, he didnt said his name when he is introducing. so its not my fault for not remembering his name. ahaaa.. we played in the Arcade for a while. then head to Big Apple to have a drink. i drank Ice Peach Tea! i just knew Big Apple has peach tea. ouuuu~ i should go there more often then *wink*

after the movie we went to buy SUSHI~~ allie and cheche bought lotsa sushi. i bought 4 pieces of salmon sushi; 2 smoked and 2 fresh salmon. then we said goodbye to Aizul and his bro. once we stepped foot in the house we straightaway devour the sushi like a hungry Tiger.LOL. why tiger? i dont bloody know why. ahahaha. btw, i ate quite a lot.

then around 7 something
me: daddy, let's go to Aberdeen. i wanted to eat my Udon *smiles widely*
daddy: ouh, tak boleh. Uncle Azman is coming tonight. tomorrow la okay.

waaaaaa..... i thought i'll be having Udon for my dinner. pfft. instead i had Mamak's economy rice with cabbage and fried chicken. HOWEVER, i love Mamak's. hehe. so my dinner wasnt bad at all. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bubu is in the House

i've been eating a lot past 2 days since my mom cooked laksa sarawak, more chicken rendang and beef rendang, acar and nasi hujan panas. im sure u might be wondering how nasi hujan panas look like. if translate it to English it will be Hot Rain Rice or Warm Rain Rice or Hot Water Rice
i dont know

nasi hujan panas

laksa sarawak


however,thats not the real picas of my mom's cooking. i was too lazy and busy indulging the glorious food.

i didnt study properly. i have to remember 2 types of circuits for my practical test. darn it. i've been constructing the circuit again and again from the very first day in ipoh. i didnt read other stuffs which is for my theory test. oh eff. this is bad. totally bad. isk. i need halppp.... 

me and my sisters just made a list of cats that we had took care of and there's 27 of them. my mum just gave Hiccups to Aunty Intan
dats him. its a HIM. he got this very very nice 'design' on his neck. very playful and is from a good pedigree, i guess. LOL. ahahah. my mom wanted to give away out kittens because there are so many of them. 

Bubu is my cat. well, to be more precise,one of Cheche Amy's favorite cat. its in orange in color. he's in the house now. usually the only cat that will be in the house is Hamumama aka Munchkin. ahaaaaa. Hamumama is the latest nick given to her. its Queen in Korean if not mistaken. my family been watching too many Korean series in KBS World, Astro. 

Lovely Munchkin
Bubu aka Abu

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Loving Raya

god, its bloody tiring during my 1st and 2nd Raya. all my ipoh's friends cant come to my house. thats sad. ahaaaa. however, what matter me the most is to get to Raya with my superbly loving family. uncle vincent's, louis's and sunny's family came yesterday while aunty vivien cant make it. even they are not celebrating the Raya but they gave us Raya money.
*im flattered*
LOL.well, thats so sweet of them because..well, its Raya. *sigh* thats nice. glad to have them as my family. so the cousins are Megan, Sheaden, Ashley, Jeremy, Annabelle, Daniel, Jason and ShenShen. the oldest on the list is Daniel which is 17/18 years old. im not sure. LOL. the rest are all little kittens.
i meant little kids. LOL. well, Megan and Ash are form1. soooo they are not KIDS. ahaha. watever. im having a severe muscular pain right now, i had it yesterday also. darn bloody hell. really painful.

during the 1st Raya, dad's men came to our house. our food were not enough because they are so many of them! well, actually they were enough its just that, usually we will have leftover. aha! this Raya, there's no extra Chicken Rendang at all... *sigh* my mom baked 2 cakes; prune and moss cakes. thank god dad called 2 of his men to wash the plates and help in the kitchen. they were Uncle Kumar and Lawrence. thank you for helping us!

2nd raya, which is today, mom cooked Laksa Sarawak. the only GUEST who ate the laksa sarawak is my friends. AHA! Aizul, Fefe and Ezi. Ezi is Fefe's brother. he's a squash player. his whole family plays squash. meanwhile, Aizul is my senior in GMi. :)))) we are in the same club; English Club Society. he's celebrating Raya in Perak. he was so scared of my dad. LOL. it was so hilarious how he reacted in front of my dad. ahahha. he even called my dad, Tuan. AHAHAHA. he did his in-plant training in an army environment, so he's a bit scared of a Colonel. AHAHAH.  sorry, i just have to write the funny moments in my blog. jangan marah Aizul~~ :D

the trios are the only guest who ate my mom's Laksa Sarawak. my mom's friends was supposed to come but they cant make it.

my cousin, Megan, lost her phone. she ACCIDENTALLY, i repeat, accidentally, left her brand NEW handphone in the fitting room. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~ its a bloody new sony ericsson. seriously, im so sorry for her.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


  1. One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.
  2. One who lives off and flatters the rich; a sycophant.
pissed to a person. hence i provided the definition of parasites. in a different point of view, not biologically. urghhhhhh~ btw, sycophant is 

 person who uses flattery to win favour from individuals wielding influence; toady
*change topic*

break the fast with Bubur Lambuk. it was so delicious. there was a lot of starter; putu bamboo, apam balik crispy etc. my mom made chocolate ice cream. it was so rich. she said dont tell anyone the secret recipe of the ice cream. LOL. well, i wont. ahaha. 

have nothing alse to ideas popping in my mind right now. i wanted to write why i am pissed but i dont want to talk about her in my blog. she disguised me for a while. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Raya Holiday

i'v arrived Ipoh last night. took the ETS train from KL sentral. i'll be in Ipoh till the 19th, i hope i wont put on TOO MUCH weight while im at home because that's the least possible thing to happen. i just weighted myself. heh heh heh. its 44kg. wow~ isn't it. i lost around 3kg, because previously i was 47/48kg. so am i happy with my weight? well, i felt nothing. im not impressed, sad or glad. just, neutral. so-so feelings.

i didnt bring my vanilla diffuser. *sobs* hence instead of my room will be smell vanilla, it is green tea now. that's the only oil fragrance existed in this house. my mum haven't take our baju raya. gosh. i cant wait to try it on.

ouu, im going to break the fast with my family in the Mess. i love eating in the Mess because.... we are going to eat with dad's colleagues. AHA. not that i fancied with one of his officers. sheeshhh~ just love eating with lotsa ppl together. thats what i called life. ahahaha. if u spend most of the time eating alone, then u have no life.
i must have offended some one but dont take it seriously. just to back up my stand.

zalia painted her room white and green. darn it. cant wait to see her room. i feel like planning to overnight in seremban during my raya holiday. hmmmm. but i dont have enough greens. *sigh* maybe end of this year :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Completely Gratuitous

this is the great week ever. last night, i break the fast in RedWok, Bangi with my fellow classmates.24 people attended. RedWok is popular with the steamboat package. this restaurant also came out in TV. so it is quite a well known restaurant. 

i ate a lot of sea creatures with shells. LOL. well, i ate a lot of CLAMS. and 3 different types of mushroom. oh,they tasted so good. i didnt eat much crabs. prawns, yes. and i love the soya drink that they served for us. totally splendid. AHA. its thick and sweet. and its specially for our tables,well there's 3tables all together. it was specially served because the tauke of RedWok is Faeza's uncle. ahaaa~ faeza is my classmate. thats why the ONLY tables that was served with soya is OURS.

that was last night breaking the fast. it was great since we had this gathering because next semester we will be in our separate ways. we will be separated according to our specialized courses. *sigh* Group B1 is the best because most of them are decent and matured.

as for TODAY, sweetness and me break the fast with my seremban's friends.
we arrived seremban early,went to Jusco. oh god,that is the most bored mall i'v ever been. AHA. that will be too much of exaggerating. well, Ipoh's Jusco is much more better because Padini, MNG etc existed in there. well,lets not compare.
darn it
OVERALL~~ it doesnt matter as im meeting my LOVELY friends! we break the fast in a restaurant called Windmill. near the city park. love the environment. they wanted to make it country but its more like a modern country type. i cant stop smiling after i met them in jusco. i felt so gratuitous. 
completely gratuitous
it been like more than a year i didnt met Dila. awwwww~ she still have the cuteness with her. farah with her blurness. zalia with her big laugh. too bad Sabrina cant make it because she will only be in seremban by tomorrow. maybe some other time.

so i ate spaghetti formagio. i think thats the one i ordered. sweetness had lamb and beef. farah; fried rice. dila; spaghetti. zalia; double chicken chop. side orders; mash potatoes and fish nuggets. i enjoyed my spaghetti but Dila not. well, what the heck. she managed to finish the whole thing. LOL. mine with mozarella,hers without. maybe thats why. i dont know. well, wat the eff. who cares~ LOL

im having a sore at my butt. AHA. since the mall was so bored, we end up sitting on a bench for almost 3 BLOODY hours. :)))) thats bloody long. it does made my backside flatter
darn it
ahahahah. anyway~ i did enjoyed the topics that we talked while waiting for the 3fellas to arrive in Jusco.

besides that, we took a lot, A LOT of pictures together. at the upper most parking level. where we can see the sky. too bad there wasnt much stars twinkling the sky. sweetness became a temporary professional photographer. ahahaha. that sounds much more better than a cameraman right? Dila and Zalia said im too thin. well, i didnt plan to go thin this ramadhan. i just did. 
or maybe unconsciously 
i did realized all my bottoms are going way too loose for me. the feeling is weird because u'r wearing ur ordinary bottom, then u felt something different with it. ur hips are getting smaller. well, nothing much i can do during the ramadhan because i have to fast. maybe after raya, u'll see. i'll be the same size as i am before the ramadhan. AHA.

i bought this home fragrance diffuser. the stick type, the one u have to burn it. i bought VANILLA. the smell is just so great. however, during the burning of the stick, it smells totally nothing. it sucks because all u can smell is empty-smelling-smoke. LOL. i dont know how to describe it.
but BUT
after the burning was over, a few minutes later, my whole room is smell of Vanilla. SWEET! i love the smell. its mild, not too strong, just nice. i should bring some to Ipoh. i might miss this smell. AHA