Saturday, August 28, 2010

Doubting Friday's

went to the curve yesterday with Sweetness. it took us almost 2hours to arrive there, i dont know why the hell it took so long to go there. LOL. at first i wanted to force him to buy his Baju Melayu for raya because he havent buy himself one. however he said his mum going to buy him one so we just have to choose for the time being. well, at least he's going to get one then im ok with the-choosing-experience. :D

break the fast at Tgi friday's because it was friday. LOL. i almost suggested Tony Roma's but its Friday. that's the problem. ahahah. we went to the restaurant early because we were so tired walking searching for a specific top. sadly, we didnt managed to find it. the environment in tgi is more to classic because u can see marilyn monroe, elvis presley, the beatles etc against the wall and also ancient stuffs such as the old typewriter, keyboard etc.

then we watched Grown Ups. total hilarious movie, while watching it we didnt care what people might think we are, we just laugh our hearts out. well, most of them were like that. yup, i did enjoyed the movie so much. and the popcorn. after that, went to a urban mamak restaurant in ampang. if not mistaken. we invited Shaz to come along because we wanted to order the Roti Tisu. its humongous. seriously. sadly, we cant get through his hp. he didnt answer our bloody calls n messages. *sigh* still, it doesnt change our mind to order the Roti Tisu.
told u it's huge. dont worry, its nice. just like a normal Roti Tisu. sweet and a lil salty at certain parts.both of us managed to finish it. thankgod we didnt go LaLa after eating it. AHAHAHAH. there's this couple who didnt managed to finish the whole Roti Tisu,they left half of it, so we are quite proud we were able to 'handle' it well. besides the couple there was also a table of 6, same situation. didnt finished their the Roti Tisu. in that case, im quite sure, they had dinner just before they ordered the Roti Tisu.

it went pretty well untill a question was asked. that made me realized something. so the day ends a bit ugly. 
a lil drama happened. i guess its the 'down' part of our lives. well, there's up and down in our lives ryte? 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

After the 3 Words

i've watched SKINS, generation 2. its..*speechless* totally for adult. i cant believe they screening it in the tv in London. wow. what a world out there. aha~ the most right, is the most beautiful girl i've ever seen in my life. LOL. that will be so much of exaggerating. that's Effy. her eyes, blardy eyes are sooooooo gorgeous. how i wish i have eyes like hers. hmph. and her hair. she's just perfect physically. and i think she's younger than me.

woke up a bit late today. studied a bit of Machine and Control. i have test tomorrow. hope i can answer it well.
*crossing finger*
i almost watched a movie after studying but thank god im breaking the fast outside with Sweetness. we ate at tupai-tupai because his sister borrowed his car. he arrived at 6.30pm. hence we need to find a restaurant fast. and tupai-tupai is very near to our college. thank god there's place for us to dine in. *phewh* OH! n he was driving his sister's car. quite a cool car. love the songs in the car ;)

after dinner, we went to McD for ice cream. then he met his old friend. a senior from his high school. having a post that's quite impressive. ahaaa. i eavesdropping. wat the heck. they were talking behind me. i can listen every word. we ate chocolate sundae. seriously, the chocolate tasted like MINT. my taste bud is normal since Sweetness tastes it too. soooo does McD changes their type of chocolate??? wat the heck to worry bout. scratch that.

I Love You. a sentence that have to be said when we are sane. LOL. why do love me? or maybe why do u like me? thats the questions i'll ask and dying to find out. judging through my personality is okay but never my looks.
"oh you're pretty, thats why i love u"
oh. im sure u'r going to get a bitch slapped after u said that. LOL. well, im not that brave to give that type of slap. but what surely i'll do is dumping u. no more dates. no more meeting each other,havin meal together. NADA. however, thank god Sweetness answered it well. *wink*

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hectic Week

it was a blardy busy week. i have to travel back and forth from kL to ipoh. i have JPJ test and tests. *sigh* never felt this busy before. and it was sucks. 

i passed my JPJ test. thank god have mercy on me. i did pretty fast and well for the cliff and parking part. as for the on road part, i got the shortest way. i got a male JPJ officer to verify my driving. he didnt talk a lot while im driving. hence, everything went pretty well.

i watched SALT last night. i enjoyed the movie. someone didnt LOL :P her character almost like the one in Mr and Mrs Smith. a very tough lady spy. coolio. and i tried Mc'd GCB. it tasted so good. i dont know if im so hungry or what but its nice. u should try it. 

last night i celebrated alone, in my room, for the weekends! this week is seriously a sick week. hehehe. so i was watching all my drama series. its what i needed the most, well at that time. a time for me to enjoy what i enjoy the most. :))) slept at 4am. and woke up early today. damn. however i did took an hour nap at 3 till  4. and this is also a habit, to have an hour nap on the evening. :)

listening to Usher right now. PAPERS. this song makes my eyes go lala. n i was suppose to study not blogging. this is wat happens when u derailed. *wink*

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweetness Sake!

woke up early because i've 745am class. and it ended at 1230pm. its like 4 hours and 45 minutes, minus the break for 30mins. so total is 4 hours and 15minutes listen to the same subject. i think we should bring a recorder to record the lectures. darn it was so long. my eyes went 'lala' after the break. im pretty sure my Sir had watched many awful expressions from me since i was so sleepy. he might think im a total freak. aha. take that for making us listen to your fascinating lectures. :)))) but he was ok, a good TTO. 

this is the interesting part. ahaha. during my evening class,3 ___, called me. its like an interval for them to call me. LOL. right after a call, about 10mins, came another call, then 10mins later, came another call, from different person. ahaha. this is so funny. well for me O_o 

there's this chinese guy, i like him though, but so sayang he appeared at the wrong time. *long sigh* he never gives up to steal my heart. *applause* LOL i still owe him a date. we'r going to date a.s.a.p k. its just, i'v been busy with all my stuffs right now. i did told him im into someone else, but ya. like i said. never gives up easily. such a tough guy. AHA!

had my branch and skipped my lunch. and had fried bihun for dinner. i think the chef wanted to kill me by giving me plenty of bihun. its like telling me to die because of eating too much bihun. LOL

did my terawih. went to the mosque at 815pm. the electricity keep on blackout. it was so hot in there. in Ipoh, the surau, has air-cond in it. waaaaa... so comfortable to do terawih there. eheh. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

NUC graduated

yesterday, Sweetness sent me and my sis to kL. my parents are going to arrive late in kL,around 9. so we decided to hangout in the Curve. at first, my idea was KLCC. then Shaz changed the plan. heheh. then off we go to the curve. sadly, the traffic was BLOODY SUPERMASSIVE blackhole. LOL. i mean terrible. we were in the car from 5.30pm till 8.45pm. smokes! we didnt even managed to set foot on the Curve. i always forgot that im in kL right now, and the traffic is usually bloody terrible during the peak hours. sheessshh~

once arrived in kL sentral, Shaz went back because he..i think he got something else to do. we were suppose to eat together! but i know, it was late. arrived there at almost 9. so my parents were about to arrive. *long sigh* i feel so bad. hey~ the petrol price is increasing, and both of u driving a bloody car that used lots of petrol.
and Shaz is a dangerous, freak, unhealthy driver. LOL. its so untrue XD however, i didnt realized that when i was in his car. but wat i remember, i always say 'careful' many times, when he drives. ahaaa~

and i didnt even have dinner together with Sweetness. oh god. i feel so bad. he sent us all the way from Bangi to kL. and he get nothing. NOTHING. NADA.. he must be regretting  to ever send me and my sis there. *sigh* so here i stand.
in the world wide web
i would like to apologize to both of u for ur willingness and kindness.

so that was yesterday. today is my sister ALLIE graduation day. yay! she was graduated from NUC!!! we were proud of u, Ali. *muachs*

and i had the most weirdest Bihun Soup EVER~~~~~! well, for my dinner. bloody shops in the gals' cafe closed. so i ordered from my friend's friend. i dont know where the hell he bought our dinner, but its a total SUCKS. that will be too much of exaggerating. well, its eatable and munchable and swallowable. LOL. its just taste so weird...sheshhhh~~ however, i have to be grateful i have DINNER. damn erika. be grateful for what u've in ur life. *sigh*

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Agnes is Cute!

watched despicable me yesterday. it was ladies night, the tickets are cheap. we were planning to watch either Salt or Inception, but it was full. damnn~ but despicable me is soo funny. i knew the guy will be a good man after adopting the 3 lil girls. haihhh kawaii :)))

i woke up late yesterday, thankgod Linda wake me up. i turned off my alarm once i heard 'The XX - crystallized' beaming in the air. i should not make it as a habit. im so dead if im used to turn off the alarm easily. however, HOWEVER im not late for class. hoyeah!! i was awake by Linda at 8. class at 8.15am. i got out from my room at 8.15am. my TTO was late. phewh~ god heard my prayer. *wink*

i had the greatest dinner so far. LOL. at last, a chinese cuisine that was superbly delicious~ ate in Tupai-tupai, very near to my college. i ate kuey teow cantonis and my date was eating kuey teow goreng.
LOL. currently, my status right now will be dating lotsa guys. ahahha. i sounded like a biatch. ahaaa. well,im enjoying my single life as if i'v been in a relationship before im looking for the right guy to be my partner. and yes,i called it partner. :D i mean him. partner.

i think the God is testing me or something. and i hope i will passed the 'test'. ahaaa.. there's one old email that made me smile just now. i should paste it on my blog. 

" It was Sunday after the GMi open day...the day was mighty fine, the sun was shining brightly, perhaps too sunny. The students were supposed to wait infront of the hall. Some were punctual. Some had time management issues. Dressed in black, all of us boarded the Gmi bus.I have to admit the students looked absolutely "classy". Even the Gmi boys were checking out the Gmi girls when they were taking their seats in the bus. I m sure the other girls out there would also take "second look" at the Gmi boys.I knew the students would look good in black/formal attire, sans flip-flop and fake crocs. We could even hang-out at Bangsar right after the show if that was the next agenda..."

i just did my resume, i did it on my own without other people's resume. YAY! :) sent it to Miss Shahreena, hopefully she will reply me. hee. i laugh a lot during her class, it was like a laughing class where u'll laugh ur heart out. so i got to be grateful to have one of my classes as a laughing class. 

im doing my application letter now, kinda stuck for the first paragraph. LOL. maybe i should continue tomorrow. oh god, i have test on Monday. may God make me realize i have goal to achieve. ;) 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not a Good Idea

Keine Gute Idee (in german)

my sister, Allie, graduation will be held on this weekend, Saturday. i was planning to ditch with my friends but i'v changed my mind. it will be so rude and inappropriate. :))) so i'll attend her graduation day instead of spending time with my friends.

i was so sleepy during my afternoon class. its like im wearing a very huge fake eyelashes or very thick mascara. shessshh~ but after the break. i didnt feel so sleepy.

*if u want to change your life. or you want to be a better person. then start with yourselves. change yourselves to a better person. one day u will realized that what im saying is true.*

well,thats a piece of advise. ahaaa. for my readers. i think those who are in trouble should start thinking about this and stop blaming others for the trouble that fall upon you. and believe in God. without Him, we are nothing. 

i know, when everything is in wrong places or fall apart, we tend to do stupid thing and make idiot decision. well, we should chill ourselves, relax our brain,nerves,buds EVERYTHING. then only, we can start 'acting'.

i should stop my lame speeches. AHAHA. im revising Machine and Control subject AND online at the same time. im such a superwoman. lol. i multitasking :D

Total Mess

i didnt have morning classes today, but i still wake up early which is at 8.30am. ahaaa~ im going to make it as a habit, to be awake at 8.30am *wink* first thing i did was.well. on my lappytop. then check my notifications. LOL. i just realized im so into internet now. its like a DRUG for me. o gosh, its going to be hard to cure it.well  with PerezHilton's blog, The, Star Online, Twitter, Galaxie blog, updated friend's blog, New york Times. those are fascinating and interesting websites. i love the article in they are interesting and very knowledgeable. cool. try reading it. so im going to have many tabs on my chrome. however one by one will be remove after finish reading it. daa~

ok.why i'm telling u all this. isk. shite.

i have class at 2 till 6pm. however, at 6, i have rehearsal for my English Club Activity which is promoting a trip to Tioman. i was late. i felt so bad. my tto doesnt seem like type of person who can dismiss his students early. so i rather wait than asking him to let me dismiss early. we were dismissed at 6.45am. almost 7. urgh~ due to that i didnt managed to go for the bloody rehearsal. my group consist of Shaz, Jieren, Nadia and Me. Ili and Fitri cant attend. so its just the four of us. we did our best to promote the trip. *sigh* it was embarrassing. ahaha. we were so not prepared. damn~~ we didnt even rehears. thats the worst. hence we were not qualified to be the winner. LOL. muhammad's group won the challenge. *applause* their promotion is really funny thou.

besides that, erika has been elected as the vice president for the club.erm yeah. thats me. ME gosh. i dont know if im qualified enough to be a leader for the club. OH! and there's two newbies in our club *smiles* Ain and Jacky. i think their kinda in a relationship LOL i tried my best to convince the both of them that our club will be interesting and i did emphasized a lot A LOT on the importance of speaking English in GMi, or in our field, engineering. then presentation skills.
a few minutes after we were dismissed. i received a message from Ain saying she was so happy to be there just now.
thats a great start! 
yeash! its like i managed to get a client to buy my project. i was sooo happy. i'll try my luck again in giving or convincing new students to be in the club. *wink wink* i have plans. many plans. im only going to write here if its work out. LOL.

i have to memorize the meaning of every sentence in Al-Fatihah. i havent start anything. gosh. i should memorize at least one sentence now. got to go. thats all Little Monster. *wink*