Friday, July 30, 2010

Stupid Spammer

i hate those who spam my CBOX. bloody hell u, get a life. shesssh~ now i've replaced it to Shoutmix.

yesterday evening, i did a discussion with Shaz, Jieren and Ili. we discussed about our small act to promote Tioman. its an activity for the ELC. we had a great time. we laugh loud, even we were in the library. OH! i arrived early in the library, then i saw someone who looks like Jieren but im not sure. he really looks like Jieren~~~ but something different about this guy.i simply sit in front of him so that i can analyse his face. while waiting for Shaz and Ili, i kind of stared at him, to get a proper look in his face, but still no confidence to greet him. then Shaz came. and i told him bout this. and he said " NO~ if its him, he will surely say hi". i was like "okayy~" but while we were talking bout this, both of us look at him. and he realized. and he came to us and say HI
told u!
ahahaha. i straightaway told what happen yada yada yada and i askd him "did u cut ur hair?" and he said ya, just a lil cut. AHA! i knew something was different about him. no wonder i cant recognized him. well Shaz too. i find out that jieren is good in drawing, im suck in writing. orghhhh, my writing is ugly.

today is my first day i took a bus from KL to Ipoh. thankgod im not alone, i was with my friend, Hidayah. her friend was admitted in Hospital Ipoh, so she came here just to give him/her a visit. aint that sweet? ahaaa. how kind she is. i was afraid to take a bus because well all the accident news make me worried and insecure to travel by bus. however, after the ride this evening, i think im going to be okay to travel by bus again. :)

the bus was at 1.30pm. i was dismissed from my morning class at 11am. and i received my result right after the class. its decreasing!
but alhamdulillah~ as long as it doesnt decrease by 0.1, then i will not kill myself. however, i was soooo disappointed with my Programming C subject. i got a bloody C for that subject. the rest of it was ok, i got A for the rest of the subjects. now its sooo obvious that Miss ________, is kedekut in giving marks, or just doesnt want her student to get A or B. what a pity to live in her body.. the highest, i know so far, is C. for this subject, in my group. others group who got BETTER tto, get A or B. i guess its not my luck to have her.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Holy Smokes - 1st Time

today, 27 July 2010, will be my very first day i woke up late. i bloody turn off my alarm. i have class at 745am, thank god have mercy on me, i woke up at 717am. i rush to the toilet, put on m clothes quickly.
i just realized i can get ready really fast! LOL. i went out from my room at 735am. wow! thats really fast *wink* and im not late for my class! yay!

when Sir arrived, he said he has a bad news. he has a meeting at 830am. this is **#^&@$*%$@*
it was such a bad start for a day.

last night, i hangout with my friends to Domino's. we laughed a lot. we sing along. well in a blue swift. LOL. and that's what i call having fun. the chilli flakes in Domino's is sooooo spicy till it causes my mouth to be on fire. shessh~ dont eat the flakes if u dont like spicy stuff. super spicy. i really like the moment where we all sing out loud together for MizzNina - Watchu Waiting For song. the guys took the Colby's part while me and Nadia singing MizzNina's part.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

No Fun

the title has nothing to do with wat im writing right now. well it can be previous post, or maybe the post before the previous post. aha! 

i watched the blind side. there was so many watery-eyes scenes. LOL the movie is ok. i love when i saw whites do helped the blacks. its call integration and unity. haha. i learnt it in malaysian studies. talking about that subject, i havent read the pages that my Sir askd out class to read. damnnn~ maybe tonight?? oh. i think im going to procrastinate again. S!

i had my lunch late. i thought i wanted to cook my spaghetti, but im just so lazy. GOSH! there's so many negative electrons around me today. i have to think what might have causes this to happen... hmm.. maybe because tomorrow is MONDAY! i have morning classes at 745am. yes. sounds like a high school to me. LOL. 

i felt the earthquake yesterday. TWICE. first was on the evening, then the second was at 11pm. im not hallucinating,it was really a gegaran. well,i have a proof to make my stand acceptable. my friend, Mufidah Saoda, felt it too. it was the same time as i felt because i asked her right after i felt it. she replied the same to me. so im really sure its a gegaran. but only a minor gegaran. this reminds me of my semester 1. the same situation where i felt the earthquake. at that time, i was lying on my bed. i felt my bed was moving. 

stop the boring issues. too bad there's no HOT issues i could come out from my brain right now. ahaaa. mainly because i spent my weekends doing my assignments *wink*

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Im a Sugar

ahaha. currently there's many boys into me. LOL. im not showing off. its just what happen in my life right now. by the way, its rare to have this moment where lotsa guys are into u and u know about it. rephrased KNOW BOUT IT.

sadly,none of them interest me. but i do have a crush. but that crush seems to have been taken. damnn! ahaha. however, at first i didnt fond any of the guys. but right now, currently, someone managed to have my eyes on him. i hope i wont keep my eyes on him for too long because i scared i might fall in love and yada yada yada... rumors can really make u fall back. well, i have to beware  ;)

supposed to go home this weekend but the train tickets was sold out. shesshh~ when will my family moves to kL?? ahaha. it will be easier for me to go back every weekend. i miss Munchkin. awwwww~~

my friend shares a link to watch a SUPER HORRIBLE video clip. its a murderer clips. involved two Ukrainian's men. record their acts while murdering a pity old men who suffers from cancer. may God bless him. it was sick. seriously disturbing n sooooo extremely GANAS! the clip was leaked to the internet, and thankgod, they had been arrested and sentenced to life in prison. ALHAMDULILLAH~ so scary to have that type of men roaming out there. i didnt watch the whole clip because it is too horrible. watched till 2mins, then quickly turn it off.

a guy just did a research on my dad. i was like super SHOCK. how did he do that? apparently, he has an insider. LOL. damn u. i should do a research on ur dad too! but i dont know his dad's name. darn it. i dont even know his fullname. what an idiot i am~~~~

the latest preview from blogspot is sucks! they didnt preview it properly. sheshh~ waste my time altering things that i shouldnt have altered.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

MTV World Stage-Failed

me: jom ikea!
him: pavi?
me: JOM!

ahaha. i was supposed to hangout with my girlfriend. but she has a kenduri kahwin to attend. i was so down, so i send those messages.

however he changed his mind when im on the way to Pavi. he's even near at Pavi. but we managed to went off to Sunway Pyramid, to win MTV world stage passes! i cant believe he rather went there just for the passes. it was jammed near the pavi because its kL during the weekends. he's driving a car that consumes alot ALOT of petrol. moreover, the petrol price is increasing. geez~ he's...i dont know. ahahha. he bring along his friend,which is a mixed. same like me. dad's a chinese,n mum's a malay. 

we failed to win the passes. ahaaa because we arrived late. the journey from pavi to sunway is like a road trip. ahaha. i can really get lost in kL. i dont know how did u guys remember every streets. damnn~ its torturing. LOL

so we tried archery. i get a special bow since imma girl. LOL. nayh~ my first bow is too huge. a kind hearted lady changed it to a smaller bow. it was great. but very VERY tiring. we did some window shopping. i wanted to shop but i didnt because im not prepared to shop in Sunway. so i kinda lost, i cant find my favourite boutique. so end up buying nothing. *sigh*

we hangout quite late. thank god he's sweet enough to send me to kL sentral. his house is quite far. bump into Eija before i went up to my room. she was with her boyfie and her friend. she went to The Mines to watch movie and she bought two shirts for her kittens! gosh! it was so small. and so funny. i cant believe she bought it. the kittens are from her boyfie. both black in color.

im doing my malaysian studies research. failed to find wat i wanted. urgh!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The XX or Result

The XX is an indie band in UK. their songs are quite cool. well i love most of their songs. sabrina was the one who introduced me about the band. thanks sweetness!

enuff bout XX. i had my retest paper of EET due to plagiarism this morning. the whole semester took back the paper. it was...well. challenging and HARD.i'd checked my marks if i didnt need to retest the paper,i'll be getting A for this bloody subject. waaaaaaaaaaa~ this is sadih. it will be the greatest regret if i get B after my tto check the retest paper. i hope i get A.. 
*crossing fingers*
i hope i can retain my semester 1 CGPA which is..well.. 3.88
ok.maybe not below 3.5.

the subjects in semester 3 needs a lot A LOT of reading. *sigh* i have malaysian studies, islamic studies, control system, electrical machine and control etc etc. islamic studies is the only one with Bahasa. at least for now, all my ttos are okay. heh heh. 

i cant wait to see my result. arghhh~~

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Envy Victoria Beckham so Much

she had a wonderful husband. *sigh* 

finally registered for the new semester today. im now in semester 3. i hav 3 more sem. to go. well as usual there are some stuffs i'v forgotten to bring along. sheeshhh~ im lack of underwear. LOL. then i didnt bring my BLOODY laptop's charger. darn it! and and i need more sugar. LOL. 

when i was in the hall for the registration process. there was several counters. and i didnt go to all the counters. and that,i regret now. *sigh* i think i was sooo nervous. isk! due to that,i missed out some documents and the semester 3 sticker to stick on my ID. 

HAH! went to watch Eclipse yesterday. it was awesomeeeee! because there's so many kissing scene. LOL. enjoy every moment of it. ahahah. i bought the tickets online. went with my parents. my dad doesnt know whats the story about. while he was watching it,he keeps on complaining. bored bored BOred. LOL. its a romance movie. i think he feels uneasy because Adriene sat besides him. AHAHAHAH. so funny! nextime i wont bring my parents to watch romance movie.

i like the part where Jacob kiss Bella,then Bella punch him. then Jacob hug Bella. and LASTLY! Bella askd Jacob to KISS her! and thats the part where i dont understand the most. ITS SICK! to think does she loves him. urghh! tension! now i wish Bella will be with Jacob. i cant believe Taylor Lautner kissed Kristen Stewart. :)))) 

so im in my hostel now. and i wont be watching the WC finals. :((((( this is sadih! i have morning class tomorrow. haihhhh~ dont they watch WC? stupid fellas. just giv a day off for the WC laaaa. isk! 

i hope SPAIN will be the winner of FIFA WORLD CUP 2010. this will be their first. torres! please score a goal. :) pedro~ i know u did a mistakes but u are good in kicking at long distance. :) all the best ESPANA!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Im just good

ahaaaa. its about choosing the right team. im talking about FIFA btw. im good at choosing team or should i say, predicting. AHA! i LOVE this feeling.
*feels great*
i'd predicted that brazil is not goin to win,then germany is goin to win against argens. lastly SPAIN is goin to win against uruguay. its like 3 games in a row and i was well predicted. LOL. my family was against me except for Adriene; lil sister. yeah! adriene!

yesterday was Adriene's birthday. mum cooked laksa sarawak. it was deliciousssss! i enjoyed devourin d meal till i forgot to snap some pics. heee! me and my sisters bought her a document bag n UNO card; toy story version. the cards are so damn attractive. ahaaaaa!

eminem has a new album; RECOVERY. seriously, u must listen to all of the songs in d album. ahaaa. well i LOVE it. however, its not suitable for kids. u know why. *wink* the one i like the most is 
Love The Way You Lie
25 To Life

there's soo many cursing in his songs. well thats Eminem. it wouldnt be Eminem if there's no fucking cursing in his songs. LOL.

goshhhh~ im goin to b entering a whole new semester next week;Monday. shite. i hope i wont get Ms. Saf as my English's TTO *prayin hard* 

'no one can make me inferior without my permission' got it in a book dat i'v been reading.