Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Car Lesson

it was my first time im driving a MANUAL car. rephrased; MANUAL CAR. im sooo pissed with my instructor. thank god he's not my permanent instructor. sheeshhh. speak properly laa. cant hear ur bloody instructions. u got problem man!

well, its my first time. i dont really really know how to drive. so the first move is MATI enjin. the engine died. LOL. saya tak tahu macam mana nak explain in english. ahahahah. reminds me of the uncle who explained me the engine part.

then i know i have to release the clutch SLOWLY. i hate manual cars. it will be better if i take d driving licence next year because they'r goin to introduce a new type of drivin licence. manual car n automatic car. can choose which type we want to learn. DAMMIT it'll only be next year. why do i have to knw it now?!
shit shit shit shit shit
pray for me to pass all the driving test kayyyy.. *cross fingers*

do u knw kancil car has a very VERY hard steering? i need a car with a power steering. damn~! the bloody kancil car sprained my shoulder. my shoulder is in pain now. my legs too. urghhh.

i just counted my TOTAL cats in my house. serious shit. its 17.
bloody 17 cats

yeeesus christ.. its including the kittens. we have 9 kittens. ADORABLE kittens. we only have siamese n persian cats. we have pure persian, mixed persian n siamese, and pure siamese i guess. i forgot. lol. its only a small circle. it will be big since my mom LOVE cats. she's goin to open a cat nursery. no doubt bout it. ahaaa

alia.my friend, is goin to pursue her studies in UKM! too bad its UKM kl.
she's my lunatic friend. ahaaaa. she's lovely. totally will hav fun when hanging out with her. AHHH! cant wait ALIA!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


hoooyeh! as stated as the title of this post. its steamboat day! im so delighted. i did snapped some picas, however havent transfer it to my lappy. will upload when im free ;)

im so grateful to have my parents <3 every morning,especially when im in my college, the first thing in my mind is to make my parents proud n happy. thats wats motivates me every morning. i felt so sorry for those who hate their parents. i cant imagine how can u hate ur own parents. its bullshit.

well lets change the boring topic shall we..ahaaa~

oh i wanted a gucci bag. AHA! there's so many stuff that i cant afford in my wishlist. gosh! i have to cancel some.
i wanted a g-shock too! previous wish about a hi dunk nike shoes has been cross-out. ahaaa. i find out i wont be comfortable wearing that around.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lazy Bum Bum

my ass is getting bigger and bigger.LOL.i'v become a lazy bum. its so hard to read my notes. lets not talk bout it
*feel so bad*

went to KL last saturday to take my EET notes. my parents hav  a dinner with the sultans and raja perlis in sheraton hotel. so i took the opportunity to take my EET notes. i slept in the a place called transit.lucky the room is like a hotel.phewh. i was alone for..erm..7hours.LOL. well,i didnt do anything bad while im alone. it was bored. i watched gossip girl.then i watched spongebob movie coz i didnt get a good internet line.

then on father's day. me and my sistas bought my dad a pipe pouch.hehe.
its almost kinda look like in the picture. no i think its the same.wtv. at first i wanted to buy wallet for him, but he said he dont need one. so i dont want to buy something that he doesnt want.

while blogging,im watching portugal against korea. its 4-0 now. im still with my sepanyol. :)))) back when i decide to support spain,i dont know that spain has a highest ranking. lets pray spain will go to finals. oh,speaking bout finals. huishhhh. its on the day i have to register my new semester.
bloody hell
why! why! isk. maybe i can ask one of my guy friends to bring me along if they watch the finals. LOL. maybe emy. or farhan. or my bro. ahaa. i'll decide later.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


i broke my vow. hehe. i took two meal of rice a day. this is bad. but its hard to control this since im at home.
i think i should just..follow the flow. what can i do in a condition like this.sheeshh~

i hav to retest my EET paper because of plagiarism. well its not our fault to do the previous test paper as execises. shit. total bullshit. is it SO hard to create a paper? to do questions? too bad thats just ur work as a TTO!
bloody hell
im pissed. MAD for getting the paper. blaming the world for being so unfair to my life right now.


when i think back.its good to retest the paper so everybody will get a fair marks. heh heh. so i should be grateful. hence i must study during my holiday. again its not a problem. i have nothing to do here! i thought i want to work as a part time. well,to have the experience of working. i NEVER work before. maybe after i take my 'ujian komputer' :)))

my dad's posting is postponed so YAY! i dont have to pack the house stuffs. i dont know when my dad will be posting but what im really sure is that i dont have to work my ass packing stuffs during the hols.

watchin portugal vs. ivory coast. christiano is ugly. ahah. all their shirts is like so KETAT. total ketatism. LOL. dont bother search that in dictionary. no such word exist in any dictionary. LOL. the shirts made them look so sexy.

booyah! thats my shirts.ahaaa.got from an application in facebook. i choose 3 because its my fav. number.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Semester Break

im having my 1month semester break right now. its been great. aaahhhh~~ :) since i get to watched FIFA with my family. its been a long time since i've been 'kin-cong'. i just love to watch sports. any sports will make me 'kan-cong'. ahaha.

i was supporting Mexico for the first match. its so frustrating when they keep on attacking but none of them able to goal it. sheeeshh~ i was SCREAMING. make my scream worth it bebeyh! when Africa goal the first goal. i was like..WHATT~~ but it doesnt change my mind to discontinue supporting Mexico.
when Mexico goal. its the best moment of the day. LOL. i straightaway jump. i mean seriously jump. well. im at home. so i'll jump whenever im happy!

my finals end pretty welll. i watched Lady Gaga-Alejandro official music video. it was.....well. see it on ur own. u'll be horrified. LOL.

somebody to love

Friday, June 11, 2010

tak boleh

i just cant write. WORLD CUP FEVER is ON!!! ahaaa~

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Accidently and Unintendedly

skipped my german class today. i didnt know there's class today. seriously, im not conscious about it. suddenly at 2.45pm, Mufidah sent me a message saying 'where r u'. i was like, where else i would be??? right after i read the message, she called me. THEN i heard my miss german voice when she was talking to me.
i was sooo surprised. i really really thought there's no class. huisshhhhh~ anyway...i decided to not attend the class because its almost 3pm and i was peacefully studying my project's subject while sipping my tea. im having a great moment that time. LOL.

i managed to study my Electronics a lil bit. then chat with my Abang. he's very close to my family, so thats why i called him abang. he said he's going to pick me up at 6.30pm to have dinner together. i waited till 8.00pm
i repeat; 8.00pm
i cant tahan anymore i was bloody hungry. i only ate yee mee for lunch which i cooked by myself. therefore around 8 something, i cannot take it anymore. i just went down to the cafe and bought my dinner with full of disappointment. and due to that, i didnt go for my english club gathering in library. *long sigh* sorry Mad. gomenasai.

when my dinner is ready, he said he's on his way. aiyak! lucky he called me, then i explained to him my situation. heh heh. sorry. i knew he had meeting, because i cant get through his number.

however, my dinner SUCKS! tasteless. no taste. not nice. darn it. then Nana, my roomate, cooked her Prego spaghetti. so i kind of take a bit of the sauce and chuck into MY BLOODY TASTELESS NASI GOWENG CINA. sheeesshhhhh~

ouuu~~ i have classes tomorrow. morning and evening. OH! speaking about class, my miss digital sent me a sms saying when should we do our revision class. i replied to her that we will only be free on wednesday, thursday and friday night. and saturday morning we have test. and she said she's having problem to come at night, hence she have to discuss with her husband about it.

and i forgot to askd her regarding our test 2. ERIKA!!!!! how can u forgot about it!!! sheesshhhh~! and now, im still waiting for her reply to know when is our test 2. i should have askd earlier.