Monday, May 31, 2010


woke up at 9am. revised some digital notes and end up feeling total idiot. i cant remember how to get the output of something. *long sigh* last night, i did message my digital's TTO to confirm today's cancelled class but she didnt reply me *geram* i dont even know when is my test 2. finals is next week on monday for god's sake. dont u want to tell us a bit of information about the finals??

went to the Admin at 11am to check my current statement. apparently, i didnt owe any money to GMi. :))) i heard that if i owe more than rm200, i cant sit for finals. yikes! thank god i paid all my fees.

on the way back to my room, i stop by the koperasi to buy bread. there's PREGO booth besides the koperasi. they displayed the spaghetti sauce in tin( mushroom,tradisional,carbonara, cheese etc). so i asked if they are selling it now since they just about to settle things down at the booth. the guy said yes. then i gave them time to do their stuffs first, while i went to the koperasi to buy bread. sadly, there's no bread. :'(((((

went back to the booth and bought a PREGO package. the package include 3 tins of spaghetti sauce, 2packs of spaghetti and one awesome bag. it cost me rm10. its cheap right? as far as i can remember, one tin cost around rm2 something.

i printed my proposal for activities to be done in my english club. it turned out to be lack of information. then i googled to search for some examples on that type of proposal. most in the internet, or world wide web AHA, are project's proposal. thank god i managed to dig till the core and get 2types of proposal on activity. phewhhh~ then i redo back my proposal based on the example and sent a soft copy to ms. saf. she said WELL DONE
but BUT she said i need to add names. whose name should i put??? *wondering* the people involved..... in doing the proposal or involved in the activities?

i think im getting dummer and dummer. isk. now im waiting for her reply.

oh! my dad is supporting argentina for this year world cup. im supporting SPAIN..

received a message from my sister. she said we are going to NEGERI SEMBILAN back! my dad is posting there. and he's going to received another pingat from Istana Negara. oh dadddyyy! im so happy for u! im in tears. oh. im flattered and soo grateful.


hence during my semester break, i will be busy packing my house stuffs. to be moved to port dickson. will i enjoy it? lets just wait me writing about it. ahaa!

thats all for tonight folks. have a great day! :)))))))

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prank Call

leaving my hostel at 9.30am to take the 10am ktm to kl sentral. while i was waiting for the commuter, there's this unknown number called me.

guy: askm. erika ada kelas tak esok?
me: can u speak clearly, i cant hear u. *he's kinda mumbling*
guy: esok ada kelas tak?
me: im kinda busy.later! (i hung up) *its a prank call*

i was buying a ticket that time. in my thoughts, i said it was a prank call because i remember that voice. so after i'v done buying my ticket, i send a message to the person 'buyin ticket.10mins' in case its not a prank call but im very sure it was a prank call. then he called me.

guy: har,erika ada kelas tak esok?
me: *annoys* adee la..its monday,of coz i have class
guy: kelas ape?
me: *annoyssss* im sure u dont want to know.
guy: tak tak. ni abang yusuf.

me: oh abanggggggg~ sorry sorry. i thought it was a prank call. sorry sorry. because before this got this guy who prank me. *he sounds just like u* sorry sorry.
abang yusuf: takpe takpe. biasa la orang glamour. orang pun ada minta abg no. fon eka yada yada yada..
me: sorry sangat sangat. malunyerrr~
abang yusuf: ada simpan number fon org tu(the prank guy)
me: tak la pulak

then the rest of the conversation is about our class tomorrow. WHAT THE HELL right. EMBARRASSING MOMENT of the day. my intonation is superbly mean and its was bloody embarrassing. oh god.

went to ikea with my family after sent popo to aunt vivien's house. weee! its been a long time since i've stepped my foot there. i saw this heels in bonia, and i regretted for not buying it. sheeeshh~ i like bonia footwear. its comfortable and cheap and i like it. its my taste i guess. ahaa~

for lunch we ate in ikea. i ordered salmon with ginger and lemon sauce, my parents ate chicken, adriene, allie and che che amy; meatballs. and two extra meal which is spaghetti and pasta. the meatballs are darn tasty. dont u think they should have ta-pao service? lol. so i can bring back to my hostel for my dinner. the salmon was great with the ginger and lemon sauce.

my salmon

my salmon, top right; meatballs, top left; pasta

 adriene's and daddy's hand.ahaaa~

we did clean up our table. we are not people that cant read. those who didnt clean their tables are either idiots or blind. i think most MOST of them are idiots. heh heh. 

after lunch we split out. cheche, allie and adriene went to the curve while me and my parents do some shopping in IKEA. i felt tired so fast.. thank god im not wearing heels. if i am, sure die DIE die.

after done with buying the stuffs. we went back home. oppps! i mean my dad sent me to kl sentral and they went back home to Ipoh. :'((( how i wish i can follow them... so in the commuter train, i get a sit when the train stops at bandar tasik selatan. once i get the sit, i closed my eyes. i think i kinda sleeping for a while. LOL.

i have no class tomorrow! LAAAAALALALA~~ planning to escape to a place where i can spend a bit. *wink* mayb search for my bonia heels..hurmm.. :D

Spit it out, dont hesitate :D

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Incoming Kittens

i straight away did my task 12(electronics circuit) when i woke up this morning. i took my bath and lunch a lil bit late to complete the circuit.

it was a darn boring day. after i'd completed the circuit i continued doing my practical reports. there are 4 reports to be done. how i wish i can have a magic pen, like the one in harry potter movie.

my family will be in kl tomorrow to send popo to aunty vivien's house. popo is grandma by the way, in chinese. hence i'll be meeting my family tomorrow. supposedly, i planned to go shooting tomorrow. i guess next time again. and my cousin Megan Quah is taking the test for the ASEAN thingy. GAMBATE megan! i know u can do it and hopefully u pass the test.

i took my calcium supplements this morning.hee! i dont want to experience muscular pain anymore. it hurts so blooody bad. and hopefully during my semester break, i'll make an appointment to do braces. AHA! i know,i've been talking about doing braces like ages ago,but never been doing it. insyaAllah. its just a plan. 

my cat, Smokey, gave birth to 4 new meow today and yesterday. confused? yes, i know. she gave birth for the first kitten last night. then the rest this morning. oh i love her 'shoes'. aha! one is black and the other one is white.

stole this picture from my sis, Amy. she's good at editting pictures because she has experienced working in a photography company.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Stop of the Heart Beat

using times font means that im lack of creativity. erkkk! lets change font. LMAO :)))))

the presentation this morning almost got me a heart attack or even breathing problem. someone has replaced our sweet Ms. Eliza. she was admitted to the hospital, so she cant conduct the presentation. i think i'd mentioned this in previous post. and guess who replaced her? well the Diva in gmi. ms. saf. some people find it devastating and some are interesting. we all kinda prepared a type of presentation that suits ms eliza's taste. unfortunately... *sigh*

all of us received chocolates before we start with the presentation. or should i say a chocolate. i only ate one. i should have secretly chuck in my mouth two. ahaa! ms. mazlin(if not mistaken) was suppose to be with us but she cant therefore she passed the chocolates to ms. saf who replaced ms. mazlin who replaced ms. eliza. aha! splendid circles in my life.

eatin chocolates reminds me of the chocs that i bought in genting.oh~ super nice. combination of dark chocolate with rockmelon favour. damn it was delicious.

my group was the last to present. so i have to endure all the criticism and comments given. *butterflies from the beginning till the end* from the 3 groups before me,i know i have to come out with a prototype of our project. since the diva keep on asking about the project's model/prototype. we did not see this coming.  so i crack my head to find something suitable to make our prototype. thank god, there's dictionary. phewwhhh~ alhamdulillah. hence we used the dictionary, just to illustrate the size and look of our project. this is one of the advantages to be the last group to present. heh heh heh~

public gratitude to my teammates! AWESOME teammates. ahaha. tak awesome pun,saje nak exaggerate and create excitement. LOL. no offence. ahmad helmi, khadijah, fitri, syamim, john and ismadi. u all did great! fitri is having a problem with the word 'segregate'. it was my idea to put the bloody word since it is ms. eliza's favourite word in class. n due to the friggin word, fitri has to ketuk ketampi 2 times because he cant explain the definition. gomenasai fitri. he knows what it means(i'v told  u), but he's having problem explain it in english. i'll buy u all something during weekends ok, perhaps chocolates? again? XD

i just received a message. and  im so happy to know that i was totally wrong before this. play pacman if u'r bored :D  ok.this is frustrating. i cant even achieve level one. wth! btw. i think u should know this; i miss u. i really do. and i have tonnes of story to tell u!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


i had spaghetti for brunch. it was spicy. totally spicy. i took one full plate and my friends was like 'banyaknye Erika'. :))) im soo going to ask my mum to cook her bolognese' spaghetti and ask dad to do steamboat. ahaaa~ im sooo demanding. gosh. every time im home, i want my meal to be special because i dont get special meal here. lalala~~

Allie or che che Amy,if u'r reading this,please pass this message to daddy will ya~ *wink*

i have project class in the evening. during this class,we've project/electronic circuit to be done. so its totally more to practical than theory. dealing with solder/circuit board/transformer/multimeter etc etc. we have 12 tasks all together,or in other word, 12 electronics circuits to be created. so today we did task 10. the measurements for the task was bloody easy. however HOWEVER the circuit was soooo complicated. it doesnt look complicated but it was darn hard or maybe i wasnt totally focus when im soldering the components.watever. it was frustating since i blown 2 resistors. LOL. it was all due to the freaking transistor which i wrongly labelled the legs(base,emitter,collector) shesssshhhhhh~

i spend like 3hours on the circuit. well me and Mufidah. most of the time we didnt sit because we were dying to get the right value. so now,my legs are tired. i even skipped my Asar prayer so that i can get done with the circuit. huishhhhh~

the one with the red circle is the bloody transistor while the blue rectangle is the resistor. the upper right corner is a variable resistor(10k ohm). cool huh. ahaha. whereas the black cylinder with silver top, the one that look like a water tank, is a capacitor. i guess i dont need to explain each components. enough of my nerdy thoughts.

i have english presentation tomorrow. shite. i hope my group is going to do just fine. *crossing fingers* ahhh~ i cant wait for the break so that i will have time to read some novels. its been ages since i read one. hmph. the last novel i read was 'lovely bones by alice sebold' *sigh*

had a lil chat with a senior of mine,zam, in ym. its been a while since i ever chat in total english words. u'v been improving. interesting. *applause* u'r great. we should do it more. help each other in improving our english. ahaaa~ he's soo tension on his Final Year Project, i think its about the presentation.hurmm.watever. GOOD LUCK seniors in GMI for their FYP.

..confession...i'v changed my perspective towards u. we just cant 'work' together anymore. i dont know what annoys me so much about u, it feels like i just like being bad to u. hmph. what happen? i dont knw. maybe i need a more positive people around me. or im just a negative person. i hate this feeling. oh god. i need my miss Priscie for a psychology lesson.
n i'v received my loan. weee! should i spend?? aha! i guess u got to keep on track to know if i've been spending or not. thats all for today folks.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brag for Good

in the morning, while i was waiting for the clock to strike at 8.30am, i knew its going to rain. so i quickly put on my uniform,socks n shoes. took my hand phones, my bag and rush to the elevator. it was 8.15am. dammn it was still early to be in the class which starts at 8.45am. it was all because of the maybe-its-going-to-rain thoughts since i have to walk to go to class. but it was drizzling when im about to reach KT5. i thought im going to be the early one, but there are 'ones' who are earlier than me *sigh* ahaha.

i had my lunch and went to my 2pm class on time :))) OH! and the lady in the gal's cafe, gave me a free cupcake! the lady who love to ask how im doin.hows my test etc etc. she knows who is erykah badu. and she asked me to sing like erykah badu. LOL. i only hav one of her songs, and just downloaded it, and havent listen to it. back to the story. well,i was shy to take it because it is free.LOL. she said take ittt~ so i took it. it was great (another great story *smiles widely*) although its too sweet but i love it.

this is an advise. its just whats in my mind right now. if u skipped classes, u are going to implement ur lazyness dear. its just that i care for u,i guess its too much? i dont know. i dont want u to regret what u've done or whatever. so dont skipped class okayy?

then i had my english club meeting at 8.30pm. i forced muhammad to accompany me to AFSA because the place is like at the end of the world~ however, i bumped into Nadia in the elevator and she said Shaz is going to send her to AFSA. and she invited me to come along. then quickly message muhammad about it. surprisingly, muhammad is in the car too. Shaz's car. but then it was totally pack because there's four of us at the back part. and muhammad almost got out of the car and rather walk to the afsa. oh god. i felt sooo bad. but i managed to insist him to get in the car or i wont forgive myself. phewhhh~

its an exciting meeting since our advisor was there. if she's not in the meeting,it wouldnt be happening and so much of laughter. she bragged that she's a good writer. and i'v no doubt about it and i dont know how i know that. ahaa~ talking about bragging. i found that its good to brag sometimes. it'l make us feel good. also, well to me it gives hopes for me. i hope i can be like her;to be good in writing. and she bought chocolates for us from her Europe trips. thats soo sweet of her.

a famous choc from finland. or is it expensive? what ever it is, its a good chocolate. the best part is the stick. u can accidently eat the stick if u didnt realized u ARE eatin the stick. LOL. the stick was soft, n its just sooo addictive to suck the stick n bite itttt.

what did just happen? did i write something wrong.. *thinking* *thinking hard* i dont know. oh. its not my fault. phewhh~

public apology to fefe because i didnt answer ur call. i was in the meeting. prove: the chocolate? hehe. i had a 'severe' stomachache during the meeting, so fefe was like worried about me and askd me to go to the clinic. i just like to exaggerate on something sometimes. its not that bad. hee!

oh one more. i felt sooo sorry for muhammad and aizul. they worked bloody hard for the english club's proposal and the guy who supposed to show up. didnt show up when he promised to show up. *long sigh* aizul was soo sad about it. another one more. i used my herrera's perfume just nowww. oh i miss the smell. <3 reminiscing.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All about GREAT!

i had a wonderful lunch today; rice, ayam masak kicap and kacang panjang masak tak tahu. :D it was delicious. ahaaa~

so i have german and maths test. the german test is okaayy.totally ok.did a mistake which made my marks 14/15. the original word is nehmen and we have to change it according to the subject. so the subject is singular,hence the end of the word must have 'T'. i forgot how to spell it properly. firstly i put 'nihmmt'.then miss kinda look through my paper and she said one mistake at no. 6. so i changed my answer to 'nihmt'.
the correct answer is nimmt.. ceyyhhh~ seriously that word is not in the list of words u gave us MISSS~~ huishh~

after german me and my friends went to d KOPERASI to buy some stuff. i bought an ICE CREAM. black forest cornetto i guess. sumthin to do with black and forest. ahaaa! it was great! havin an ice cream under d hot sun. :)

them maths test. at 4pm. we have an hour to study before d test. Group A is havin the test before us,so their paper will b d same as us. sooo some of them took pictures for evry questions. when they are done, they bluetooth d questions to us. and TADAAAA~ we have the questions.LOL. it was easy. NOT bcoz d questions is leaked, frankly speaking. it is easy. :)

on the way back to my room. stop by again to d koperasi to buy bread. at first i took gardenia's wholemeal bread,but i know d bread is a bit hard. lucky i saw another type,which is mighty white brand. i wonder who in the world know mighty white bread..LOL. so i bought that. it turn out to be great. its soft. d edge is not hard at all. i love it. aha!

i really really interested in buyin this..soooo kawaiiii~ too bad i hav to save my money for my driving license. sheeshhh~ i hope i managed to get a nike hi dunk at the end of this year. YEAH! its a challenge for myself.aha!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Spill the Beans..

my weekend was awesome.ahaaa.well eventhough i cant find sumone to accompany me eatin in Yoshinoya. but i went to midvaley yesterday,there's no yoshinoyaaa?? aikk. let me google it.. awwwww~ it has been closed. all three restaurant; in one utama,KLCC n midvaley. no wonder i didnt managed to find d restaurant. wat a pityyy..i havent tried it u pricks who closed yoshinoya. huishhhh! i wonder why all three were closed.


so end up eatin in Nando's. oh! i didnt tell who i went with. its hafifi. fefe is not a cool name.LOL. i didnt want to eat in Nando's actually but thats d restaurant in front of us when we r done searchin for yoshinoya. *ssigh*
aha! he ordered peri chicken MILD yet it was spicy. i cant imagine how the super hot will be. ahaha. i was so scared he wont be able to eat d chicken at all.well to me he's havin problem with the spicyness of the chicken. but he said it was nice eventhough its darn spicy. LOL. then we watched Letters to Juliet. it was a romantic movie. but hilarious too. sophie's fiance is all about tasting. it was sooo funny. u have to watch it.

n oh,he just won the third prize for malaysia's open in squash. thats great right? aha *applause* the tournament was in d morning, we meet in midvaley in d evening. malaysian conquered the 1st prize till d 4th if not mistaken.

my english group was supposed to present today,but our TTO is admitted to d hospital therefore we have to reschedule the presentation. i tell u. the groups that will present today are soo excited to present but she cant make it. it was like....*sigh* i dont know what else to say. she is goin to Umrah next monday. *sigh* i think too much stress caused her to get admitted. pity her. *sigh* so this is an advise. ahaa. be well organized so ur life wont be so complicated.

i hav german n maths test tomorrow. i'v been a very lazy girl. i didnt do many exercises. i dont know why. i did do a few exercises but usually i do many exercises. what happen to me? i have to pray to God. always turn to god when its about ourselves. not satisfied with urself? then turn to God. and seek for a path that can solve the problem.

Friday, May 21, 2010

keep it all,and let it all out in a Go

i told him that i dont like him to be mean to me. gahhhhhh~ i wantd to tell him this so long ago but i didnt. i wonder why i didnt.

planning to get out of my box this weekend; yoshinoya. my sis said i have to try it. SADLY, there's only a few of my friends that likes japanese food *sighhhh* this is the time that i wish my sis havent finish her studies in Nilai. Eija: cross out. Mufidah: cross out. Fatihah: no money but she wants to try it! but nayhh she's in shah alam this weekend. Faeza: i havent askd her. roomates; rachel: cross out.

i guess i have no one and due to that my plan is cancelled :( i had Bihun Soup for today's dinner. it was delicioussss~ i love it. typical malay bihun soup.ahaaa. i thought i just want to have oats for dinner,but im scared i might get hungry during midnight.

i had my Digital test this morning. it was great. i hope i can get an A for this subject. *wink* well i got to start reading my english notes. i wonder what type of questions will come out in d paper. as for EET,the main 4 credit hour subject. i hope i will do well. i didnt do my best in previous tests.

latest hits; what you waiting for by Mizz Nina feat. Colby

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stress Days

last few days were stress days for me. im sooo bloody-helld up doing the proposal. i hope im doing the right thing. i didnt even have enough time to study other subject due to the bloody tough proposal. huiiishhh~
*stomach grumblin*
my dinnar yesterday was at 7, it was fried kuey teow, malay style. it was good. kinda like hailam style but watever it is,it was goooood. no wonder im hungry now. i have to keep my vow which is only to take a meal of rice a day :))) im getting big. i mean not lying.

i have to start doing the slides for the proposal. damn. final is on the second week of june. its just around the corner! i have to start considering other subject rather than just considered one subject which is ENGLISH. next semester will be worst. LOL. the 4 credit hour is AGAMA. im soooo doommmmm.

oh,me and my friends were supposed to have barbecue last night but its a last minute plan. hence we planned to do it next thursday night. im planning to do the potatoes and the marinated sauce for the chicken. heeeee! ohh i got to askd daddy to do barbecue when im back in ipoh :))))

i watched GLEE last it! i'v downloaded a part of a episode this morning but failed to download the another part due to my broadbd LINE.. huishhhhh~ i have to ask Faiq for more Glee episodes. OH i cant wait for my external hardisk to chuck in all the dramas needed. back to GLEE. i loveeee kurt. maybe because he's a dramatic guy. dramatic guys are interesting when they act. LOL. and correction for previous post. he is the MARC JACOB's guy.
not michael kors'..ahahah.mixed up with MK because that time i was looking for MK's watches. and he's GAY! ahahah. well i know that for the very first time i saw him in glee.

i was suppose to go shooting this morning but i refused to go since i have to do the slides. again i missed a great opportunity to release my stress. haha. i need a new heels. godddd. when will my account will be stable enough for me to spend. darn it.

ciao~ slides slides slides are popping out of my head.

Jo, me EIJA and NANA! btw that's nana baju im wearing. thanks nana! *wink*
retro queen of the night. the one with the red heelsn blonde wig. :))))))) i wonder how much she spends for her outift la,hair la n make-up la. but i guess its worth it since she won.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dance Dance

i'v been procrastinating to update my blog. so i'll write wat i remmber happened last few days. i went back to ipoh last weekend with full of eagerness to do my driving license. nevertheless, its was 'Hari Pekerja' or labour day if not mistaken in english. my dad bought me an external hard disk. WEEEE!!! i cant wait to put all my GG season 1,2 and 3,and also GLEE, and my BLEACH! oh god,i have to ask Faisal to update me with the latest Bleach episodessss. i started to love GLEE. i like the guy with the michael kors jacket. even though he's kinda like..armm..u knw.ahaaa. he's like Sharpay's brother in HSM. i cant recall his name. i love his style. skinny bottom guy. :))))

there's a dinner for all the girls in my institute and the theme is retro night. i didnt wear any retro style outfits, because i told myself not to be there since i have proposal to be done. so i wasnt prepared for the dinner. will upload some picas later.

oh!! i have a new seduction's tool. LOL. nayhhh~ its mania. MANIA. mania.
i love the smell~ i dont really love the smell at the beginning...but im lovin it now. :))) im so sleepy. i didnt have enough sleep for two days. TWO BLOODY DAYS! XD as my semester increases, my sleeping time decreases. so its inversely proportional. :))))) its not suppose to be like that. sleeping time should be fixed,at least 7hours(mine sleeping time).

off to bed.