Monday, April 26, 2010

incomplete previous post

ahaaaa im soooo sorry.i was totally sleepy last night so i didnt tell the whole story that happen yesterday. gomenasai :) i wrote about salmon but the heels...when missing from my thoughts last night. ahaaa. yesterday was a heels day coz im wearing heels for the day. LOL just as simple as that.

ouuuu i didnt tell u my dinner yesterday. it was at sushi king. i orderd my udonnn. :))) the taste is typical like a chinese soup. nevertheless, i love it. even though the smell of the mushroom is so strong. oh god,i cant imagine how flare can eat sooo much of food yesterday. my order is set type,have two side plate; fried aubergine,kacang panjang,shrimp and seaweed. the other one is two piece of sushi,the one with it egg? idk.LOL. its sweet but i dont know what was it. ahaaa. flare ate alot of salmon sushi which makes me want to puke evrytime i see the salmon flesh which is ORANGE in color. im sick of salmonnn~ ahaaaa.. too much of salmon the day before i guess. and flare orderd a fish set. n he got YAKULT in his set!!! ahaaaa. i used to drink yakult with my younger sista,adriene. :))

todayyy..i woke up late,suppose to rise at 7.15 but i woke up at 7.40. thankgod im not late for morning class. Syamim's dad organized a study trip to Germany, he said either this year or next year( i think end of this year ) the problem im not interested are; no money, i want to spend my holiday with my family!~~ :)))))) so i can wait for germany till i finish my diploma. heh heh. who knows i might be doing my degree there. insyaAllah~ but im scared to go thereeee~...
*change topic*

big bang will held a concert in M'sia?? when? where? hee~ well,this saturday is pitbull's concert in genting. i dont know how that type of singer can be allowd to make a concert here in M'sia with his 'terrible' songs. ahaaa..

mothers day is on the 15th of may isnt it? hmmm..i should be planning by now. :))) any suggestions just write in the chatbox. i gtg. i need to do some exercises on my EET. ciao~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Salmon n Heels Day

i celebrated my Ah Ma's birthday in damansara last night. we had barbecue,there was lamb,chicken and a whole fish of salmon.wait theres more,there's kartoffel salad.ahaaa. potatoes salad,and ginger bread and SALAD! oh gosh! i loveeee Aunty V's salad. ok,here's the recipe.very simple. well salad dressing is soo simple to make. mixed some honey,mustard seeds,salt and balsamic vinegar. fuhhhh~ heavennn~ u got to try it.its soooo nice. and the salmon is hugeee~ but it was great. however, im sick of salmon * green faces* too much of salmon i guess.aaahhaaa.even breakfast today i had salmon *sick* and AND piza.a normal piza which has tomato sauce,bell peppers,fresh olive and lotsa mozarella cheese. waittt~ that was for lunch! :DD for breakfast was bread and peanut butter and honeyyyy~ and also roti jala with chicken currryyy. yum yum~

then after breakfast,Aunty V gave us to make a 1000 pieces of puzzle and we almost finish it! damnnn~ if we had one more night only,we will be able to finish it.sheeeshhhhh. it was a very very tough puzzle.

my previous tto invited me to her wedding day. damnn..i was in ipoh that time. too bad Miss. and oh! i sushi king for dinner. goddd..i orderd an udon set.when i almost finish, my stomach is full already.lucky i managed to force myself to finish my meal. phewhh~

im so sleeepppy

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Busy busy busy

oh! i know my german test 2 marks. it was 18.5 over 20. WRRRAAAAGHHH! why must my test 2 will not be full marks. previous semester also like thissss. urghh. my test 1 was full marks. shhheesshhh. *pissed* and the bloody mistakes i'd done is i spelled viertel nach drei, which is 3.15am. the 'v' was suppose to be CAPITAL letter!!! that one gone 0.5 marks. one more mistake is the part where i have to rearrange words. first word should be subject/time, verb, time/subject, erganzung( armm..wat is this arr.. hah,i think its additional information) what i did was 'subject' 'verb' jeden morgen um 3 Uhr. i forgot my subject n verb. what's my mistake here is the POSITION, the time( um 3 Uhr ) should come first before the every morning ( jeden morgen ) .. *longggg sighhh*

every thursday and friday i have evening class which was suppose to end at 6 but BUT its a must to go home at 7. darn it. why do i hate to dismiss late are; my dinner time will be delayed, im going to do my maghrib prayer late, i had my bath late, everything will be late! *sigh*

i have electronics(EET) test this friday. i did my exercises on EET,and there's two part my Sir didnt teach us!! goshhh! its a bad luck to have him as our eet Sir,but nayhh..he's kind. ahaaaa. lucky i did my revision early,if not i wont be able to catch up.

my family are going to have BBQ this friday night. bullshit. i have test on friday at 3pm. shiteeeeeee.
*super dooper angsty*
why do they have to do it on friday??? WHYYYY???

my friend said there will be a sale on hand phones on May. i hope i can refrain myself from going out on May. ahaaaa. still,which do u prefer berry berry blackberry or pinky pinky sony E? :)))))))

hah,this is for the devil. i like you. so take THE chance before other ppl take it.well,if u want the chance la. if dont want, then i can 'oh, no wonder' ahaaa.

oh,i need to send Faiq a copy of the spotted questions for EET.sigh. u owe me GG3 faiqqq~~ i cant wait to track back gossip girls.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Medina- You and I

latest song that i love. ween put it in her FB status. she said she likes the song. so i downloadd it. it was awesome! :))) im listening to bieber-one time,it distracts me from writing my blog properly..

todayyyy,i was suppose to do something important but i didnt do it because i was watching How To Train Your Dragon in my lappy. sheeeshhh~ :))) the movie is funny,touching a lil bit. overall is ok. i really really like the dragon because he acts like a dog.kawaiiii~ and the guy name is hiccups?? its hiccups right? there's no subtitle.

its Linda birthday today. Happy Birthday Darling!!! *im semi sweating* sooo hot.

as for lunch,usual meal. economy rice with chicken and vege. my dinner; yee mee and iced lemon tea.i cooked myself the yee mee. this time i got my egg from Mufidah darling.ahaaa.thanks. previously from Faeza. there was a fireworks nearby just now. i get the best view from my room
im scared for my roomate. she accidentally involve in an organization from ukm's student. she called it usra. two person will come to our room and teach religious stuff. she and Nana has sent a msg to the leader,they said they dont want it anymore. but they came just now,and give Jo a cake.. weirddd. and she askd when is our next usra?? aikkkk... malas want to think about this.i shall wait and see what happen and update it here. drama must be publish here right.. :))))))

ohhh im so FULL. my friend just gave me a piece of kfc chicken. she bought the wrong meal(dinner plate). uh! im planning to buy a new quilt.heh heh heh. mine now is super huge,so i must start saving a lil bit so i can buy a smaller quilt and a new quilt cover. the one in Ikea is soooo NICE!! thats why i askd eija to go Ikea with me and she said why go so far to buy a quilt?? O_o  i want to JALAN JALAN.hee! oh maybe i just go to Friven store in midvalley. hmphh. im bored of midvalley.

received an email bout my victoria's secret bag. i should have take it at the admin today but i didnt. i cant wait to see it.dammnnn! i should have taken it in the morning. *regret*

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Day

im not sleepy in class only that its frigging cool in the wonder the air-con bill in gmi is rm235000. only air-con.dahsyattt~ this info was told by my german TTO.
i ate nasi lemak in the morning,wanted to eat something else but there was nothing that interest me. so nasi lemak for breakfast. it was nicht so gut. the sambal is spicy and RED in color. faeza said it was nice,thats why i bought it.sheeshhh~

went to digital class,the class next to ours is having the same subject (digital) and guess how many of them are present??? bloodyy 4 man! FOUR people ONLY in a class. terrible man~  thank god im in group B,that is group C class. phewhhh~ i think im soooo grateful to be in group B..

our group were suppose to have German test today but it has been postponed to next week i guess. and alsooo we were suppose to have EET test on this friday,same thing happen. postponed to next week. yay! so i still have more time to ask my Sir regarding some questions that made me crack my head so harddd but still cant understands it. darn it.

oh! after my maths class,we were dismissed at 5,supposedly at 6,well its Sir Goh's class.ahaaaa. bump into ms. diva :)))) she said she read the part where i wrote about a cute guy,in my blog.well it was just a cute guy that exist in my life. no crush feelings or anything.ahahah. because the way he speaks he still have the kelantanese he's not really..armm.. doesnt fond me laa..ahaaaa..
people may get offended reading ur blog *ms diva advise*
oh talking bout guys,i've heard a gossip about a girl who sooo into a guy..adoiiii~ i feel like telling her in her face that he doesnt like u but that will be super dooper bitch i am..because the guy is like playing with her,and she take it seriously.shessshhh~ a rumor said he has a girlfriend.i dont know about that.

allie wanted to back me up when i was fighting with the i-wont-say-it guy, u were late for the drama darling!! where were u when i was standing alone fighting for my life? i was slashed and torn during the bloody fight. aahaaa.. well it was a fight in facebook,it was over last night, but allie back me up todayy.. nevermind. next time i'll sms u,when i need u. ahaaa

i wanted to go back this weekend but i have a stack of assignment to be done. pity me~ :( well,there's sooo many things to do. i think Ms Eliza is not that organized,but i like her.she's kind and very caring. i love her phoneeeeee.. its pink. Amy Cheche! i think i dont want berry berry (blackberry),i wanted pinky pinky sony ericsson. ahaaaaa.. and its cheaper than berry2. *sigh* later la,my phone is still in good condition,too bad. hmphhhhh~

Sunday, April 11, 2010


went to Genting yesterday,and came out with sunburned skins.damnnn~ i love my its tanned.

 it was fun.well it has to be fun.daa~ i tried the corkscrew roller coaster. i keep on saying to Eija,dont worry.its not that scary. later on,when we are on it. im the one who get scared. i screamed the loudest i guess.ahaaaa. then we tried the spiderman. seriously at first i regretted for trying it in the beginning when the 'thing' closing our bodyyy~ *super scary* i keep on 'eijaaaaaa... eijaaaaaa... eijaaaaaa' in my head was like what am i doing here??!! too bad there's not turning back. i really want to turn back,to rewind,but i cant. im no god. :) so i have to endure it. i scream all the way..well only at the peak, adrenaline part. i didnt close my eyes. but BUT it was awesomeeee~

on the way and Eija arrived early at the skyway(down part),so we went to a restaurant to eat.we ordered wat tan arrived at 7.we were eating really fast since our bus is at i ate the fastest,well it is in my bloody blood. ahaaaa :D but i shared with fatihah and eija shared with faeza. while we were eating this 'i-wont-say-it' guy called fatihah n said he's on the bus,hurry up. so we were like running to the platform,took the lift. and when arrived at the platform,we didt realized the guys are at the end,and all of us in the panic mode. so we didnt think properly, we asked the lady at the counter where is our bus,the lady pointed on her left.but there's no bus. we turned around and hell ya! we look like LUNATIC peeps!
total lunatic
then there's a gentleman come to us and say something.i didnt listen because still in my panic mode.he was pointing at the bench,the bus havent was sooo..not embarrassing..hurmm..tension/angsty,to find out we were being fooled by the 'i-wont-say-it' guy. seriously u just push my button at that time. i did cross u out before but this has made the cross out bigger. so i was like go to the 'i-wont-say-it' guy, and pissed off like hell. i said 'u nak i tumbuk u sekarang ke?' seriously i feel like punching his face. i repeat the question quite a number of times. because i really really wanted to punch him,since im sooo angry. but i didnt. DAMN i should have punch him since we were not in the school compound. sheesssshhhh~ this.i regretted it.

in the middle of the night,my leg was in a severe condition. too much walking n forcing my muscles to work fast. darn it. it was horrible.lucky i have nana's oil with me. so i rub some oil,and get back to sleep. and in the morning, WOALAHH my legs were fine. alhamdullilah~

then today i post something in my fb wall bout the crossing out stuff. then 'i-wont-say-it' guy commented. darn it. ur name just unpleasant to be seen in my wall. sheeshhhh~ he keep on saying 'menyusahkan org je' well
1st: if im late i wont susahkan u,i will susahkan myself
2nd: u are 'i-wont-say-it'

he said he called fatihah not me.HELLOWW are u 'i-wont-say-it'? u were sending the message to all of us. daaaa~ 'i-wont-say-it'! this guy is soooo not good and perasannn gilerrr. there's this time when he said to Eija that Eija was jealous of him because he was with Fatihah chit chat blablabla. oh for GOD SAKE, ur face? YOU? AHAHAHAHHAHAHA u make me wanna puke my heart tooo. i rather choose Amir Sabrizal than u. LOL.

how do u react if u come across the same situation? tell me. im having my cycle today,so that add the 'spices' for today's drama. the cycle today,damn it was so painful. my back pain the most.i felt like killing myself for the agony. againnn thank god i have nana's massaging oil with me. oh! and thank u Linda's aloe vera gel for saving my pitiful cells.there are in pain. 

 why is it not in the center? watever. gtg. im hungryy~

Friday, April 9, 2010


i woke up before 9. straight away brush my teeth and moi face. then i read through electronics notes. i have test2 EET next friday. and GERMAN test next tuesday. im lil bit confused on JFET calculations on EET.damn.i should have gone to ms Erlina extra class today.shite.

i finish the whole rice in the polystyrene during lunch. GOSH. it was alot. i swear to god it wasn't me that time.hee! at 3 i started reading german on MY BED. after 10 MINUTES, my head started to loose its muscles. LOL. dropped around 3 times, the fourth time i just laid my head on my bed. i cant stand to close my eyes. after a while, Jo arrived with my pad. i asked her to buy me pad since i dont have any. then again i tried to revise back my german notes. but it doesnt last long.

i havent received my broadband bill. when will they post it to us?? i need to know how much is my first month bill. sheeeshh~

i ate penang rojak for dinner. it was super sweet. u want me to have diabetes is it?? i wanted to eat bakso but the bihun is out of stock. darn it. so i end up with rojak penang. :(

im going to genting tomorow. im not excited about it. i wonder why. nayhhh~ thats just allll~

Monday, April 5, 2010

Yee Mee for Dinner

woke up at my prayer.YAY! its been a very VERY long time i did my subuh prayer.i was supposed to have digital class this morning,but it has been canceled last minute.grrrrrr. the TTO called me(i have no idea where she get my number) she said she's on leave.DAMNNN.i just shower.soo i send smses to Amarul, Abg Yusuf, Ija, Mufidah. and i dont know why i am so pissed when someone asking to confirm it again. gosh. why u  need a confirmation of a canceled class?? i should have wrote 'digital class has been cancel.confirmation smses will not be entertain'
maybe im not in a good mood. well,blame me if its not true. no need to ask me AGAIN 'is it trueee?' 'so morning class cancel' isk isk. its really annoyed me.

so i ate mango in the morning :)) the one that my mum gave me.LOVE it.its a bit sour,but nayhh.i love sour stuff. i thought im going to regret if i bring the mango here. a very simple lunch today; economy rice with chicken. the vegetables today doesnt attract me at all. i planned to not come to Sir Goh(maths) class.i feel so bloody tired in the afternoon.i dont know why.wait i think i know why.maybe its because of the shooting yesterday.

so i managed to force myself to drag my bloody lazy leg to class.i late around 5mins.phewhh~ i didnt take my check for this month.i havent CHANGE my quilt cover.*sigh* when i arrived yesterday(at 9pm) i was so darn tired to change my bloody HUGE quilt.i should have exchange it with my parent's.i think my parent's quilt is smaller than mine.hmph.

my dinner,as the title shown.
sorry u have to rotate ur head to see this pic.hehe.thats my yee so full. next mission is to cook mee sua. the white one. i dont know how to spell it. i love noodles. not like Flare,all he could think of is MEAT MEAT MEAT.

munchkin my cat is delivering KITTENS right so bloody sad for not being there to be with her. to decrease her burden while delivering. *super sad* i hope u'r okay munchkin. i love u the most. be strong. cheche amy said one has come was black :D i cant wait to see.
that munchkin after the birth of Suki and Jirou. awwwww... how i wish im home right now. later.wanna do my prayer. ciao~

Eenie Meanie Justin Bieber

title; latest song in my mind. thanks to Allie who downloadd it. oooo,whats my stories for the last 4days?
Thursday,1st April
not much i can remmber but what i remmber is i didnt even prank a person. its april fool, i think i didnt even notice it was an april fool day until one person prank me AFTER 1st of april(which i dun remmber the date).
it was Flare
The Devil Forever and Ever
went to Aberdeen for dinner. i managed to indulge my super dooper fav. cuisine :D UDON. i love udon so much. me,cheche amy and allie ate the same thing. adriene ate lamb chop,mummy ate her penang laksa and daddy ate pineapple fried rice. when the waiter served the dessert for adriene, the way the fella served was kinda rude. 

Friday,2nd April
breakfast was sausages,eggs and a new recipe in the internet. searchd by my dad. it was fried wedges.the flour to cover the potatoes are mixed with some curry powder. it was goooddd. so easy to make. dady planned to cookd steak for dinner but BUT the rice that mum cookd that day is a lot.soooo plan cancelld.
..what else happen...cant

Saturday,3rd April
steak for lunch. weee!! ahaaa. i love my dad's steak. its sooo thick,slrrrppp.. *drool* i like my steak to b done medium cookd. the best part is my mum marinated the steak overnight. that made the best in house steak so far..
look at the thickness and fats. ahaaa. next mission,i want my dad to cook lamb chop..oh,maybe not. maybe lobster. that will be my mom's specialties.hehe.

as for today,maybe MAYBE im goin to post a new one tonight.