Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hot Soup scared to write.only one person knows why.i hope she(opss that a clue) will not read my blog anymore.. :)))

two embarrassing moment happen today.goshh~ first,it was at the evening. im not spitting out any information.

secondly.. *thinking*
im not going to spit it out also. :)))))

oh! in the old chinese guy sat beside me,well not so old la.he talkd non-stop for the first 30mins. its all about chinese people and lots of stuff about 'who inventd this and that'. i dont mind listen to all his crap but im worried about the others who sit nearby might get annoyd. because he speaks quite louddd~ but what im very VERY sure of is that he's very VERY proud to be a chinese. :))))) he told me who invented fibre optic, gun powder etc etc. eventhough he look old but his memories are not bad. told me histories that he learnd back then when he was in hig school. he told me bout communism which i dont really listen coz i had headache at that time. well not because of him,i dont know why..

*some one is waiting for something from mehh * XD

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mid Term Exam

i would like to thank to those that lend me their luck yesterday.ahaaa~ i can answer most of the questions.insyaAllah i will get an A for programming. :)))) but BUT i lost 9 bloody marks for the unidentified flowchart.well 6marks for the flowchart, and 3more marks on a question bout the flowchart.damnnnnn~ i didnt read that page.the page before it and after it,i do read but the THE page..sheeessshhhhhh~ ohhhhhhhhhhh! i almost cheatd in the exam. but BUT too bad i cant see the person's paper who sits beside me. i tried to copy his answer for the bloody flowchart laaa~

tomorrow will be maths paper and will be the DAY im going home..WEE!! cant wait to be home so that i can go shooting. i LOVE my dad for rearranging the shooting plan so that we can shot together.

the above pic is the exact styer that i'd tried. ahhhhhh~ cant wait to be home!

my next month wish list is getting a new smell.LOL. but the best parfum for me will be carolina herrera. i said to someone that if a guy wears 212 ch,i can fall for him even if he's not handsome.ahahahaha. i wanted to try giorgio mania. hmmmm.. im going to get one. just wait and smelllll~ :))))))))

oh! chester calld me at around noon. O-o  its been a long time we didnt contact each other. he playd me a song..cover of tik tok by Kesha. he's gettin good at playin the guitar. this is the first guy that ever serenades me in PUBLIC. that will be in times square. he sang/sung my fav. song at that time which is Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Ur guardian Angel.. wait actually more than one songs. ahaaaaa~ and the cover that he did(tik tok),i was the first one to listen to it. *smiles widely* thankyous chester.i prefer Chester rather than Randolph.

i just realized Three Days Grace's songs are actually quite nice. what are the latest songs nowadays??? its been ages since i listen to FLY.FM. 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trip to KLPAC

kuala lumpur performin arts centre. we went there to watch MACBETH..n we thought its goin to b a theater kind of thing but its NOT. its a film. we watchd it in a room,projector is playin the film. i use movie la senang. so the movie is.....HORRIBLE goshhhhhhh. firstly its not a theater.secondly it a bloodyyyy terrible movie. there showd naked girls..boobs and asses are evrywhere.n i have test tomorow.sheeeshhhh~

back to the story. apparently its the modern version of macbeth.LOL.Macbeth is like a rockstar in there(sam worthington..duno how to spell his name.the one in avatar) wearing shining clothes.ahaha. then the most disturbing scene is the SEX scene.SERIOUS SHITE!!! i completely take my mind to sumwhere outside the room coz when the film was over Nadia said she saw everything n she heard the aahhhh uhhhh sounds.. WTH! i didnt hear that..serious..i dun remmber hearing that shows that i completely bring my mind outside the room. its TOTALLY disturbing. it makes me uncomfortable. i didnt watch that scene.

actually i dont understd wat the story is all about.all i know is there's lotsa drugs,boobs,ass,blood! i have test tomorow but im watching a bloooody helld film.. OH i think ms safrina didnt expect the film to b like that.AHAHA im sure she felt soo uneasy to bring us to watch the film.AHAHA. she was soo cool.when there's a kissing scene she will kepoh2 n clode the guys eyes.the way she do it is sooo funny.

on the way back,we stoppd at kfc. rashidi didnt have enuff money so i was like 'use my money first laa,i dun mind' yalaaa takkan wanna let him see us eating. at first he was shy but...nayhhh... ahaaa..
the hilarious part. Mad,which is our english club president. rashidi said he fainted.LOL.i think he almost fainted coz i TOLD u(previous post) he a nice person.very clean one.AHAHA.. he never seee such thing in his life n suddenly he saw boobs n ass..AHAHAH.. he watchd the first 10mins n he left the room but didnt came in.he just wait downstairs till the film was over.. he look terrible. like he saw a ghost. he was sooo pale. ahahaha.. n in d bus ms safrina was like scared n sit bside me n askd me 'did u stay near muhammad's place'
me?im a girl.i will b in d gals hostel.Mad is in d guys hostel.i tink she dont know wat to say. i tink shes scared at the same time. then she realized she askd stupid question n said 'after all he's gonna b in germany.porno graphics are evrywhere in germany then she left the sit..ahahahaha

i shall study my programmin now. i dun even know wat time it is.shite. i askd Mufidah,she wasnt sure bout it also.ahaaaaaa... wish me luck..

Turnin Darker

GMi open day is todayyy.due to the day of the Open(reminds me of mad),i hav to sacrifice most of my time burning my cells..goshhh. its was extremely hot.

in d morn,while i was still sleepin my hp rings.mad sent me a msg sayin i shud sms ms safrina to tell her im goin to b d MC for the eyes open widely right after readin it.WTH. Farhan didnt tell Mad, he's gonna b d i smsd Mad back that farhan is d mc.n Mad was like WTF


i dont know u can say WTF.LOL.bcoz Mad is like a very nice guy.he doesnt look like a person who used such words. he wat the fucking me. thats COOL. LMAO. so back to the story, so i quickly calls Farhan..GRRRRRRR i calld him many times.lucky i sent Shaz a msg,askd him to wake farhan up. when he's awake ' he said wat for send ms saf msg ' he sounds like he doesnt want to b d MC.i was like wth la. u told me yesterday u wantd to b d mc.n he realizd he wasnt suppose to joke at that time. so he sent a msg to ms.safrina.phewhhhh~

then Mad calld me to go at the hall.helpd him photostat some papers.went to ms safrina's office to wrap up some pressies. thankgod i didnt see SCARY gmi students today. oh! i won two hamper,one is for the scrabble competition n one for the puzzle competition.

scrabble: i playd wif kak lin,kak cah and dis gurl frm semester 1.SERIOUSLY she doesnt know how to play.i helpd her n i REGRETd that coz she won the first prize. BLOODY HELLLLLLLLL she was like keep on showin me her tiles/words,so i helpd laaaa.. n the puzzle game,i finish the puzzle for 6mins..before i playd the record was 12mins.

i ate chic rice n beef kebab for lunch.i cant see anythin beef.LOL.surely buy.oh when i orderd my beef kebab,the person doesnt hear my order n SWEET amarul was like tap the fella shoulder n say 'beef kebab 1' AHAAAAA! THANKS MARUL SWEETNESS. marul with his friends, Amir n Acap. when i was walkin bside Amir,i smelld his perfume. i was like walk backwards n said " 212 " n he was smiling and nod AHAHAH n Acap was like "macam mana u taw " i said " im a BIG FAN of carolina herrera "

...which reminds me of sumone..

back to the story again...sheessshhh...that is amir.the fair fella.quite cute ryte.ahahahaha long i didnt upload picture. i gtg. im goin to KLPAC(kuala lumpur performing arts centre) tomorrow to watch....armmmm... Macbeth i guess. idk. i dun remmbr. cant wait. i hav final test for my programming this monday..shite. pray for me yaaa~ :D

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Things

there's many new things i'v tried nowadays..hee! i ate BAKSO..then i ate this weird char kuey teow..i mean so-calld charkueyteow...its like..i dont know what to say..sooo liquidishh. so BASAH laa..LOL..and tonight is the first time i ever go out at around midnyte??

dont worry momeyhhh...EIJA's with me.there's SHEBREENA and NADIA fellow english club soo touch with ms safrina 'speech' just now..DAMNNN i fell for it. she sacrifices her personal life for us? *sigh* so Shaz bought a new car.well he didnt buy it,his parents bought for him.and it is color.n the plastic in the car havent bukakkkk~

so Shaz was driving.eija sit at the im all alone behind.n the journey..fuyohhh... it was like a roller coaster.i can slide using my butt from left to right.damnn..its slippery.LOL. yalaaa with the plastic which aid the slipperiness to become more slippery..

mr.awesome didnt join us makan2.i tink he's mad bcoz i didnt say hi to him or i choose to be in the Swift rather than in a Waja..LOL..this is sooo not true.if he read this.imm sooo dead.LOL..

i need to read a lil bit of programmin notes..GOD help me with my programmin.OHHH the plan tomorow.ahaaa..maybb MAYB we will go to one utama! the curve! Ikea! LOL.either shaz or aizul will drive us there..the us are me,eija,shebreena n nadia..
eija never been to one utama curve ikea pavillion..ahahaha..never mind eijaaaa..we will show u the world!

i better go..pray for me kayy..just pray that i will read my programming in C notes.pleaseee..gute nacht!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Alergic To Bakso

sooo i went to the night market to eaat bakso with my lovely girlfriend, Eija
:* and mufidah. but before that we went to the ktm kajang station to buy my ticket to ipoh. damnnn..its a wrong time to come out coz its peak hours.pity eija lovely coz the car is manual so her kaki will be in pain if there's a jam.

the three of us dont know..well..not really know the road to ktm kajang.i tried to recall back but i can only memorize some of the 'scenery',scenery~ not the roads.dammit.. but thankgod we didnt get lost.ahaaaa.i love every moment in the car with eija coz its sooo funny when she did her 'not-confident-face'..

arrived at ktm there was this kelantanese fella wanted to buy ticket to kelantan..but he took AGES to buy his DAMN ticket.wat the hell! im hungry u...urghhh..
i heard him saying 'duk depe' 'warga emah(emas) sa.....' haiyoooo before u want to buy lotsa tickets,write in a piece of paper laaaa..u made me waitd there for sooo long.

then off we go to the night market.i bought stuffs for my roomates.well they orderd not that saint to buy them free foods.LOL. then we ate BAKSO. its my first time eatin bakso.n it was okayyyyy.. its like my mom's bihun soup.ahaaa.. the only diff is,they hav abc soy sauce and this chilli sauce. ok laa.. eatable. :D

right now my whole body is itchy.i think im alergic to one of the ingredients in the BAKSO. mayb the abc sauce.or mayb the meatballs. or mayb the bloooody whole bakso SHITEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ i ate piriton already to stop the itchyness.. damnnn. urghhhh.

i gtg.i have programmin test tomorow..dammnn i hope i didnt fell asleep coz i ate piriton..shite. gute nacht!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lazy Me

i have mornin class.i realize i didnt do my morning prayer for quite a long time..darnnn itttt~ i hope im goin to wake up 6.30am tmrw to do my subuh prayer..huishhh~ devils are everywhere to distract us.

so my quincy jr. when nuts.its my hp btw.i woke in d morn n found out my keypad lights and cam lights r on but nuthin on the screen.i guess quincy had a heart attack. so i searchd in d internet bout this,n they askd me to update my i downloadd the update service. then when i was downloadin the internet connection...urghhhh! im usin broadband n it has a limit of 5GB! suddenly when it was about 40%,the connection *piak*.dc. dammit.

the guys askd the gals in our group to join them 'beraktivi sihat' LOL at the sports center.too badd its 3pm n its BURNING out there n u expect us to walk not gonna let the rays burn my skin bebeyh~ if its at night then ok la. 3pm! gila ka? the guys book the whole sports center.LOL.i dont whether its true or not but they said so.i need to workout.dammnn.i have tummy.goshhh.i cant even do 60 situp..shite. what i'v done to myself!!???

its hot right now.i can feel the heat.of speakin of heat makes me think bout burberry the gonna buy that perfume one still thinkin whether i shud go out this weeken or nope..hurmm..gute nacht! XD

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


im so sorry i didnt blog for bout a week :))) gomen there's so many things happen lastweek

snowy died~ :'((( i cant blieve he's dead..when i was eatin my breakfast.i recall back the way he lay helplessly on the grass *sob* even when i write this,my eyes are watery..on saturday night,he didnt come back home.the next morning we thought someone has taken him but BUT when my parents went to buy stuff they saw snowy..*sob*..near my house post..he was bitten by a dad said it might b a big snake coz when he saw the bitten part is kinda big..

*change topic* since i dont want my friend ask why im crying.

wee! hehe the gals cafe hav two new shops.i love the middle one! LOL the aunty is so friendly.on monday,i buy my breakfst there,s'pore fried bihun..LOV it..then today at 6,after my maths class.the class suppose to end at 6 but Sir Goh end at 5!! ahaaa oh back to my makan story.i ate chicken chop..ahahaha i calld it economy chicken chop.ahahaha bcoz it cost me rm4.50 and wat do u expect for a rm4.50 chicken chop..the size is like a fish filet/fish& two slices of the chic-filet.then coleslaw.lov it.then fries. ok laaa..eatable.quite nice

ouuu did i tell u what is my mini project for semester 3??? ahaaa a SHOE DRYER.i discuss wif Ms. Eliza n she scared our project can achieve wat we want.wth. Ms im sure the shoe will dry when put it in the dryer.. our plan B is to build an auto jack/lever.u know hydraulic jack? yes that thing.the diff is its auto.suitable for the ladiesss :)) plan C is to create a product that can nudge when the water in the bathtub is full :)))) i lov this bcoz its sooo easy to create :D

sooo i have to choose which plan by saturday,since i have to do a proposal bout it.*sigh* do comment in my chatterbox yaa

i feel like i want to buy will b easy to just slip on a pair of crocsy n off we go to class :D no need to wear socks.*sigh* im so into crocs disney beach adult :) i want my crocsy to have the disney kawaiii

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mamak Mee Goreng

thats my dinnerrrr~ the last time i had mamak mee here is like last year n it doesnt taste nice...but this timeeee..i duno wat made me order that n it taste aweeesomee.. LOL... i ate with Jo and long didnt eat together with them.

so todayyyy english class has been me Ija Fatihah and Mufidah went to cimb bank to bank in their check.its my first time i went to warta.its like greentown mall in ipoh but smaller and more crowded..dammmnnn fatihah's fren,which is a guy,who drive the car.he drive like a mad personnnnnn~~ i dun wanna experience it nymore. dasyattt la i tell u..kalah John(my classmate)..back to my purpose of saying english class has been when my class canceld,i hav to stay in my room..the problem is ITS so HOT in here!!! but BUT the god loves me so much,therefore he rains the earth.woalahhh~ so here is one advice,advice for today: God Is Watching U

:)))))) sooo i hav german test tisch is table,stuhl is chair,sessal is one seated sofa,dusche is shower,badewanne is bathtub,wohnzimmer is living room,elektroherd is stove..grun is green,blau is blue,grau grey,schwarz is black,gelb yellow

gegenteil is opposite.opposite of; schon(beautiful) is hasslich(ugly),billig(cheap) is teuer(xpensive),schmal(narrow) is breit(wide),jung(young) is alt(old),lang(long) is kurz(short),leicht(easy) is schwer(hard),dick(its THICK lol) is dunn(thin),seltsam(normal) is niedrig(weird),sauber(clean) is schmutzig(dirty)......

i tink dats enuff for the german lesson.ahaa!damn thirsty..i cant wait to be home!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mr. Not Awesome

i only ate bread for lunch and i askd mr awesome to buy me food but he said askd mcd to dun do delivery here.i duno why the HELL they dun deliver here.idiot. then he said cafe.. *angsty* why i didnt THINK of that..sheeeshh..the fact ryte now im lazy to drag my ass out! guys r sooo...shessshhh..

so u'r not awesome at all!!!! im gonna call u mr. NOT awesome! and my fren r callin hers mr wolf..LOL..this is funny.. so i was like,mr wolf sounds do u knw he's wild on bed AHAHAHAHAHAHA shite. ok i think i hav crappin disease ryte now coz im angry and hungry..dammit..rachel is at the ukm komuter station,she said she can only buy BURGER faster fly starvinnnngggg..

cant wait for sumthin *wink* LOL sudenly talk bout 'sumthin'.aha! im not gona spit out until i get my hands on the 'sumthin'.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

ck wallet for Dady?

i feel like buyin my dad a new i searchd in a man that sells ck wallet set frm US.but BUT he sold it to another guy by hand.darnnnn it. then i go to lyn.found the exact ck him/her.he said i was like quickly reply him back SEND ME THE PAYMENT DTAILS!!! but he went offline.DAMNNNN ITTT.. u better read my bloody IM and RESERVED that ck wallet for me!

so today i just knew that theres a train frm kajang to ipoh.*sigh* why kajang??why no UKM i went to kajang by just one i paid rm1 for that.then i went to nilai.ahaaaaa.i feel like goin to mydin.i wanted to buy YEE MEE but theres no yee mee there.blooody i bought nesvita,white bread n peanut butter and lunch today was white bread and peanut butter wif jelly.sulkin for not havin my yee mee.sheeesshhhh~

nextime i will go to the mines.mines hav sure SURE giant will hav yee mee.besides that the mines has new outlets.theres SUPERHEROES shop(im goin to buy one tee frm there one day!) theres marvelous Carls Jr. their burger is like superdooooperrr *droooolin* starbucks subway crocs

back to the story.after nilai i went back to UKM.phewhhh. and i hav my MENSTRUAL CYCLE todayyyyy..weeee! i was waiting for it since.....last month..

i hope i get to buy that ck comes with a ck key chain.i lov the key chain actually.LOL.gtg.i was suppose to do my english essay draft but end up lookin for more mens' wallet.ahaaa. gute nacht!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Change my font type

Yesterday me eija faeza and kak calld her kak dah.ahahahaha.v rent a viva car just to find assam first we went to a gerai  which is infront of the hitachi factory but it was we went round bangi.we  get lost.but we manage to keep on track.then lastly went to kajang.then we saw Restaurant Mak Cik was sooo funny cz everyone was like LOL..ahaha..lastly we end up in kajang’s pasar mlm.*sigh* thankgod theres assam laksa there.only one shop is sellin that in d pasar mlm.
So we ate at the gals’ cafĂ©.we askd for bowls,then we startd eatin.i ate my bihun soup first.its okkk smell of the beef at all.not enuff spices.then with my laksa.first mouth I was like ‘wat is thisssss?’ doesn’t taste like laksa at alllll.isk! better than the one in ipoh which in my dad’s camp.ahaaaaaaa..
I helpd my roommate wif her digital system presentation.she has to create a logic circuit which the output is 1 when ONLY two from a,b,c is 1 and the last is 0. Damn! Its hard. I haven’t learnd digital system but I hav prerequisite for that subject that’s y I knw how to create a logic circuit. Wait! I think I just got a clue while im writing..hurmm..
i hav class at two.german n maths.gtg.goin to post another one tonight.mayb

Monday, March 1, 2010


its sunday i feel the sun the sun today LOL my god,tsunami hits japan,n d earthquake is like in chile. God save the innocent. i had maggi for my lunch coz d cafe is close on sunday. i watch Inkheart. it was ok but abit confused at the end when Mo tried to send back the guy(blonde curly hair,i forgot his name),i thought he can only poppd out did he send him back.idk.

oh my dinner is filet o fish.bought by...u knw who..i promised not to write his name here nymore.LOL.he was sooo scared sumone might read my blog n wolahhh~ gossips all around gmi.ahaha.not many ppl knw my blog laa :P n he chose filet o fish n ribena n lembik fries :DDD

im listenin to bach now. Johann Sebastian his musics.especially Ave Maria. n its true the most relaxin classical music is air on the g string.

my legs r in pain.i dun know why.mayb i sit for a long much sittin makes my leg cramp n muscle pain.arghhh. thank god i hav deep rub oinment.i remmber i askd Adriene bout d oinment.phewhhh~ i can feel d hotness right now.aaahhh better.i gtg.good night.gute nacht