Saturday, February 27, 2010

i know this will come *wink*

my sis commentd on my status sayin 'dont trust guys easily........' i know i know i may hav been out of my mind for a while.wat am i thinkin going out alone with a guy..sheesh~ bcz of dat my mum cant sleeps soundly. wat kind of daughter i am ryte now for makin my mom tak tidur lena.isk!

i know this will happen.i told everythg happen to me here.i dont know why i did i stupid?i dont know. wat happens if i didnt tell my stories here? i think no one is goin to advise wat i'v done wrong.true o not? OH! perseus in wikipedia, is ZEUS's son,not poseidon.aik! he's the one that killd..armm..wats her name..madura? damn i forgot.the lady wif d snakes hair n can turn ppl into stones. ITS MEDUSA..ahahah madura.LOL

i wanna be pro in playin O2 mania.LOL.i lov to watch syamim playin it.he was soooo cool.dammnn,i wanna be like him.V3 songs in my mind.ahaaa

*everythin dat u feel,is everything that i feel* its just d song's lyrics m listenin ryte maksud tersirat

Friday, February 26, 2010

Take ija wif me

i was suppose to hangout with PEANUT(syafinaz) my srawak's fren but she has plan wif her fmly. its ok Pnut,if i were u,i will do the same which is hangin out wif my fmly rather than my frens *wink*

i cant go out wif a guy alone.or cant date.i gotta bring sumone wif me,mayb eija.bwahahaha eija will b our waiter when we date.LOL.that was a totally stupid joke.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Perseus son of Poseidon

i watchd the lightning thief yestrday in was great! i lov the movie cz i like history.well not sejarah was all startd when i said to farhan that i didnt go to cinema n that time it was 7pm.n he said lets go now.n i was like..???? now?? he askd to chck d show time on9,and percy jackson is at whn i read his sms sayin now quickly i grab my bottoms,change my tee,put on my giordano cardign(it was purple n grey)

we arrived at 7.57pm.then i said usually d movi will start 10mins after but he said thats usually blablabla :P
we thought there will b less ppl but BUT thankgod it wsnt full.d only seats left is the first front we chose the third line.dammmmnn d screen was soo near n i had headache ryte after watchin d mov. ahahha but overal it was great.mayb im goin to watch it again.ahaha bcz i lov all those kind of things,poseidon zeus hades athena persephone :)))))

i hav eet test next week.3chapters r coming out.gtg! mayb im goin to read my english handout :DDD

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


ahaaa..gmi will b university college by this year.i wonder when but i think june. :))) there will be 16 16 diploma courses.damn! thats alot.i wonder wats d courses.then there will b 2 degree course which is EE( electrical electronics) and mechatronics..oh! in EE,there will b a subject on RENEWABLE POWER.dats a veryyy strong subject.oh god i cant wait to learn bout it.all the syllabus will b same as in germany's U.well a certain U.thenn right now there's thousands of company that hav strings with GMI.n the selectd company r goin to build their lab here in gmi.coooooll~ there will also b a twinning prog. but i duno much bout that.oh! the degree intake might b open next year..soon is next year la.. aww this makes me wanna study here instead of in germany.damnn~

i skippd my soooo hungry ryte now..isk! me n farhan are still smsing.we r arguing,but he will always win *white flag* *kena booo~* *surrender* ahaaaaa.oh damnn! i playd tap tap revenge with him n i LOST wth dats supose to be..ahahah *change topic*

ouuuu i'v orderd stuffs was so fun to order sumthin thats not in m'sia.LOL.n eija said our check for mara loan..mayb..MAYB they'l giv us on may..MAY??? why sooo long :)))))))

i hav plannd to meet pnut this friday..cant wait to see long didnt meet her..she'l bring me to sungei wang.. never been there n thankgod theres pnut that goin to bring me there if not i will never step foot there.aahahha..ok thats just not so true LOL

*did i ever come across ur mind*

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

love is in the air

i cant stop smiling...

aha! LOL *still smiles* well it was my first "outing" wif a guy.only me n him.ahahaha so-calld-outing
:DDD v had dinner in nando's..damn the chicken is sooo hugee.i didnt finishd my fries.ahaaa. i said i hav issues wif tall attracted to tall guys.i duno whyyyy..sheeshh~ but it was GREAT! i like him. he's funny. wat else. it just that im afraid he doesnt like me.LOL. well we'll c that later.ahaha.

i have this complicated c++ program exercise.dammnnn it was hardd.. oh! i ate spagetti for branch( i learnd that word from him!)ahaha bcoz i seldom use that word.its good to hav someone tat can improve my bad at findings suitable words when im talkin.n lack of confident makes me swallow my words which sometimes makes me havinn problem wif my pronunciation..*sigh* but i like himmmmmm :)))))))

k i better stop now. :DDDDD ahaaaa! nacht! :)))) 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

need a booster

shud i get a broadbd?? idk.i think i shud wait after sem2 since im havin problems wif my xtrmely hard subjects. mayb im makin it hard,i dont know.urghh i need a counselor to change my mindset
*i can cope quite well if i GET the PROPER handout n a GOOOOOD teacher to teach me*

dis comin thursday,im havin my club's registration sure its goin to b boringgggg :))))) im incharge at 9 till 11..oh gosh,i didnt tell Eija bout it. shitage. she didnt go to d meetin just dare u left me alone :((((( hahah i wonder will there b students at that time.idk.our college doesnt make curriculum a must unless u'r applyin a scholarship n u need to fill up the curriculum part..hee! im doin the 'fun facts' or 'do you know facts'..thank god i chose that.. n i cant think of any decor for our booth since i cant imagine wat will our booth look lyk..

bloody atm machine didnt work when im about to transfer some greens..dammit..oh talkin bout greens.i loathe greens.i heart greens.GREEN is the new pink.LOL. y green? i dont know *wink* u know who u r :))))

 i need to choose which facts im goin to display.i gtg.oh it 0000.tepat pada masanya :) later!