Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kegemukan Melanda soooo sory! i didnt blog for 2 WEEKS! i was busy at home playin...urmm..the internet?? heee! i tried to post but i couldnt coz my internet line cacated so i just skip skip skip POOF! 2weeks didnt blog.

i bought all the stuff needed for next semester.alhamdulillah.. im goin to cary a tool box!! wat the fuck ryte..damnnn..thank god its not heavy.then i alterd my red skinny jeans!cant wait to wear it.. uncle vincent's family gav me a book,correction interestin n funny book, as christmas present.i love it! thank youu~ n one more,surely will happen if im stayin tooo long in my house.i put on weight. A LOT of weight! im really need to go on diet when im in college :))))

i hangout wif my fabulous frens just now,ridhayah n steph.steph drove the was a very short outing as ridhayah's uncle is in steph hav to drive her home.steph is sooo sweet to giv us a ride *wink* it was an hour huh??!! hahaha..but im really glad to meet them.thank god i manage to drag my ass out of my house.i was sooo lazy n i almost didnt want to step foot outside.

oh god! u all have to buy Lady Gaga The Fame Monster was great,all the great songs are there.besides her,ADAM LAMBERT for ur entertainment..oh gosh! the two albums are terrific! brilliant! u wont regret buyin those incredible albums..

im goin back to bangi on the 10th of january *sigh* so fast~ but i cant wait to get my result..weeeee! hopefully i'l get 4 flat *crossing fingers* insyaAllah~

gtg.i want to check my farmville :D the superman started a conversation?weird? nope. *wink*

Monday, December 14, 2009


weee! i goin back to ipoh tomorow's evening..yeehaaaa! im studyin my physics now.eija was suppose to take her broadbd by now but she didnt so i decided to blog.. thank u so much eija for lendin me ur broadbd..her broadbd with me for the whole weekend.LOL.she forgot to take it before she went to johor.. i dont whether im writing this properly o not cause im scared eija might pop up anytime n i hav to giv her broadbd straight away.
soooorryy eijjaa
she was sooo sweet coz she said she seldom use the net so i dont hav to feel guilty for keepin her broadbd for a long time..awwwww...

i gtg..babai.i hope i spend my a month holidays properly

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Totally Molly Spicy Fried Rice

ouuu, usual at 6.30..right after my subuh prayer i studied physics for an hour then went back snoozing..hehe..i slept till 10..continue study till 11.30,then do my laundry..n i shower at 1.30!! o my late dowhh..dahsyat.

i download christmas songs for Rachel,my roomate.she wants christmas songs so i download la..oh,i love hack! d herald angels sing and and O come all ye faithful(jesus u'r all i live for)songs..uhh! im into lady gaga-bad romance song.i love the chorus part.

i cookd for lunch! :)) just a simple nasi goreng la.first i  put oil,then i put ikan masin ( since there's ikan masin ) n garlic..then pour in d rice.while i was trying to stir upside down the rice,some of the..wait..only a bit fell down..well! the wok is just soo small.its hard for to stir d rice properly..n i burnd my right thumb! it was painful!damnnnnn..oh,n my friend,jo.put 8 cili padi in my great-friedrice but it turnd into spicy luckily-eatable-friedrice..wwwery spicy..sighhh..i told her that the cili is superbly hot,but she dont want to listen to me... then lastly me the only one can tahan the spicyness of the friedrice..i can tahan pedas,jo n rachel cant take tooo spicy food..ahahah.. she(jo) regret it till now..ahahaha..

after lunch we make air limau since we hav limau :))) while drinkin we talkd bout food.lai chi kang la,lepat pisang la,bubur kacang la,pindang or pendang,potato curry,spagetti..LOL..all those are the menus for next sem..LOL..i really miss eatin lepat pisang.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Vampire or The Guy?

[he's a vampire. intended to save Bella but too late coz Edward saves her first then he plans to save me..but..there's a traffic jam which makes me wait..while im waiting there's another guy,surely there will b a guy right??who knows im in trouble and im waiting and he is willing to help me with all his heart..but i was expecting the vampire..sadly,the vampire said let the guy saves me. what do u suggest? shud i let myself be saved by the guy and accept the fact that he(the vampire) is just not into me or wait for the vampire to come and saves me even i have to wait for a very long time?]

i dont have exams today...but i woke up early todayy,at 6.30am to do my prayer.then go to d cafe to buy my lunch..then at around 3,me jo and rachel went to the Admin to sign our invoice for Mara loan..there's a shootin in my campus!! O M G!! its a series that is goin to replace Nur Kasih,well thats the staff there tellin me this..i think its Dunia Baru.idk.rachel n jo said so coz they recognize the actor in Dunia Baru and saw them just now..damnn i didnt remmber actors in Dunia Baru..but there's no Piere Andre! but there's mini cooper n golf,both red in colour in d porch of d Admin..wee! i hope my college will b famous after they publish d series LOL cant wait to know wat its all sure they'r goin to speak german! i think it is bcoz my college is turnin into university college next year,thats y they choose GMI.i think so!

n d weather..again..well,no need to tell..OH! talkin bout weather reminds me of a very embarrassed moment on the way to Admin..first i was holding the umbrella,then i passd it to jo.then there's a very strong wind which makes the umbrella to flip over n the three of us scream ..well not a very loud one,im sure..but it was sooo embarrass coz there's a couple of groups studyin in d cafe n d three of us suddnely shout for a very stupid reason..then jo accidently stepped on the umbrella while we were laughin coz we scream n d umbrella turnd back to normal..n Rachel quickly grab d umbrella n tried to cover that the three of us r embarrass of wat had happen..LOL..that was funny.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 to go

i just finish my eet was sooo lucky of me to answer the whole question without crackin my head hard..phewhh..i lov my eet miss,which is Miss Erlina..she's sooo kind to give us questions n make us understd every single thing that might come out in the exam..LOVE U!! so 2 more test,german n physics which is next week..after that,i cant wait to be home!

n my bloody solidwork project hav to submit today,n the lab computers contain extremely dangerous virus which make the printing job difficult for us because the printin shop cant even detect a bloody filesss..urghh! screw u viruses! thank god the files in daniel's pendrive can we curi his works.LOL

thats the parfum i smells soooooo gud..DON'T BUY IT!  =P
hurmmm..which makes me want to buy the latest 212sexy women..heee!

and the weather..god..its like soo damn hot..dahsyat the weather.panas terik...oh i got to go..i need to take my bath..n think wats for dinner..LOL..roti canai?nasi goreng kampung?nasi bujang! :))))

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

20/30 is not enough!!

oh god! my technical drawing test just over n i got 20/ sooo not satisfied! she cut my10marks on dimension.wth la.come onnn.its just a number.n i crack my head on that part alot! huishhhh! geramm laa..

so long i didnt lazy actually..heee..well 1st i dont know what to write life is boring..wait! ouuuu,i bought a red skinny from forever 21..that shop arrr hide the skinny,lucky my eyes catch it..LOL..i really love it.cant wait to be back so can alter the short maaa,the skinny so long.. :(

n there's this company name FLIPPO doin some  promotion. its their software that need internet to send/call ppl wif maxis/dg/celcom/etc cheap..haiyaa~ if free wifi here then i register ehhh..n need to pay rm160...blablabla..pity that guy,im doin my so-calld-interested-face cause im way tooo early for my class so i thought i can buangkan masa sikit..lastly i said i ask my dad first Thank youuuu~ :)))

ouuu i ate guava just nowww.. :) so long i didnt eat fruits here :( n im the only one knows why :( k,gtg.need to fertilize my friends farm.LOL.pray for my finals!