Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kegemukan Melanda soooo sory! i didnt blog for 2 WEEKS! i was busy at home playin...urmm..the internet?? heee! i tried to post but i couldnt coz my internet line cacated so i just skip skip skip POOF! 2weeks didnt blog.

i bought all the stuff needed for next semester.alhamdulillah.. im goin to cary a tool box!! wat the fuck ryte..damnnn..thank god its not heavy.then i alterd my red skinny jeans!cant wait to wear it.. uncle vincent's family gav me a book,correction interestin n funny book, as christmas present.i love it! thank youu~ n one more,surely will happen if im stayin tooo long in my house.i put on weight. A LOT of weight! im really need to go on diet when im in college :))))

i hangout wif my fabulous frens just now,ridhayah n steph.steph drove the was a very short outing as ridhayah's uncle is in steph hav to drive her home.steph is sooo sweet to giv us a ride *wink* it was an hour huh??!! hahaha..but im really glad to meet them.thank god i manage to drag my ass out of my house.i was sooo lazy n i almost didnt want to step foot outside.

oh god! u all have to buy Lady Gaga The Fame Monster was great,all the great songs are there.besides her,ADAM LAMBERT for ur entertainment..oh gosh! the two albums are terrific! brilliant! u wont regret buyin those incredible albums..

im goin back to bangi on the 10th of january *sigh* so fast~ but i cant wait to get my result..weeeee! hopefully i'l get 4 flat *crossing fingers* insyaAllah~

gtg.i want to check my farmville :D the superman started a conversation?weird? nope. *wink*

Monday, December 14, 2009


weee! i goin back to ipoh tomorow's evening..yeehaaaa! im studyin my physics now.eija was suppose to take her broadbd by now but she didnt so i decided to blog.. thank u so much eija for lendin me ur broadbd..her broadbd with me for the whole weekend.LOL.she forgot to take it before she went to johor.. i dont whether im writing this properly o not cause im scared eija might pop up anytime n i hav to giv her broadbd straight away.
soooorryy eijjaa
she was sooo sweet coz she said she seldom use the net so i dont hav to feel guilty for keepin her broadbd for a long time..awwwww...

i gtg..babai.i hope i spend my a month holidays properly

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Totally Molly Spicy Fried Rice

ouuu, usual at 6.30..right after my subuh prayer i studied physics for an hour then went back snoozing..hehe..i slept till 10..continue study till 11.30,then do my laundry..n i shower at 1.30!! o my late dowhh..dahsyat.

i download christmas songs for Rachel,my roomate.she wants christmas songs so i download la..oh,i love hack! d herald angels sing and and O come all ye faithful(jesus u'r all i live for)songs..uhh! im into lady gaga-bad romance song.i love the chorus part.

i cookd for lunch! :)) just a simple nasi goreng la.first i  put oil,then i put ikan masin ( since there's ikan masin ) n garlic..then pour in d rice.while i was trying to stir upside down the rice,some of the..wait..only a bit fell down..well! the wok is just soo small.its hard for to stir d rice properly..n i burnd my right thumb! it was painful!damnnnnn..oh,n my friend,jo.put 8 cili padi in my great-friedrice but it turnd into spicy luckily-eatable-friedrice..wwwery spicy..sighhh..i told her that the cili is superbly hot,but she dont want to listen to me... then lastly me the only one can tahan the spicyness of the friedrice..i can tahan pedas,jo n rachel cant take tooo spicy food..ahahah.. she(jo) regret it till now..ahahaha..

after lunch we make air limau since we hav limau :))) while drinkin we talkd bout food.lai chi kang la,lepat pisang la,bubur kacang la,pindang or pendang,potato curry,spagetti..LOL..all those are the menus for next sem..LOL..i really miss eatin lepat pisang.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Vampire or The Guy?

[he's a vampire. intended to save Bella but too late coz Edward saves her first then he plans to save me..but..there's a traffic jam which makes me wait..while im waiting there's another guy,surely there will b a guy right??who knows im in trouble and im waiting and he is willing to help me with all his heart..but i was expecting the vampire..sadly,the vampire said let the guy saves me. what do u suggest? shud i let myself be saved by the guy and accept the fact that he(the vampire) is just not into me or wait for the vampire to come and saves me even i have to wait for a very long time?]

i dont have exams today...but i woke up early todayy,at 6.30am to do my prayer.then go to d cafe to buy my lunch..then at around 3,me jo and rachel went to the Admin to sign our invoice for Mara loan..there's a shootin in my campus!! O M G!! its a series that is goin to replace Nur Kasih,well thats the staff there tellin me this..i think its Dunia Baru.idk.rachel n jo said so coz they recognize the actor in Dunia Baru and saw them just now..damnn i didnt remmber actors in Dunia Baru..but there's no Piere Andre! but there's mini cooper n golf,both red in colour in d porch of d Admin..wee! i hope my college will b famous after they publish d series LOL cant wait to know wat its all sure they'r goin to speak german! i think it is bcoz my college is turnin into university college next year,thats y they choose GMI.i think so!

n d weather..again..well,no need to tell..OH! talkin bout weather reminds me of a very embarrassed moment on the way to Admin..first i was holding the umbrella,then i passd it to jo.then there's a very strong wind which makes the umbrella to flip over n the three of us scream ..well not a very loud one,im sure..but it was sooo embarrass coz there's a couple of groups studyin in d cafe n d three of us suddnely shout for a very stupid reason..then jo accidently stepped on the umbrella while we were laughin coz we scream n d umbrella turnd back to normal..n Rachel quickly grab d umbrella n tried to cover that the three of us r embarrass of wat had happen..LOL..that was funny.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2 to go

i just finish my eet was sooo lucky of me to answer the whole question without crackin my head hard..phewhh..i lov my eet miss,which is Miss Erlina..she's sooo kind to give us questions n make us understd every single thing that might come out in the exam..LOVE U!! so 2 more test,german n physics which is next week..after that,i cant wait to be home!

n my bloody solidwork project hav to submit today,n the lab computers contain extremely dangerous virus which make the printing job difficult for us because the printin shop cant even detect a bloody filesss..urghh! screw u viruses! thank god the files in daniel's pendrive can we curi his works.LOL

thats the parfum i smells soooooo gud..DON'T BUY IT!  =P
hurmmm..which makes me want to buy the latest 212sexy women..heee!

and the weather..god..its like soo damn hot..dahsyat the weather.panas terik...oh i got to go..i need to take my bath..n think wats for dinner..LOL..roti canai?nasi goreng kampung?nasi bujang! :))))

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

20/30 is not enough!!

oh god! my technical drawing test just over n i got 20/ sooo not satisfied! she cut my10marks on dimension.wth la.come onnn.its just a number.n i crack my head on that part alot! huishhhh! geramm laa..

so long i didnt lazy actually..heee..well 1st i dont know what to write life is boring..wait! ouuuu,i bought a red skinny from forever 21..that shop arrr hide the skinny,lucky my eyes catch it..LOL..i really love it.cant wait to be back so can alter the short maaa,the skinny so long.. :(

n there's this company name FLIPPO doin some  promotion. its their software that need internet to send/call ppl wif maxis/dg/celcom/etc cheap..haiyaa~ if free wifi here then i register ehhh..n need to pay rm160...blablabla..pity that guy,im doin my so-calld-interested-face cause im way tooo early for my class so i thought i can buangkan masa sikit..lastly i said i ask my dad first Thank youuuu~ :)))

ouuu i ate guava just nowww.. :) so long i didnt eat fruits here :( n im the only one knows why :( k,gtg.need to fertilize my friends farm.LOL.pray for my finals!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

nothing to do

oh god! so damnnn bored in my cubicle..5days without class can really make the most boring day in my life.. shessshhh..i miss my tec class,i miss doin solidwork..haizz..cannot blame her oso,she's takin her master..

wee! i cant wait to be home.i'll be home on tuesday evening ( insyaALLAH)..i have to complete my MARA form.AGAIN..darnnnn,why do they need soo many thingss..but for money,i'll do watever they want.LOL. i have 2 test tomorow,maths n cit.oh! i listen to Muse songs this morning,some is metal some is not but i really enjoy listen to their emo voice in the songs..i listen till cool is that??? LOL.

i watchd papadom in Ija's room lastnyte..she cried! awwww,she's soo sweet..its a very funny movie but i dun reallly like the way liyana's acting..soo gedik.LOL.mayb thats her character in d movie but i really like Scha (i dunno her fullname,act in awan dania if not mistaken).she's not her in the movie was funny when she's like that..ahahha..

oh,in the MARA form they ask for pesuruhjaya sumpah..WTH.ahahha.then there's 4 stem needed n they cost rm10 each.need to get signature la,penjamin la..*sigh* i hope they r goin to make it simple for next next year..

im hungry.the roti canai stall havent get ready wif his flour just end up wif maggi.*sigh* i thought i want to cook my mushroom soup wif pasta but lazy.the weather make me! lol..i gtg..oh i love my farm i farmvile right now.u shud see

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

approx. 26 degree celcius now

its raining season nowadays n i hate it when i cant dry my laundry..huishhh..but i like the coldnessssss..hee!

oh,yesterday i hav english presentation on seismic buildings..damnn! i hate it coz someone is sooo late n bcoz of that we hav less time to prsent.huishhhh.which makes our presentation..urrghhh..forger bout it.its over btw.and then on monday,we were suppose to hav 3tests but CIT has been canceld due to the majority who wantd to do it next week.shit-age.u studied sooo hard then u wana postpone it?? wat the bloody hell! OH! mayb u all didnt study n im the only one that studied sooo bozo.then german test on tuesday,it was okay iguess..abit confusing.

i'v changed my OS of my lappy.changed to windows 7 bcoz vista is damn slowww.n i bought kaspersky internet security 2010 for ryte?? LOL..i was supposed to meet my friends in seremban today but i was sooooo...lazy.well the weather made me i colddd.its the best time to spend time alone..LOL.

i cant wait to be free till sunday,there's no class today and tomorrow n d day after tomorow..*sobs* but i hope i'l spend that time to study coz my final is on the 7th of december..i CANT sleep last night.wait i slept at 12.30am then i awake at 3.20am.n i tried sooo hard to get back to dreamland but never step on it for an hour.wat the heck.

sooo coldddd..i gtg.i need to do my prayer.later!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Craving for Canai

oh,i hav 3 test tomorow. *sigh* maths,physics and CIT.n after cit test,mayb MAYB there will b presentation,hopefully no.arghhhhh.cit is like history.u hav to read lotsa nonsense n keep them in ur head eventhough its nonsense..huishhhh.bad karma.i cant say that,i might fail in that subject *touch wood*

my back hurts.i sit for long time.again.ouchhhhhh.oh! i finally manage to cook my mushroom soup yesterday.i ate it wif pasta.i lov pasta.i really lazy wanna cook it bcoz i dont hav a tin opener so i hav to drag my leg to d cafe which is 'quite farrrr'..ahahaha.somtimes waitin for the elevator takes so much time.hee!

im craving for roti canai now.i really thought the shop will open till the time i went down,he said he's cleanin up.. *sobs* so i end up wif rice.haizzzzz.but BUT when my roomate went downstairs she textd me 'roti canai ada laaaa' urghhhhhhh! im sooo goin to buy a grenade.huishhhhh.i was sooo craving for could u do that to's not wise..LOL..i guess a lot of demand,thats why the fella carry on his business..

i loathe the weather cold..oh! twilight! next week! waaaaaa!! eija's goin to make a reservations..wipppeee!! i tried to download GG season 3 but it says my IP address is downloadin somthing.WTH! there's no 'somthing'! haiyooo.. but i think its better if i didnt get to download it.if not...i will not study.LOL.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nasi Bujang? not bad

damnn.i hav lotsa assignment to do.there's 2 assignment for CIT,an assignmt for english.then got test..aiyaaa! solidwork havent even started..*tension*

i think when im taking my calcium supplemt,my mood of eating increase ~darn it~ i tried 'nasi bujang' just now.i heard Faeza talkd bout it.i was wonderin wat d hell is nasi bujang i manage to try it today,suppose to eat my nasi goreng kampung tonight. wat is nasi bujang? well,its a super saver meal.LOL.its rm3..there's lotsa economy rice(so muchhhhh),a fried egg,soup and a small portion of 'daging masak merah' was ok la,im happy when im full..LOL..but i think im goin to eat that samore some day.

oh,i need to find information on interior assignment is do a report on my own interior design company,where u hav to insert in d organization part,list down all the software n hardware required to run the bussiness.*looong sighhhh* n must use words,excel and access to do this report..

so gtg..wait! i need to write somthin german in here..

wie geht's? : how r u?
wann habe Sie Geburtstag? : When is ur burfday?

today's german class i learn bout food. there's der,die and das.categories for the type of food,its like masculine,feminine,neutral. pizza is under die,apfel(apple) is under der,fleisch(meat)) is under many la n i hav to memorize this bloody shits! urghhhhh!!! saft is juice.LOL.kuchen is cake.birne is pear.pommes frites is fries!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Only Nice Word (^_^)

oh,finally i'd united wif my true hotlink number..LOL..the story starts when i want to hav a secondary number.i bought a hotlink number which is basic that time i dont know there's a better plan for student,which is the youthclub.way cheaper than basic plan.i thought i can change the plan without buyin a new number,n it looks lyk i hav to buy a new number.*sigh* so i bought la a new number which is 017*******.i'd threw my friends out there.harap maklum.

im goin sarawak next week.i dont know wat to buy for my friend, Afzal.she will be the only friend im goin to meet next week coz the others are in Labuan,not in kuching.hmmmm,wat shud i buy for her?any suggestions??

urghhh..Haoyi said there's sooooooo many german words on my u see any??? i think she didnt check my latest post date which is...armmm...not i havent update n fill my blog with german words yet. hahaha.sabar la.patience my dear..LOL..actually i didnt bring my german i will write wat i remmber ya.but i dont learn bad words bad words,only nice,proper words..LOL

but wait.i think i got wrote a bit of german in one of my post.only a common thing like who are u,where do u live. very boring sentence la haoyi.ahaha.. ich liebe dich(dish) i love u in german.i saw that in mcD's plastic bag.hey,i want a tattoo like urs too,,if IF we hangout dont forget to bring the black pen/marker kayy. =)

hurmmm..where shud i meet Afzal..ahahah..i cant wait to step foot on the land of hornbill.. *sighh* thankgos my flight is at night so i need not t  skip my class on that day..phewhhh..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yesterday was Cool!!

oh,thursday night chester calld me.all of sudden.well as usual,at midnight.he said he's goin to bukit bintang on friday.then i said i cant coz i hav work to do.then we end up shopping together on saturday.i was suppose to save money! but but but..urghhhh..alot of temptation..i think im having problem at handling money.i need to consult someone so i can manage my money better.this sounds serious.ahahah..

oh! he bought his guitarrrr!! wee! finally can see him playin live.we sit at the food court n he started serenade..i manage to learn..urmm..wats the name of it..i forgot..something to do wif mute laaa..isk! i totally forgot the name..yes i had a lot of fun yesterday,with my leg totally in pain bcoz i never walk so longgg n my fingers too.

weee! finally i get to eat noodles soup..mmmmmm mmmmm.oh,i ate at old town.i cant blieve my college only sells nasi NASI nasi..tak muak keee?? oh,i hate the food here.but i still eat it to survive..isk! ali's college got mamak la,chinese la..why WHY why my college dont havvv??? =((((

last night,at 11pm,eija invited me to eat pizza at the cafe.well she askd someone to buy it n we eat at d cafe..when we arrivd at the cafe..there was a lot of food..ALOT..there's kfc fries n wedges,n there 2 pan of piza( i think its large),4mushroom soup with breadstick..fuyohhhhh..i eat like a pig last night.LOL.there's 7 of us.i cant blieve i can still eat at that time..

that's why i skip my lunch today.hee! and i think i want to fast tomorow since i havent ganti puasa..hopefully i will fast tomorow~~ n hopefully i will do my 60 sit-up tonight..

Friday, October 23, 2009


...sobs..all my roomate went back home today..left me alone in the room but BUT luckily there's ainaa.thanks ainaa for lending me ur bed for 2 nights.her roomate didnt went back home but she did,so there's me,Biha n Bai here.phewhhhh....

wee! i did my english essay on buildings in seismic area.well i havent done yet but at least i'v started sumthin..

i actually hav nothin to write about...wait..i watch gossip girls just now.ahaha..well not the latest season but the 2nd season..i hate chuck! when blair likes him,he dont like her..when chuck likes blair,she pulak dont want him.. get over it~ *sigh* then Rufus n Lily is together,izzit ok Dan n Serena to be together? well,for me its ok ryte.they'r not from the same dad....wait...i guessss sooo..wait..CORRECT ME GOSSIPGIRLS HEAD~~ i wantd to be gossipgirl head but i time.

i gtg..i have to study.i hav lotsa formula to memorize.n i have lotsa theory to understd.i love my subject.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


oh,i had my CIT test just wasssss ok.ahaha.i wanted to cheat but i cant...*sigh* the notes is just under the table i did flip the pages but cant seems to get the info that i wanted.damnnn..

ouuu,i just realized aaron is in my facebook.i thought aaron was an old lady cause i didnt see his picture properly..*sigh* sorry! ahaha..i shud have ask daniel earlier who is aaron...

weee! i tried paintball last was awesomeeeeee.i didnt get sisters n daddy get hit,me none.nada.LOL.thankgod i didnt,if not will blueblack like my sister's..

damnn yesterday was not me...i ate char kuey teow for breakfast, economy rice wif chicken sup n vege for lunch,and NASI LEMAK for dinner..wat the heck! i never buy nasi lemak.i mean i tell myself not to devour any nasi lemak except my mom's nasi lemak but but but.... =((((  waaaaaaaa...

i starving..LOL..i wanna hav my dinner.gtg.xoxo

Friday, October 16, 2009

weird day

im homeee! wee!

story in da train.i enter the train n run my eyes lookin for my sit.then i saw my sit but there's two indian lady standin beside my sit.i ask POLITELY 'oh,r u sittin at 5C?' as polite as i could n as english accent as i could then one of the lady,which is the thin lady.the other one is a bit..well..big..she said 'cant u read that (pointin at 6b/6c)' and i didnt get the point at i look at the sign 6b/6c then i look at her.n i give her way coz she bought a hugeeeeee bag..then only that time.i get her point! so i replied of coz i can read! i make faces and did my head.. WATS WRONG WIF HER LA?? i just want to know who sits beside me.thats all! weird indian bitch. thankgod she's not sittin beside me. i tink the other girl with her doesnt related to her coz she also malu wif her attitude..ahaaaaa! stupid! baka. lucky i didnt act bitchy there.i might just say 'r u blind or im blind or u'r just sooooo stupid u cant differentiate between a normal person n a blind person.' damnn i shud hav said that.ahaaaaa

i want to apologize to my sister amy.i was suppose to buy her scaft ( she wants chuck bass look alike scaft ) i told her at sentral,there's a shop that sells lotsa scarf.i search for it at first floor(or izzit 2nd floor,idk la) but forgot to search at the ground floor.mayb they change the positon.haizzzzzz..

my mum cookd leek quiche!! wee! i love quiche! it was fantastic! its sooo easy to make.. damnnn my whole body in pain coz i playd badminton n basketball last night.i didnt warm-up im in painnn..

there's this guy in fb add me n i approve him coz he's a student of gmi.i askd him do i know u.he replied 'bley gak' wat the heck..i dun get it..weird. lotsa weird stuff happen today. im also actin weird today by taking the 9.30am komuter to sentral,my train to ipoh is at early!

ouuu,i hav test on monday.i hav to print out some notes.its CIT,which stands for computer...armmm..i duno..ahaha.. all i know its deallin wif computer.ahaaaa

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nights in Damansara

im in my aunty house ryte now in damansara height..i arrived yesterday,Aunt Vivien pick us(me and my sister) parents hav a function here thats why they came and stay in Aunt Vivien's mom bought beef curry here,we eat that for dinner last was soooooo delicioussss.. =))

as usual for breakfast here will be..wait..will only be wholemeal bread wif lar,sumtimes popo will cook fried parents left the houz at left the three of us ali n adriene..then Aunt Vivien took us lunch at Pelita in bangsar.near bangsar village..the food there is betterrrrr than in Ipoh..ipoh pelita soooo not nice~

after lunch we walk in a boutique calld 'elo' if not mistaken..the accessories there not bad,some of the handbags there are nice..but their shoes didnt catch my eyes..hee..

then we walk walk walk to go to bangsar supermarket to buy stuff for our dinner..our dinner will be spinach lasagna~~~ yum yum yummmyyyyy.. aunt vivien show me how to cook it just now..its easy n simple.. mum n dad hav dinner tonyte at Renaissanse, i dont know if i spell it long as it has a sound of it..

i hav two presentation next on barcode reader,the other one on metal detector..
*lonnnnggg sighhhhhhhh*
i was suppose to memorize my  points on barcode reader sooo lazyy.. wat a waste.i told aunt vivien i hav assignment n that had stop me from followin them to her daughter ballet class.thea and anais.darn ittt~ i shud hav reply ok just now..haizzzz...

nvm its no use regretin it now..i better off now.i hav lotsa wordsssss to memorize...oh,my electrical test yesterday was ok..and thank u Daniel for the ride to UKM station..
arigato Daniel
pity him.i sit the seat behind so i can changed my shoes and take off my uniformm..sorry danielllll..i didnt mean to treat u like a driver or sumthingg..

i wore my skinny greens yesterday..i lov it sooo much coz it matches my shoes so much..LOL..

darn it..OOFFF now~!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bored CIT Class

ouuuu,i got test tomorowww.german and english..electrical principle test is on friday at 3-5..darnnnit.why do they do it in the evening. SHIT-AGE~ i havent told my parents yet,coz they'r goin to fetch me on maybb afternoon friday..

oh my maths Miss manage to have a class today..she's been abandon us for almost more than a month! other groups has started some new chapter odi..hishhh this miss issss pissing me off. then its physic' Sir Ahmad didnt talk crap alot.hee!

i hav my cit(computer i.t) class at 2-7..soooo damn bored coz we hav to listen to alot of facts. *loooong sighhh*
n i was sittin between Eija and Daniel..eija keep on burping bcoz she got alot of 'angin'.she can easily burp by just massaging her head or huh? then Daniel will make faces evrytime Eija really annoys me coz let her be la,she's haviin a headache..then after a while,daniel BURP.finally! i was waitin for him to burp so i can tease and MAKE faces to him.ahahaha.but he burp once only.hee!

i was sooo hungry during the class *stomach grumbling* i learn to use DOS in! ahahaha..then Miss gav us a assignment. *looong sighhh* another presentation on 'bar code scanner'.well i choose that topic.. mt electrical principle presentation is on thursday.. my group will talk bout metal detector.

i gtg.i hav to study german.deutschland

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Technical Drawing.i LiKE

well,i hav my very first technical drawing class this morning.i berkobar-kobar wake at 6.30,then at 7.30 Eija said the class starts at 8.15am..hishhhh~ so i waited in my room.sit on my chair and doin nuthin.LOL.well i'v kept my lappy since i thought the guy will fix my fan todayyy..but he didnt fix my fan today,he said the fan havent arrived yet. *sigh*

so first class in technical drawing; Miss Rohaya is teachin our group.she's sooo soft spoken,very sopan santun. n its not a boring class.i like her stories bcoz it doesnt make me yawn.she designd/created the interior n exterior part of proton car before..its sooo coollll~ i remmber she said myvi,gen2,savvy,satria neo..COOL mannnn! but now she quit her job cause that job requires a lot of sacrificing in terms of time.a guy suit the job the most.

i drew a few parts this morning,all on my ownnn and managed to finish on time,thanks to eija,she teaches me u eijaajajajaja.. =)))) i think im goin to love this subject.heee!

morning i hav drawing,noon i hav electrical principle..EP now is gettin far i manage to catch up but need more time to think..

ouuu,Ali n Adriene bought a new hp..Adriene 3g me just nowww.heeee! she arrr just 9years old,alraedy hav a 3g phone.dahsyat~ mum askd me to go to Aunt Vivien house next friday..ali and adriene is goin to be there.weeee!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

im FAT (say it malayisch)

i didnt take my lunch..YEASHHH.. heee.. i did my sit-up yesterday.damnn painful without a proper mat on the floor.i need to get one..i only manage to do 50..waaaaa.. usually i do 60,it really shows that im FAT..

im having my CIT class now,its a very borrring class which lotsa fact,listening..*sigh* when will this be over laaa..Daniel who sit beside me is sleeping~ LOL he never sleeps in class.he almost fell from his chair while dozin..ahahaha..then Miss gav us our first task which hav to do with Microsoft Words..only now i knew im sooo dumb in words..welll not so dumb i to highlight my header??watever~ then there's this table i hav to create then there's lotsa dots.its like the content where the topic and page were shown,between the topic and page there's dots.i dunno wats the easiest way to do it,so i ask Miss.she said write it manually which i hav to presssssssssssssssssssss the dot..itsss sooooo annoyinnnnn..ishh!! she shud know ryte~

there's 5 exercises.i'v finish 4.eija was lookin for the 5th paper,but failed.LOL..sumone is hiding..hurmmm..watever.. waaaaa!! everyday my classes end at 7 till thursday.thankgod theres no class on friday.i feel like goin to times square.

i dunno why nowadays im so lazy to revise..uishhhh! i got to do some revision tonight.the past two nights i'd slept early..

i hope the new skincare my mum bought for me will make my skin clear and silkyyyy~ LOL
out for today.tschus.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Break My Fast

ouuu,i slept very early lastnight,at 9.38..hee! n my comforter was not with me for the whole night.
well i ask Nana to send it to dhobi,but she didnt~~ waaaaaa..

my first class has been canceld,i dunno bout it until i arrive in front FRONT of the class.Fatihah already knew it yesterday but didnt inform me and the 3 devils (eija,mufidah and faeza) we went to the cafe.i aws suppose to fast todayyy but the 3devils laa,ask me to eat.huhu.well im hungry at that time i ate kuey teow goreng at the cafe tak sedappppppp~ oh ya,malay kuey teow goreng is the worstt.i duno wat cause the kuey teow to be sour.pelik ryte~~ and the sour is not the basi type of sour,its...i think they put limau in it laaa..haiyooo~ spoil my breakfast~

then i had my physics class.a bit sleepy in the class but i manage to concentrate.then i went to the hostel department to make report bout my house problemm..damnnnn! i tell fan sounds like chicken! i hope they'r goin to fix it todayyy.there's also ants problem but lucky not in my room,its my friends room.

im sleepyy.i ate maggi for lunch,i was sooo lazy wana go down n buy my lunchie~ dats all for todayyy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Steak Pula

my new hair style

mmm mmm..yummy!

sorry didnt upate my blog last night,there was a technical problem. =)) nayhhh the line was down for yesterday,i dont know why.i change the date btw!! (^_^)

ohhh, i didnt eat any fastfood for today which is 25th of september. =D but i ate sterloin steak..weeeheeeee! dad bought the 1inch steak n cookd it for dinner. i ate 1 and a half piece of steakkk!! warghhhhh! immm soooo goin to put on my mass.well there's xtra and Cheche Amy doesnt eat that much,so im the one who gotta eat the most! i wantd my steak to be medium raw so there will a bit of blood,a little raw laa..oh,i loveee a little raw steak! wait they dont calld it that,they call it medium raw..but dad manage to cookd my steak medium cookd..overalllll its deliciousss,scrumptious! mmm mmmm~ LOL

ouuu,i went to the salon..i reborn my hair n cut it short.its like a bob style.then i bought a snow capp!!! i love my snow day im goin to put a picture of it here.just keep on visiting my blog.. ahahaha..

michelle wanted me to join the reunion of my sarawak's friend in sunway pyramid on the 3rd october but BUT i already plan with my Seremban's friends..huhu..i love having sooo many friends,it will keep me occupied..LOL.. we will meet next time Mich! i miss ya tooo!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pizza Pula

i was suppose to get my hair done today but didnt make it becauseeeee..wellll when Dad just back from work,Mum was sulking over they'r not in da good mood,so i dont want to make the air worst.hopefully i can go to the hair salon tomorrow..

weee! at last!! i shud hav askd dad to make the wifi connection as an open access.last few days the connection line will disconnect evry an hour which giv me problem to download my bloody autocad! alhamdulillah now the line is not cacat nymore,i can download my autocad peacefully~~

me and my sisters orderd pizzahut for dinner,Ali said order online but urghhhhh! why izzit sooo hard to register the damn pissed me off so i use the phone.i was about to order the ordinary same old hawaian chicken n pepperoni but when i said hawaian chicken the guy on the line was lyk dun even know there's a hawaian chicken pizza! he mumble sumthin (with his chinese slang) n i heard royal to be sound nice and cool i answer arrr masalaaa~ stupid erika.

then i continue to online coz i know it will take around 30mins for the delivery to arrivd.
tired of waiting.started la to walk back and forth.and finally.FINALLY a vibration from my hp to my hand.its a call CALL.from an unknown number which..of coz will be the delivery boy.answerd it quickly.he askd where is my houz.explain explain explain.then a 2-3 mins later he last, my pizza.most of the delivery person will have a problem looking for my houz but this boy no.he didnt call me for the second time,usually there will be 2 calls.

its the best night to order pizza coz they put lotsa LOTSA cheese in there..yum yum! then my family never NEVER eat royal masala before this will the first. well,the chicken is a bit salty,but i still prefer hawaian chicken. if there's Dominos here in ipoh,i will order Dominossss!! heeeeeeeeeeeeee.. there's still cheese smell at my mouth

ouuuu,i ate fastfood in a row.well it just two days.yesterday was mcd,today pizza.tomorow??kfc.ahhaha.there's no brugerking here,no subway,no A&W wat else.wait there's marrybrown..ahaha..k enuff bout fastfood..

im downloadin a software..i hope it works. *crossing fingers*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Lovely Friends

i had a blast today eventhough i was just talking while walking wif my frens in Jusco..seriously,i was very happy to meet them! there's Stephanie, Priyaa, Ridhayah, Haoyi, Juliet, Nandita, Suhanya and Loshini..its da same old frens i had in convent back then.well wateverr they'r still my friends.its good than not having friends at alll.

Haoyi askd us to meet at 12.30 in coffee bean.then we when to a restaurant calld food&tea ( i fnot mistaken ) and when i wantd to order there's PORK in the menu!! LOL so i decided not to order anything.thankgod i was not hungry at that time so i dun mind just sitting there.dun worry guys! u didnt insult me n i dun feel insultd oso. =)) sumtimes they forgot im a muslim.huhu especially haoyi. =)) well,im used to it already,no worries.

at that time i dunno ridhayah is in ipoh, until she sent me and Steph a and steph n priyaa were scared that she might get angry coz we didnt invite her to our outing..phewwhh,evrything went well when she said she;s also goin to jusco to watch Final Destination.then after 15mins she came and startd la the hugging drama.heee..
then we were suppose to watch moviess but all of the movies r fullll.damn~

so we just walk walk, talk talk, stand in the middle of the path and chat..ahaha..then losh and suhanya went back home first.then me and ridhayah head to mcd.i orderd spicy chicken mcdeluxe..aiyerrr chick mcdeluxe used to be my fav,right now my fav is quater pounder.well i was sooo gatal wanna taste the mcdeluxe,so i orderd la..damnnn it was sooo spicy (well its spicy chicken mcdeluxe i know but i dun xpect the spicy will be soooo spicy).i tink i wont order that nymoreee..harrr that time i ws hungry so i eat it without complaint bout it.heee!

Mum wanted a nail clipper, oranges and the delifrance bread.i totally forgot bout the oranges..
tut mire leid
then the delifrance was closed at that early it was just 5 over,sooo weird! so i bring back one only

Sunday, September 20, 2009



well well well,1st day of Raya was terrific! our family has this color theme for our Baju raya n it was yellow draja color. I LOVE MY BAJU KURUNG~~ i'll upload it later. as usual lotsa ppl will come to our houz makan n after makan they went back.we will be the one sufferin washing their plates but ALHAMDULILLAH this year we dun hav to wash our guest plates..heee.. uncle kumar n lawrence help us. THANKS! moreover we were wearing xpensive baju kurung. =))

last friday i went with my sis to get my vaccine for afraid of needles so i was nervous.luckily the nurse there keep on asking me questions so i wont stiff myself while the injection.i thought its going to be xtremely painnnfull but it was not.but it was painful la,a little.after a while for about an hour later, my hand start to..sort of lenguh,the reaction time is quite long..

and the day before Raya, it was NARCOLEPTIC!! it was the most tiring day i'v ever had. i cant describe my tiredness.. it was sooo horrible and my sisters did brownies that nyte,it was our first time,it turn out to be very hard for the first portion,then the next one is..arm..soft.huhu.then this morning popo ( grandma ) rolld the brownies so it is in ball shape n serve the 'thing' to our guest..

ouuuu,i lost 1kg.well only a kg.i guess i will be putting on weight within this week! bcoz im at home..heeeee.. i need to do my sit up tonyte,my stomach has enlarged approx. 2cm..LOL.evrtime my stomach abit buncit, i will do my 60 sit-up..huhu.the one who inspire me to do sit up is master hoh (if not mistaken,correct ar farah?our taekwando sir)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cant Wait For Tomorow goin back home tomorow bebeyhh! my maths exam is just over,it was soooooooo easy..well wat do u expect, it MATHS.LOL.if i didnt get 100,im dumb.ahahaha... n the hall..damnnn! its friggin freezing in there.wat! they think we need such a very low temperature to make our brain works more efficient ka??

yesterday i was suppose to break the fast wif Mutalib n Amarul. i told M 'be down at d cafe at 7'.as usual he was late so, wat else, i tapao my food n head back to my room.ahaaaaa..why izzit soo hard for him to be punctual?? ouuuu,i lov my meal yesterday.ahaha.eventhough it the same old economy rice wif ayam madu n some potatoes ( I LOVE POTATOES ). n it was the first day i bought some kuih for myself.LOL. while waiting for the lift, M holler me.i answerd.Amarul said where am i...n i was,well a bit guilty to left just like i said 'u berbka sama2 dgn M laa,lain kali je la' or ' u guys break together la.mayb nextime we break the fast' ..

Ali rang me yesterday,she said Dad's friend from KL will go to Ipoh tomorow,so he can giv me a ride back homieeee.. but it's not conform yet.. *sigh* i hope i can tumpang him. no need for my dad to pick me up at rawang..

i watchd Gossip Girls was if it never been awesome b4.GG always awesome. GG batu-batu ( learn it from haoyi =D ) then M holler me.he askd if im angry wif him.well to be honest, yes i am..heee..then he said he was soooo sorry.he said sorry millions time.again.again.again. until i duno wat to do to make him stop feelin sooo guilty.. *long sigh* then i said wear the green skinny tomorow,which is today, but he didnt wore. =( ahahaha.such a silly thing to be sad of.LOL.he wore black skinny today.why am i talking bout him here???
*scratch that!!*

im in da library.n it was also freezing here..wat the hungry! my stomach screamin for food..ouuuu,its 11.00 am! dammit! i gtg. dun wanna die bcoz of hypothermia..LOL..tschus!!

Goodluck With That

Thursday, September 10, 2009

tiket tren/train ticket/tiket keretapi


i hav a train ticket to Ipoh on 19th Sept from KL sentral to Ipoh at 5.30pm.

tiket tren ke ipoh dari kl sentral pada 19 september pukul 5.30ptg
satu tempat duduk

email to or my sister

Its Over YEASHHH BEBEYHHH BMW class is over!! warghhhhhhh! im so happy! goodbye hell-age n helllow heavenn.. *grins* ouuu,i break my fast in this restaurant calld wat village la..i ate Nasi Paprik.there r 8 of us,Ainaa drove us there.well not all 8 in a Viva car la of coz.there's two Viva, Ainaa's n Siti Zam Zam's.i know her name issss..well..unique..heeee..kewll huh. she has such a nice hair. there's Fatihah, Shaq, Bai, Nana n one more i duno her name..heee..sowieee~

the portion is soooo im hungry! isk! n its not fair for me coz i orderd paprik only n Ainaa ask all of us to pay 7.80.. *sigh* arghhh nevermnd laa..its ramadhan, forgive n forget. LOL

ouuu,my Basic Metal Work project is goin to say it for the last time babeyhhh BASIC METAL WORK. after this there will be no more 'that' in my brain. i hav Physics, Maths and BMW mid year exam next week. fuhhhh~ i still hav 4 more days to revise. i cant believe im havin problem on changing the prefixes thingy. i just realize how dumb i am... but BUT just 12hours ago,i manage to overcome my dumbass n be smart to think wats the blady problem wif my head.i lazy to write down my confussion it will make me think hard again wat i hav confused before n might confuse me now while im confusing.. THIS IS SHITE~ forget bout it

i like this one guy and guess wat?? i said to him i like him. LOL. n thats jezzz it.hahaaa.. i hav a fren who doesnt take LOVE seriously.she will couple wif sumone n break up anytime she wants to breakup wif the guy. dahsyat ryte?? well for its dahsyat la coz i take love seriouslyyyy because well i hav a very strong involves feelings FEELINGS~ so ryte now,im not ready for a relationship.heee..
attention please LOL
why im talking bout love?? scratch it!

my mum holler me yesterday,she said our (my siblings) baju kurung sudah siappppp!! yippeeeee! i cant wait to see my baju kurung~~~~~ its goin to be a yellow diraja year for this 2009 Raya!! ouuu,i cant wait for dad's baju melayu alsooo.. DADI this year must hav satayyyy~ i think i wanna invite my ipoh frens for makan makan like last year.. heee. stephanie,ridhayah,priyaa,juliet,haoyi,nandita..


Monday, September 7, 2009

I Miss Blogging So Much long i didnt blog.sorry im usin Eija's broadband.ouuuuu its goin to Raya soon!! yipppeeee!
i wanted to sell my train ticket to Ipoh on the 19th Sept at i write it in a piece of paper n stick it at level 1 near the lift so evryone will see it..well it seems dat someone iss soooooo kepohh comment bout the price..they said they bought a ticket to Butterworth only rm18 ( mine is rm22 ).. Dun they know that the price increased?? too bad they'r outdated..stupid ppl go n comment on my MY PIECE OF PAPER! hishhhh! go n brag at sumone's else paper la~!

ouuuu,last few days i went to times square wif Nana and Hidayah..nana wanted to meet her myspace fren.i bought two long pants; white n green. but i didnt bought it at times square, i bought it at Pavi..haishhh her myspace frenn la! wanted to go topman la,pavi la..wats so great there oso i dunno..i TOT she wanted to buy stuff at topman laa,tengok2 she didnt buy nything..apalaaa~ n endup i buying stuff.i wantd to shop at times square,but she make us follow her to Pavi..ish! now im broke so mayb next month i'l shop at times square..

i hav my very first assignment from Ms Erlina..heeee. she wants us to find somthing that involve magnet; maglev, the train in japan,speaker etc i decided to choose burglar has relay in it ryteee?? haiyaaaa,in my group there's Daniel,Eija n one more guy which i forgot his name (ouu how bad i am)..

my fren said i take LOVE seriously..OF COURSE!!! anything that involve feelings,im goin to take it seriously. well she dun take love seriously,she will couple wif sumone then dunno how many days after,she will breakup wif that guy..dahsyat x?? huhu..well dats her.. i really like it when even Chuck (gossipgirl) cant say the word LOVE to Blair..LOL..k enuff bout love i need to find information on my burglar alarm system..*sigh*

hope i can blogger daily,looks lyk life is complicated.LOL.ciao~

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last friday my dad pick me n Ali up at SOGO,well it was suppose to be kl sentral but my dad he said meet at sogo that time i was in the Komuter (damnnn it sooo much more than a sardine being pack in a tin!) so many MANY ppl in the komuter.THANK GOD there's no UNPLEASANT smell in the komuter.phewhh~ n im in the same komuter wif Ali but she's in the different shuttle.arrivd kl sentral,we bought the tickets to Bank Negara which cost rm1.00..then we walk walk walk to go to Sogo,Cheche Amy calld said they'r at Secret Recipe,and i got no clue where is the Secret recipe.Ali been there before but apparently she'd lost her memory when she step in the Sogo *grins* lastly there was a nice promoter/sumone who works in there told us the direction..

after that,we bought our baju raya!! yayyyyy!! we didnt bought the ready made baju raya,we bought the KAIN..this year we will wear YELLOW-GOLDISH colour..LOL..each of us hav only 2 baju raya.well,i dun mind how many baju raya i hav,th eonly things matters is i can celebrate Raya wif my family!! weeeeee...

we walkd till our legs cells n muscle is totally out of oxygen..ahaha..then we went to 1utama.we break the fast there.its lyk a tradition where during Ramadhan,we must MUST break the fast in 1utama..ahaha..

we arrived home almost midnyte,so dad said we straight away take our 'sahur'.so we went to Nashmir,near Jusco n Tesco.n the food there..DAMNNN so not nice!!! i cant blieve there's still lotsa ppl go there..i was curiouc wat they eat,surprisingly,most of them only drink dun go there,TAK SEDAPPPPP...

im goin back to GMI soon!! ohh!! one more i shud write it here..i eat like a pig! well,when im home..dahsyat~ totally dahsyat..ahahah..but then,when i check my weight just now (im in my dad's office now,he got weight scale in his office (+_+) ),my weight is the same before i enter GMI which is last month.. hurmmmm..fishy fishy..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nothin Much

yesterday was my 1st day to fast on ramadhan's month.and it turn out to be a good first day coz im not sooooo thirsty n hungry.wat's more surprising is i had BMW class in the mronin,where lotsa energy is needed n PATIENCE!! i break my fast wif Taj mahal's rice,chicken and delicious vege..

dat was yesterday,as for TODAY..hurmmm..i hav class on the afternoon,electrical principle..nothin interesting happen today..well,just now,i break my fast wif Ainaa,Biha,Bai and Nana..Ainaa drove us to an Indonesian was so frustating coz they speak Indonesia,soo confusing n hard to understnd of their worker forgot to count Ainaa's food,so i calld the waiter n said 'kira dia punya' n he was lyk...aiyooo..then i tried again to xplain together wif my hand (sign language LOL)..the funny thing is,im not the only one who's doin the sign language, Bai n Biha was doing the same..ahahahaha!! i ate..well the same thing; rice,chicken n vege n cucumber juice (it was yummy!)..i wanted to order fried kuey teow but thankgod i didnt order cozz if i do,i hav to wait for so long coz there's so many i endup eating nasi campur,but the dish is good..

my dad is goin to pick me up at KL sentral tomorow..weeeeee!! Ainaa said she's goin back too,she can giv a ride to Times square n i hav to take the monorail to kl still thinkin bout this coz i scared i will arrive late at sentral..hmmm..idk..

i cant wait to break my fast wif my family!! heeeeee..i mishh my family sooo much.. *sighhhh* ouuuuu,i hav to buy more dates coz mine almost finish.i ate 3 pieces of dates for sahur..*smiles* dats all i guess,very boring day in the ramadhan's month..i hope it will b interestin for next week..tschus!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


i went to The Mines wif Rachel jez now..well,i really raelly really wantd to eat pasta so i went there to go to Giant..i dunno how to get there,but i askd Linda to draw me a map..seriously,she's not at drawing..LOL.. sowieee..heeeee... i was scard that Rachel might be scard coz she's from Sarawak n she dun want to get lost in i try to be as confident as i can while walkin to a place that i never been n dunno how it looks like n dun even know where is it.i just follow Linda's instruction.LUCKY i found it.heee..we hav to walk around 5mins to get there,i'v askd two pakcik for the to The Mines.LOL.when we arrivd there,there's 'oohed and aahed',well we didnt act like a monkey there laa,we were just surprised coz there's alot ALOT of FOOD shops..there's starbucks,dunkin donuts,big apple,mcd,kfc,chicken rice shop,delifrance,subway,a&w,n n Lotsa weird restaurant tooo,well weird for,or i shud call unfamous(there's such word?correct me if im wrong) restaurant..

and there's a lot ALOT of sale SALE...HISHHH!! i'v got oni little greeenss..*sobs* huhu..well,below is wat i bought..*sobs*..enuff of my emo feelling..huh! its all a part of obstacles in money,no fun..huhu..i bought alfredo,bowtie pasta,a tee n cereal for my breakfast..i know i know its fasting month but BUT u know im in the 'cycling' situation..LOL..

hah! speaking of my menstrual cycle,i ate just nowwwwww..WAAAAAA!! LOL..well,my stomach was! not only mine, Rachel's too! so we decide to hav some food insert in our stomach..Rachel said 'nasib baik awak macam cina' wif her sarawakian slang..huhu..n lucky less malay in the mines..then before goin back..heeee..i bought Bubble Tea!!! STRAWBERRY BUBBLE TEA!! they calld it..ape ehh..hurmmm..blog____ what la..forgot odi..huhu..its been,hurmmm..well,quite a long time jugak laa i didnt drink bubble tea..huhu..i love the black-ball-sagu...

THANKS TO EIJA for letting me borrow me her broadband,if not this post will not exist in the worldwideweb!
danke schon

stuff i bought (^_^)

YAY! Bazaar Ramadhan

urghhhh..its been so long LONGGGGGGG i didnt update my damnn blog..thousand apologies~ well,i didnt fast on the 1st day of puasa *sobs* why the hell my cycle hav to 'cycle' on thursday??!! isk!

i'v been studyin for the whole weekend coz i hav test on monday,physic's.and there's a lot of assignment too.why do they calld it assignment?for me its just the same as homework LOL i did my english's and german's..i still havent memorize the german grammar..aiyooooo,so confusinggg..

there's no physics test today..i didnt feel pissd/happy,neutral..LOL..

ouuuuu,i managed to go to bazaar ramadhan yesterday.thanks to Ainaa who drove me there wif Linda n her bf.the journey to the bazaar was soooo funny coz Ainaa is not an expert driver.LOL..when we arrivd at T-junction,of coz we cant see both i lookd at the left while she lookd at the right,and we were like 'harrr jalan jalan' then she 'tak bolehhhh'..suddenly the car is in the middle(Ainaa stopd the car in d middle!) she shoutd 'motor nih motor nih' n we(me,linda n boyfie) were like 'jalan laaaa'..AHAAHAHAHAHAHA so funny..

i bought nasi tomato,bihun sup and TAUHU FAH~!!!!!!! at last i managed to indulge tauhu fa,so long i'v waitd for that moment.LOL.Linda n her boyfie bought alot ALOT of stuff,each hav 2meals..huhu..then we when back,Ainaa thought want to send Linda's boyfie at his hostel so she passd the girl's cafe n i said 'they want to eat at d cafe laaa' sooooooo she drove around the hostel at a veryyyyyy highhhhhhh speeddddd..mentang mentang takde kereta.. then when arrivd at the main gate,there's a bike coming in,she brake! all of us..well..inertia..tendency of a body blablabla enuff of physics stufff LOL..we didnt scream but Ainaa do.apala u ni.. seriously,it was very fast at that time then she brake suddenly..*sigh* lucky didnt hit the bike..

sent the two to d cafe n i head to Ainaa's room to buka puasa wif her (as if i puasa..LOL).pity her she's alone,the others not in,so i accompany her.she ate nasi lemak(brought back from home) n i ate my stuff..she talks alot ALOT of storiesss..n i really love their bathroom..LOL..everyday they wash it..

i wantd to go to giant today to buy pasta coz im dying to eat it..well SOMEBODY ate spagetti lastnyte n didnt drop here to give some..HUH! *jelling* speaking of jealling,i learnd it from kim possible.ahahaha..


Monday, August 17, 2009

Creature Wif 6

there's a bloody creature in my room lastnyte!!! thankgod its not the type of creature dat can fly.phewh! well it was a cockroach. A cockroach dat cant..i repeat..CANT fly! i tried to hit it wif my flops,but then its sooo hard coz the surface area of my flops is not will be easier if im usin newspaper n its at 1 in da morning!!! my roomate realized me n statd helpin me but BUT she make the situation worse by givin the bloody creature the way behind my cupboard..waaaaa! then i was sooo scared i waitd for the creature to go out..then my fren off the lights n i was lyk 'weyhh! dun la off the light,how m i suppose to hit the cockroach'.she ignord me.the other girl said to ignore i hav to sleep wif agony.thinkin all sort of things..lyk..that the cockroach might makeout wif me.WTF! this is total crap..ahahahaha..

*thinkin* wat did i ate for lunch dat activates my lunatic nerves..ahaha

ouuu,lastnyte Chester was suppose to serenade me again.LOL.i ask him to sing Taylor Swift-u belong to me song coz welll its a guitar song~ then he replied me he said he is sick..PITY! i askd him to drink lotsa water of 100+.. he was wooried bout the H1N1 coz there's a student from his college died bcoz of H1N1 soooooo.. its a bit scary la for me,i duno for him.. so GET WELL SOON!

i didnt listen to flyfm's pagi show properly dis morning.hmph! oh,i ate lunch wif Mutalib..again his sweetness doesnt allow me to pay for my own food..*loooooong sighhhhhhh* i tried so hard to pay but faild. (its rhymes LOL) we ate Chicken Rice and the rice the man gav is soooo much..

im in da library again..the only diff will be im using the library computer.its a very old version of computer.dis keyboard is so big n hard making me pissy..but grateful dat im online.ahahaha..i guess dats all i can write bout..

..tell or keep..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

STUPID BOZO GUY!!! his name stat wif H!!!



SO I BOMB HIM JEZ NOW COZ HE'D CROSS THE LINE.. sory to be sooooo rude.but i cant hold anymore.. i said stop msg me n delete my number from ur hp.n the girl doesnt want u to hav her number.sory to be soo rude..

thenn he sent ok..then after a while he sent

hey,sebelum apa2 minta maaf. mu ni prasan ke bende.ada negative think.dari dulu ag.number mu ni asalnye tak layak dlm nset aku.aku kasihan je.prasan nak mampus.k maaf ganggu

he said he was sory,n i was prasan,then negative thinker,my number doesnt belong to be in his bloody mobile,he pity me,k sorry to disturb me




U'V PUSH THE BUTTON GUY! u make me!! urghhhhhhhhh!!! then i sent him an angry msg..then he said

tgk perempuan nih.tah pape. some sort lyk dat...

WAT THE F!! oh immm soooo goin to....urghhhhhhhhh!!! n he's a kelantanese or terengganu guy..dats y he said 'mu'..n he said weird WEIRD word (kelantan/terengganu word) i remmbr he said 'ejas no *girl's name*..n i crack my blady head to think wat is 'ejas'...

Out to Mid

its been awhile i didnt blog..serously i'v save all my post(i hav my 10th august post..hahaha) in my document but then i didnt hav the time to go to the library.*sigh*

i went to midvalley jez now wif my frens..using my fren's car.phewww! if we use the komuter,sure wont arrived in time.ahaha.thanks to Fitri! i went wif Amarul,Afiq,Fitri and Eija..we ate Mcd for lunch coz i duno..mayb its da nearest to i ate quarter pounder,amarul wif his BigMac while the others..wat else?? chicken mcdeluxe la..da famous amongg all..ahaha..then we talk till we laugh so loud,we'r almost ALMOST i guess, the loudest at that area..

we wantd to watch GI Joe,but then the oni seats availble is at the we changd to district 9.also the same situation.lastly we hav to HAV TO watch Ghost of the girlfriends past (somethin lyk dat la the title of the movie)..sighhh..and it was at we hav a lot of time before the mov so we wonderin around..while me n Eija were walkin we saw this one guy that attract my eyes.LOL.well i saw him first Eija!!! ahaha..he's so cute wif his messy hair coverin his forehead n he's wearin checkerd tee.. when we pass him,i was lyk 'cute kan dat guy' eija also lyk ' harr,cute kan'.i never tot Eija will oso get attractd lyk me..ahahha..GIRLS~

it turnd out to be a not-bad-movie..hahaha..well there's a sensitive part n comedy part..n Jennifer Garner was so gorgeous when she wore the white wedding dress.i lov her hair at that time.heeee..

i bought a sweet SWEET purple cardigan..i cant believe it too! coz i was sooo anti-purple...ridhayah noe bout this..heeee.. yea im still shock now.. i wantd to buy a long pants tooo! but then i hav budget of the day.LOL.i never lyk to see my wallet empty.*sigh* i almost bought the pants without thinkin twice.. damn i shud buy that pants! then i wantd to buy a snowcap so i can just chuck on my head when im goin to d cafe to buy stuffs.its easy coz they cant see my messy hair inside..ahahha..

im using Eija's broadband now..THANKS EIJA!!!! arigato! kamsahamida! n i had a GREAT time wif u guys today..thanks a lot!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

gomen! shud i write for today's in da library wif Mutalib rtye now,n he askd me to write this here:
why most of the girls love/like handsome guy???

LOL..i leave it to him to answer it by himself.

so i hav english class first in da mornin,we waitd quite long outside the classroom.suddenly Abg Yusuf said we,group B1 english TTO has been changed to Ms Asha Siegel (she married to a german guy! ahaha..he was sweatin so much while helpin his wife wif the projecter n her pink mini laptop.kawaiii~) my assignment on buildings in seismic areas PUFF jez lyk dat..*sigh* she taught us SCANNING and SKIMMING.. i cant skimming well.ahaha.coz im a kind of person dat reads evry word.aiyakkk~ im sooo hav to learn skimming..LOL..

then my maths class has been canceld.i waitd at the cafe for almost 1hour coz my German class is at 12..why i blog early is bcoz i cant surf the net nymore.lyk i said in previous post that the network has some kind of firewall that prevent me from using their network..*looong sighhhhh*

so sory my post is short!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Miss Unique

Im having a problem to surf da net again..*sigh*..the server has block sumthin that makes my lappy cant use the network.i hope its goin to end soon~ I got some kind of test jez now.i duno its more lyk a maths exercise for me.heee.n its 50 marks.1 question 10marks.wat the heckkk.da answer is so simple n we dismiss early for that me and Ija went to d nearest café to buy some stuff for our grumbling tummy.surprisingly I bought a bread only.then Mutalib is in there,he belanja me soya bean.then at 9.45am we went back upstairs level 6 for physics class.the class has this weird smells lyk toilet/Clorox idk.ahaha.its not that ‘stink’,its just dat da smell is..idk..

Then I went back to my so-called-apartment.Mutalib holler to ask where is Ms Erlina’s table,I replied Idk coz I didn’t send my report,Fitri sent it for I gav him Ms’s number.then he ask to hav lunch I quickly take my bath coz he said he will wait for me at the café.i dun lyk ppl waitin for me.when I arrived at d café I holler him,he said changed plan..hahaha..he said meet at the library n bring maths n EP I hav to drag my leg back to my room n tuck in my shoes coz in library u cant wear slipper if u do,u’r so goin to get a ‘word’ from Ms Safrina.if she was there la..ahaha..she’s soooo funny..lucky there’s a unique or shud I say different type of TTO/lecturer in GMI..

Well goin back to my room doesn’t bother me coz I wore a very..hurmm..short/small/idk shirt.LOL.if I pass the gate by wearing that,I’ll be BOMB by the guard went upstairs to get my sweats.

Arrivd at the library,Mutalib was sitting wif my friends.he said Mufidah wantd to kill herself (he was exaggerating) so I was worried la.coz physics class we learnd one thing that she cant get those in her mind..then I taught her abit ABIT,the rest Afiq teach her.

Around 30mins in da room,Mutalib came wif Afiq (Afiq persuade him to go for lunch).then we went for lunch.Shafiq or Syafiq joind us.n I really admire him for the knowledge bout computer he knows..he knows a lot bout computer! I really salute him la.. a real computer taiko for me now.he was blabberin bout idk..there’s so much information he talkd while Im eating n even after I finish eating.heeee..he bought a macbook..nice! but the screen is a wee bit take care of ur mac!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

me homie~~ at home now~ i ate penang laksa for dinner yesterday.yay! long i'v been craving for food other than rice.

so dis morning as always,im doin some of the houz work,i cant help myself,i must sweep the floor evrytime im home.heeee.i miss sweeping the ate a normal breakfast,then THEN mum cook Korean food for lunch..YUM YUMMY..its a simple korean food but the way they cook it make it sooo...unique i guess..

damnnnn i eat alot when im home.seriously not alot its ALOT ALOT!! my stomach has already pop up an inch..LMAO..i duno wat makes me eat so much when im home..hurmmmm..

we when to parade jez now.searchin for some stuff n Ali wantd to buy heels..we walk walk,finally found one dat she likes.i even bought my mum a heels or wat shud i call it..i duno im not sure,but its lyk a gladiator heels laa..pity her, her roughwear shoe already in a critical

as for dinner we ate da same thing but BUT there's fried cempedak or jackfruit..SUPERRR YUMMY!! seriously i'd turn to a pig when im home..adihhhh~ now i can only stare at my tummy n feel bad about so goin to diet when im back to college.

ouuuuu, Mutalib said he wanna change himself to a better person but before that he said he wants to b perfect but then he changd to 'try to be perfect' dats more better than 'wants to be perfect' coz we cant be perfect..i was kinda worried of him coz....i dunno...scared that he might let his emotion control him. *sighhhhhhh*

the fasting month is jez around the edge!! i hav to try to fast in my college,scared i might get a different shock coz fasting at a different place..*CRAPS* ohhhhh,im so full now n my eyes r watery bcoz of the aircon.HAH! talkin bout aircon,lastnyte..damnnn the room..cheche amy put it at 16degree celcius,the room is totallymolly like a refrigerator weyhhhh..i tink it is a big coldddddddd!! but thank god i hav a very good blanket that keep me warm..i gtg.babai!
Think the present, not the past or future

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Roti Canai

i woke up at 8/9 dis morning.i brush my teeth and straight study bout electrical gettin harder and harder,at 1st its totallymolly lyk a physics subject,thennnnn it turn into an electrical principle i got to keep on doin exercises on that subject coz i hav test on friday! i mean next friday!

last nyte Ah jo and rachel keep on tellin me that the roti canai at the cafe is soooooo today we went n eat there for breakfast.i orderd roti canai and roti tisu,all together is rm1.80..i lurve the roti tisuuuuuu!! heeeee... tissue bread.. why i lov it?its simply bcoz there's sugar all over it.heeee.rachel ate roti telur while ah jo ate fried me..while i was eating the tissue bread,i was usin fork and spoon,the bread was like..did a high jump over my plate and land it on the table..LOL AHAHAHA..well,it doesnt jump so high laaa.then ah jo,surprisingly,said 'pick it up pick it up'..ahaha..why do i say surprisingly,coz she never speak english wif me before..ahhaha..nice improvement ahjo..

then around 12 sumthin i received a msg tellin me that class at 2 has been cancelld coz Ms Erlina is sick..PITY her~~ i hope she get well soon..
im not happy
coz i really wantd to go to class today so that i can ask some question that make me crack my head to da max early in the morning..HISHHHHH!! but well what to do.. im still aware of the H1N1 scared.

lastnyte chester,calld me.he said his college was closd bcoz of the H1N1 then he said two student died bcoz of it.. DAMNNNNN!! i hope all the researcher and scientist and doctor will find a cure for this virus infection..waaaaaaa..!!

im in da library now..i was searchin for information on type of glass suitable for an office building in a four season place.. *lonnnnnng sighhhhhh* why do Ms Shahnaz gav us such a werrrry hard assignment? the other group no need to do this.different TTO different assignment.waaaaaaaa... but but BUT i really admire her.y?mayb bcoz she hav the aura that can 'pinged' / 'click' me.then she hav this 1kind of do i xplain this..watever la.hard to xplain it in

chester calld again tellin me he's at his cousin houz now..finally! he was suppose to get out from the college area *sigh* then he told me that it was so scary coz u the only person the campus..LOL..if me i will surely die bcoz of shock..
THANK GOD! i didnt sleep during the day! yay! me so happy! heeee.. im goin homie tomorow,plus my happinesssssieeee..heee..well thank gawd Ali didnt buy the 10greens ticket if not im goin to bring along my RIDSECT or my SHIELTOX ( how the hell to spell the brand la weyhh )

k need to hav my bath now.i hav this one rule that i hav to take my bath before gtg.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i waste my 4greens yesterday coz i was sooo stupid i surf the net at the CC..i regret it till now..isk! so damn xpensive..i tot i cant go on9 in my room anymore,so i act bitchy lastnyte n when to da CC to uppgrade my antivirus.. urghhhhhh!

so today there's metal work..i still 'love' metal stated wif my second workpiece,the others has already stated wif their 3rd/4th workpieces..*sigh* we r woman..we dun hav the strength lyk guys do..isk! but i manage to finish my 2nd workpiece,the next period im goin to take my 3rd workpiece..there's 7 alll together *sigh* dats alot! then Sr Halim said wat day shud we replace the class coz we cancel previous friday's class..then i was lyk whispering to Syamim 'next week next week' coz im so dead if he said friday evening coz im goin home this friday evening! lol so surely i'l hav to skip that class..then evry is kinda agree wif me...PHEWWWWWW~ so we'r goin to replace it next week monday...YIPPPEEE!!!!

i didnt hav my lunch today cz well nto enuff time.class stated at 2,we dismiss at 1.05pm.i hav to do my prayer samore,so didnt take my lunch.i arrived early in the class,so i was texting Mutalib to buy some bread for me coz i was super hungry..but to bad there's no break suring the class and i didnt even know he bought the bread or not..LOL..n also the room is lyk a refrigerator,an environment where all the germs are not crapping! so we dismiss at around 6.15pm.

i ask Mutalib to eat dinner together,but when i arrived at the cafe,i didnt feel we talk alot ALOT! dunno wat time we order our food,while waitin for the food we also i ate economy rice,egg and tomyam while he ate nasi goreng kampung wif tomyam..while we were eating we talk samore! and the rice the girl gav me is totally lyk a guy amount of eating..bwahahaha..its the guys cafe actually coz the guys apartment is near to the cafe,but some girls oso eat there~ and i manage to finish it all up coz its Mutalib's greens,i will be so embarrass if didnt finishup my food.. *so fulllllll ALHAMDULILLAH*

when we finish,again the same thing YEASH we talk..then a group of chinese ppl came to our table n statd a conversation.then it goes so long till almost 9..there's james,aaron,daniel...urmmmm..dats all i remmber..LOL..they'r all Mutalib's fren. so me n Mutalib havent take our bath yet,so i was lyk 'HUH!? almost 9?? kayyy got to go back mandi..we'r still in our uniform.heeee..oh ya! forgot to tell sweety little Nana,calld me around 7pm,she was worried im not in my nice of her to holler me n ask me..heeeee... see at least there's sumone who cares bout me here..LMAO!

so i got to stop now.i hav to revise my electrical principle n search some information for my english assignment..*sigh*

i love my family

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Short One

i forgot to wear my mask today..oh shit! i did bring my yersterday mask,but AIYERRRR..its lyk i already set my mind that if i didnt wear my mask,i will get sick..damn!! i was not suppose to set my mind that way..isk! now im fellin uncomfortable wif my nose..blady hell..

so i hav my very first so-hard-assignment from said we must discuss what material must we use to build da office building by the beach (why izzit there's an office building by the beach *swt* its gonna be more kewlllll if its a we must consider the wind direction,the air that contains salt blablabla so our material will be suitable for the place.then the cost is only 10MILLION RINGGIT MALAYSIA!!! adoiiiiiii,enuff mehhhh.. isk! n she expect us to hav the basic kind of thing to be an sorry we dun even know wat material availble in the market or wat material we endup sketchin our building..arrr the building muz oso hav a helipad (the place where helicopter can land).. so many things hav to considerrrr!!! arghhhhhhhhh!! n its 13 floors..each floor 10m (its high).. haduiiiiii..

so i ate lunch wif eija n fatihah..i ate chicken..heeeee..n i slept! during the day!!!! i got to stop doin it coz its goin to be a damn habit!! darnit!!! mayb bcz of the chickennnnnn~~~ hurmmmmmmmm

im so sick of my antivirus ryte sooo gona buy one..isk!

i dunno wat to write nymore....hurmmmmm..dats all!