Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rainbow Dash?

It all happened on Sunday morning where I foolishly tell the whole world that I am celebrating the Pride, that I am happy for those who have fought and stood up to make life more unbiased. That I am happy for those who had been marginalised. That I am happy for those who had been discriminated for their sexual orientation. That I am happy for those who live secretly in the name of respectability. I guess that would be the biggest mistake of the year. 
I should just keep it to myself
I should be less vocal
I should be less opinionated
I should be extra careful?
I also should see it at a different side and not just one side?

When I found out about the Pride I was thinking about these things
Human Rights
No to HATE
Stop discrimination

I should have these things in mind instead
GAY is wrong
if u started to rainbow'rised your display picture, everyone will do the same and probably turn gay 
*somehow some people think rainbow has this magic effect that i don't really comprehend*

I didn't think of that because I always believe that whatever we have become, we are the only one responsible for that. Not the people around us, not the environment nor the surrounding. We all do things that we want to do. Things that we like to do. Things that we decide to do.

In my opinion, this matter is more to accepting people for whatever they decide to become and perhaps its ok to let some people burn in hell for being gay *because in Islam being gay is a great sin. Although I still think God is Merciful, God is the Greatest and God is Gracious. No one will judge u except Him*

And my intention wasn't to urge other people to stand on the same ground as I am standing. I was just happy for them as they now have their rights taken care of. As much as i know being gay is wrong, but if being gay makes u happy then i will accept that. u live ur life happily and i'll live mine. its human nature to seek happiness and i could understand that.

However, i didn't see the religious side of this matter. Maybe because I don't know much about Islam and I am more liberal. I really want to know if i would still have the same point of view if I am closer to my religion. As for now, I just need to accept all views and sieve. That is the best i can do right now. I think.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Shroomaloomi! Bungalows and Bears

Finally get to taste Shroomaloomi and it was shroomazing! I like how it can be so simple yet so tasty. The flat mushrooms are so tasty and top with grilled halloumi that will never go wrong
best vege burger I've ever had so far in Sheffield

Old Fire Station, 50 Division Street, SHEFFIELD, S1 4GF
2-4-1 burger deal every TUESDAY
 my date went missing LOL
 its all about em burgers!

I have to say I love the place so much! Reminds me of TGI Fridays, but they have their own edgy surrounding. The place is lively and the staff is super friendly! I would say their service is good and fast! In my opinion, this 2-4-1 deal is a great deal especially for students. U get delicious burger with generous amount of fries and fillings, great environment and a great service. U can spend less than 10quid here for a good burger and drinks!

Also, I like how they provide the newsletter! *cheers for a good marketing plan* I think its really useful because u get to know the latest events, they have live music and quiz night. Overall, I had a good night and definitely will recommend this place to my friends!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Projek Amanat Negara 2015 - Building a Brand New Perspective

Last weekend, I attended a highly valuable event, an event that cost £10 000 mentioned by Mikhail the chairman of UKEC and still, all the speakers was not paid for the event. lalalala.. However, the event was held in the Elgar Concert Hall, University of Birmingham. Really beautiful venue and they provide all kinds of sandwiches for lunch, about 10 types? Perhaps that is why it cost so much for the event. i think. ok, moving on..

Projek Amanat Negara this year has a tagline "building a brand new perspective" They have powerful speakers, Dato Sri Nazir Razak & Professor Danny Quah, to talk on Malaysia as the chairman for ASEAN and to talk about the economic integration between ASEAN countries. Dato Sri Nazir was right when he said no one talks about ASEAN. Even I don't know much about ASEAN. Being exposed on a few things during the talk makes me realised that we have such ASEAN community, we have this issues, that issues. Good exposure!

The next session was on the power of women, solely to promote more women to get into politics because the number of women in our parliament today is saddening. Conducted by Dato Sri Azalina Othman, the fizzy of a drink, the cherry on a cupcake, the highlight among all. Why? because she is right when she said women is more fun than men. She did talk a bit on women issues such as rape in marriages and how different people perceive it. It is extremely surprising that there is such view that see the issue as something that is not rape, because the husband has the right to have sex with his wife.
I agree
if u force to have sex?
even if u are husband and wife
it is called RAPE
*refer to the definition of rape if u are confused*

Then the following session was on youth empowerment where i found Miss Ng Yeen Seen reminded us the importance to vote for the next GE. She also showed us some picture in Kelantan during the flood disaster. It was really shocking and heart breaking to see such images. And she said the volunteering work during that time really did unite people from any background to provide the humanitarian aid. Besides that, she pointed out that vernacular school doesn't really contribute to disunity among us, Malaysians. Because parents should have the option to decide which school they want their child to be in.

Last session was on the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025, which I have no idea what is it all about. AHA It was a discussion/debate between a local lecturer, Dr Adam Tyson and YB Tony Pua, to be honest, I cant really relate myself with this topic, it was a dry session by Dr Tyson but not Tony Pua. Perhaps Tony knows what we want to hear. AHAHA However, "this is the best blueprint that Malaysia has ever produced" said YB Tony. I don't know anything about this so I cant tell if its going to improve our education system or not, but from both sides and all of us agree that implementation is what matters the most in any kind of plans.

To conclude, I am really glad I made the decision to attend this event, to be honest, the talk on women issues that motivates me to attend PAN2015. I am sensitive to women issues especially if u live in Sheffield, the Malaysians here are practicing inequality activities against women development (referring to a specific Malaysian society). This thing that women are not allowed to sing/perform in public that consist of men
i am totally confused
why is it there is such thing here
i dont think i've come across this when i was in the primary school or high school
i just think this is too disgusting and i have to mention it

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sweet Escape to London

After a year in Sheffield, I finally decided to discover London. The decision was made when I was stressed out with my studying. Its a tough year and I always have to struggle with my studies, however I accept the fact that I have to work hard because it is Uni anyway. 

I have to say winter holiday will be the time where I'll make a random trip to anywhere. Last year, it was Barcelona, but this year, my bank account is crying for a little savings. Hence I chose somewhere nearby. The first stop I made in London is the China Town, Chiayu is craving for dim sum so we went to her regular place; Wan Chai Corner. 

We took the bus to China Town and thats where the first londoner, a cute guy ,gave me a smile and i smiled back. When I am about to leave the bus, he said Hi with a really cute smile, and I gave him the impression 
awwww u look so cute but i have to go out now *smiles*



I love the fried taro with beansprouts because it taste exactly like char kuay teow! Also all the dim sum is really fresh and we had 7 types of dishes. We literally struggling to finish all the food, the price is really reasonable, the lunch only cost us £24+. 

Then we head to her favourite bar near China Town, La Perla, to meet Nichola, her colleague in Wagamama. The place has the best price for happy hour (thats what she said LOL) The house red wine is nice and they have really nice margarita without ice and also frozen ones (according to Nichola). That is the place where a second guy is eyeing me and I knew he's a malaysian (from his accent). So this chinese fella is a business analyst and he gave us a long introduction of himself and his business that evening, nothing so interesting. AHAH. We leave the place around 5pm to catch our musical play; Bat Boy.

Bat Boy Musical is amazing. This is my first time to watch a musical play and Im so glad Chiayu brought me to watch this. I really enjoyed the night because the songs are really catchy, u feel like dancing all the time. My feet were moving all the time. There were some glitch but it wasn't too much that will make u annoyed or whatsoever. Overall, I don't mind to watch this again because its enjoyable and fun!
because the one we watched the next night, is awful

The next morning, we went to Borough Market and Netil Market. I saw dead rabbits and other animals hanging in front of one of the meat stalls. There are many interesting things that u can get in Borough Market but they are all overpriced because its somewhat has been commercialised. Well, u can get cheap avocados but u have to be really careful since most of them are ready-to-eat-straightaway. 

In Netil market, it was up north and so far away from Borough Market, the only reason we visit the place is to try this taiwanese place called Bao London. The market has a lot of interesting stuff as well, u can find unique espresso maker from Italy at a decent price, accessories from cheap to bloody expensive, and a lot of independent food stalls!

some locals designer

 some independent foodie stalls

After that we went for a drink in Hutong at The Shard before visiting Tate Modern. If u planned to visit the place, u have to wear proper shoe and no trainers is allowed because its just too posh for that LOL Also, to prevent from waiting outside the entrance, it will be better if u make a reservation because they limit the number of walk-in people. 




Tate Modern visit is so-so for me, I was lucky Chiayu lend me her Tate card so I get to see  some exhibitions for free! I love some of the paintings, got me staring for minutes. I spent 2 hours in there so I think I did enjoyed the visit.

That evening we went to Shakespeares Globe, to watch our second play; The Knight of the Burning Pestle. We got a shitty standing place because the available tickets left when I was buying online, were the ones with limited view. However, I think its not nice for the place to sell those seat and make easy money
*i was very disappointed and very upset*
Although stated 'limited view', may as well just state 'no view at all' because we really can't see the cast most of the time and its really hard to enjoy the story with less view. Also, we have to stand for 3 bloody hours with "limited view"
*just not worth it*

We got the place at the side of the stage; DC4 and DC5 upper gallery. If u are planning to watch a play in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, make sure u buy the one at the opposite side of DC4/5. Because I think u can see better at the other side instead of my side. Its always better to seat in front of the stage and lower gallery.


 theres a cafe inside the playhouse that serves sandwiches, cakes and drinks

I didn't managed to take a picture of the beautiful candles chandeliers because the staff told me no pictures can be taken inside *ops* the playhouse has beautiful decor, they use real candles for all the play and I feel really shakepeare-ish. Nice place but too bad we didn't get a nice seating place. Perhaps next time!

I have a feeling that from now on, I might be going down London often for their theatre show. I really want to watch a ballet show. I think I made the right decision to study in Sheffield instead of somewhere near London!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sumo San Sheffield! First Post in 2015?

I am truly motivated to write this because i remembered something. I remember that I managed to get involved in the Sheffield Foodie Network recently and I am really glad to be one of them! So this will be my first time to write a review on a restaurant! 

This japanese place is suggested by my new friend from Morocco, named Ali. We became friends after a chat in the library while taking our break, it was a typically way for me to make friends. I talk to strangers a lot and some of them are my friends until now. 
Well, u will never go wrong with me if u invite me to have a sushi dinner! AHA!

Both of us never tried the place and Ali never tried japanese food before. This is ridiculous and nonsense, i know. lalalala Thank god he broke the record and tried it with me. He also can't use the chopstick but I managed to teach him, because I keep telling him to never give up and force him to use the chopstick properly. HAHAHA

Sumo San
16 Suffolk Road, Sheffield, S2 4AG 
Agedashi Tofu £4 and Miso Soup (comes with the Unagi Don)
Refreshing tofu with perfect sauce. Not too sweet, just nice

Unagi Yanagawa Don £13.50
The sauce is sweet and the potion is enough for two. We didn't even managed to finish a quarter of the rice. 

Sumo San Rolls £9.80
Fresh salmon and prawns

This is a nice 'japanese' getaway from the city. A nice place to have a quiet, romantic dinner because the music is not loud and the place is not packed with people. The surrounding is a little bit japanese-ish with the coloured wooden tables and chairs, and also the staff are wearing the traditional japanese attire. Besides that, the table settings, the plates and bowls are really japanese-ish. The staff greeted me well when we enter the restaurant and replied me well when i asked suggestions. The food arrived quite fast, didn't take a long time to serve us.

I am really particular about the authenticity of a japanese restaurant after I tried Wagamama (not a japanese restaurant for me and its over-rated and expensive). Sakushi is not too bad (just that sometimes the service is bad). Sumo San would be the place to feel more japanese, rather than just having sushi.

The green tea, to be honest, i can't even taste or smell the tea. Although its just green tea, but i think a good japanese restaurant should have a really good green tea. I will be surprised if there's any japanese restaurants here in Sheffield serve Sencha Green Tea or Genmaicha Green Tea. Those two are the best green tea to have when having sushi.

If u planned to visit this place, I would suggest u to try other than those that i have tried because for me, i didn't found them interesting. Probably next time I should go for the Dragon Sumo Rolls or the creativity list of sushi!

I have to say there was no wow factor in my visit but the fact that i like the quiet, tranquility atmosphere, I will come back here if I need a peaceful sushi moment! or a nice romantic japanese dinner :D 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

International Halloween Night

celebrated halloween this year, not with the locals because i did that last year with my housemates, but with Jana and Anna and bunch of french guys, and a bunch of girls from Netherlands and Germany. A girl from Hong Kong, also one from Turkey. who else did i missed.. AHA

what i can conclude for the whole night scene in one word is
all they want to do is drink, get drunk, get high and dance. ahaha! Apparently Jana and Anna do celebrate halloween in Germany, like they do legit face paint and stuff.  I thought its only an American British thing.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Diwali in Sheffield

Deepavali/Diwali - Festival of Lights
i experienced the most interesting ceremony last week which is the poja, in one of the temple here. We were so lucky we got there early because the place was so small and not all can fit in the temple. After that, we went to the Sikh Gurdwara and the building is beautiful. It has shape like the mosque, and we have to cover our head when entering the gurdwara.

A new friend of mine invited me to join the festival, recommended by her mentor, since she's from Germany. I have to say I was reluctant to go to this festival however when i saw the tentative for the event that they will be going to a Hindu temple and a Sikh temple, then i thought 
because i never been into a temple or a gurdwara before
I have to say, it was an experience. Jana, Lena and I had a great time, we got the exposure of the event. Thats it.

There are conservative community over here that doesn't see the point of celebrating or exposing themselves to these kind of events. For me, it is up to them whether they want to celebrate or to see the event BUT
if they started saying that i shouldn't go to the festival
then we might have a little problem

First of all, some of u might have thought that i do the poja or renjis-renjis to the statues in the temple. For your information, I didnt do all that, all we do is witnessing the whole ceremony. We were totally like the audiences.
*at one point Jana and I were staring at each other thinking when is it going to be overrrrr*

Secondly, as for me, i like to see new things. i like to feel new things. i like to taste new things. anything that is new, I'm up to it. Because i believe that, when we see something new or when something new comes to our life, it can help us see things in a different perspective.
i guess an empathetic person holds to this principle in their life
because we like to put ourselves in someone else's position and evaluate the situation

I really think, people that connecting ONLY with their own kind of people wouldn't be a developing community. because they ONLY live in their own balloon. U need "ideas" from outside when u analyse or comparing something, because if u analyse among yourself, and not from anybody else, then ur limit of letting ur perspective to grow will be small. Obviously, this wouldn't bring u near to being a global citizen or even a developing community. Unless your community doesn't want to grow and progress then this discussion ends here.

anyways, i see this as an opportunity. I heard a saying "successful people knows when there is an opportunity". Lets see it this way, for those who didn't get to study abroad, of course they are less likely to interact or to have activities with people from other country. However, looking at yourself to be in UK, and having this opportunity that u get, its overwhelming. And for u, to miss so much that u would have gain, is a big loss.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Amsterdam Alone *but not quite alone*

I have been procrastinating to write a post on my Amsterdam trip so here it is! I went there just before my new semester starts. Purpose was in case, i'll be busy during the christmas holiday, at least i have done some travelling in my 1st semester.

one word for Amsterdam
from now on i will always sum up my trip in one word. and i keep telling my friends that Amsterdam has a really big windows and they are all transparent. I am seriously intrigued by it because it is such a distinct sight and its amazing. u can be awed whenever u look at the window
the paintings in the house
the house deco
some naked people ahahah
interior of an office

I went there alone and stayed in a hostel(girls only) for the first time. i was anxious because i thought it will be somewhat dodgy, instead it was not bad at all. I made a friend straightaway and we discovered the city together
I did tried the "special cake" since I had it with Chiayu. We shared one cake, the effect took so long to kick in, we thought the cake doesn't work on us. However, 3/4 hours after that, i was stoned while Chiayu sleep it off. It was one hell of an experience but hey, its Amsterdam. To be honest, i wouldn't take the cake if I'm alone and since I have someone with me, so why not? hihihi

anyway, i chose Amsterdam solely for Van Gogh Museum and it was really amazing. I also went to Howard Greenberg photo exhibition in the Jewish Historical Museum. Anne Frank house is not that fascinating. The walk at the red light district is a lil bit scary if one of the lady try to persuade u some 'services'. Also, during a walk at a street market, I saw 2 lads staring at one of the big windows, so i look. I see a naked lady doing her bed.

Third Year Student

I am so glad i managed the second year, honestly, because i know a few who didn't make it to the third year. Hence, I am really really grateful.

As usual, engineering students always have a packed schedule. I just got my complete schedule and I've allocated my study time, hopefully i will be obedient this year and perform better.
I have an individual project this year, something about the opto characteristic of GaAsBi. My supervisor has introduced me to 2 phd students, i hope i can do well because I need to pass this in order to go to the 4th year!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Singapore the City of Colours

latest adventure was in Singapore where I get to watch Annie Leibovitz exhibition in Artscience Museum. All the pieces is just stunning and I felt i was there for hours, specifically almost 2 hours. For me, thats the highlight for my trip.

I discovered the city by walking, looking very touristy but not so to the taxi driver. When he sent me to Kathy's house, he asked
"Are u going for a tuition here"
The taxi driver thought I'm going for a home tuition at Kathy's place. Thats just hilarious. I'm with my hiking bag and tourist-look-hat, I guess my figure always look young and not my age.
im a uni student uncle..

On the first day, I get to try the singapore laksa and spring rolls (popiah basah). All i can say is, it had a unique taste and kind of tasteless. hihihi. the white noodles is alright, i love any noodles, just that the curry taste is.... no further comment. AHAHA but! i love the popiah basah! there is a balance of taste in my lunch, so I'm good. We, Malaysians, like to compare our food because there are so many similarities in the name of the dish/food, that is why we can't help to compare and Malaysian food is always better. This i can tell..

moving on to the good side, i think the country awareness of not having enough trees and little space is so high, that they have trees between shops in the city, the 'floating forrest' like the one on Park Royal Hotel building. I was amazed by it because it really looks like a floating garden/forrest in the city. 
love it!
Also, its really impressive how they attained the old buildings and there are many of them. Reminds me of Penang but better food. hihihihihi.. Some have colourful windows, the underpass is super clean unlike the one in Paris (can't help not to mention ahaha) and some have murals on the walls, beautiful murals... Quite an artsy fartsy city. Some of the old buildings are also painted in colours. Hence I decided to conclude it is a city of colours.

 some of the murals in one of the underpass along Singapore River

colourful buildings in the city

While walking to Marina Bay, I met this Australian couple who I asked to take a picture of me with the Marina Bay background. The lady told me that the whole area was the sea previously, when she lived in singapore years ago.
Firstly, the area is HUGE and the building is quite gigantic! HOW ON EARTH THIS IS POSSIBLE.
mind blowing
Marina Bay looks amazing and i did go wow when i look at the building, its just 200metres height but it does look amazing from below. 

Although the city is small but there will be one particular thing that will make u awed if u visit Singapore. I managed to discover a really cool cafe called Kith, they have amazing toastie and pancakes with mascarpone and raspberry. DELICIOUS! 
Also, i did go for the night safari and it was worth it. The animals is so close to u and the experience is phenomenal.

I would like to thank my aunt for informing Kathy that i'll be coming over and Kathy, for letting me stay at her place. I get to taste raw figs for the first time!
FIGS on its own
Really grateful that in this trip i get to taste something new.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Working People

Is everyone unhappy with their work right now?
Is this somewhat a process that all of us will go through?
Is it possible to find someone who is happy with their life right now?

Happiness is a choice. As cliche as it sound however in order to survive and to do something for a living, we prioritise our choices differently. Money is a good motivation for everything, therefore some people drag themselves to work even when they are not enjoying whatever they are doing. 

For me, theres always a way to make your day a good day. Even u had shitty work but after that, u have a choice to make ur day great. Distracting urself from thinking about work issues is the way to live a happier lifestyle. U have to remember that, all work is tiring and shitty and bullshit. No matter if u change whatever u r doing, u will face this; where u will always be unhappy with whatever u r doing. 
its the same as the things that u have
I also believe that it is a process before u get to the ultimate position of ur career. Easy life doesn't come easily. Always remember that all the pain, all the sleepless night, all the shouting, will definitely be worth it one day.
one fine day
just be strong and keep believing that this will all be over
one fine day
one fine day

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

World Cup 2014

Auf geht's Deutschland schießt ein Tor! 
schießt ein Tor!
schießt ein Tor!
oh ohhhhhh!

The song that we sang when we watch the world cup 2014 final and it was amazing! If u haven't watch the game, u should really watch it because i can tell the game is a world cup rated game. Such an intense-nailbiting game that will make u scratch whatever that is next to u. 
oh well, i got scratched by the person next to me :P hahaha

My german friend and I went to Publika that night but was disappointed when the place to watch the football is a close event. This is absolutely ridiculous because Timeout KL mentioned that Publika is the top place to watch the world cup, hence it should be an open and public event. Anyhow, we went to Souled Out Sri Hartamas instead to watch the game and it was FAR better than the one in Publika because the one in Publika, the registration people was wearing argentina's jersey.
Not the kind of entrance that we are looking for.. hihi

Anyhow, I am so lucky to come with my German friend and we sit at an area that was dominated by all the germans. It was really good since all the energy are there and i had the best time of my life. It was my first time to watch the world cup with a friend and it was a really good experience. I knew the german is going to win, no doubt.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


"You are going to face failure
You are going to study in a different structure and different ways
You are going to, need to understand that getting an A here in Malaysia doesn't mean u will get A there in UK" my German friend.

That is one of the early conversation that i had with my German friend when I met her for lunch, after a year since i left to Sheffield. It did hit me hard because all that she said is true.

"even if u failed, never, ever, think that u are incapable of doing things"
and that is my favourite quote from her

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Im Back!

Im finally home after 8 months. I still remember the moment where i put my old clothes on, i look myself in the mirror, smiled and said
I'm home
Thank you Jiejie Amy, Allie and Adriene for making this awesome banner for me! i really love it! I'm going to bring it back to UK, i don't care how, but yeah!

I didn't cry so much when i hugged my family at the airport. I was quite surprised because usually i won't be able to control my tears and it will just flow like the river streams ahahaha
*exaggerate much*

My parents has been spooning me with all the delicacies that i've been craving. I can now tick
cantonese kuey teow
fish curry
bihun soup
spaghetti bolognese
red fish porridge

The weather was alright when i first arrived however now, the heat is MADNESS! top that with the haze. my goodness. Hence, wear face mask if u are outdoor and don't go out too often!
*not going to happen*
I can't stay too long at home, i feel the need to go out. hihi

Thursday, June 12, 2014

UK Roadtrip

Last saturday was my last day i had my final exam paper and I went straight after the exam to London, taking the almost-4-hours bus journey, to join my friend's roadtrip. Shahira is Allie's friend when she was in Nilai Uni College. I met her during her engagement day where she asked us, my sisters and I, to be her 'dulang girls' on that day. It was an absolute honour to be her 'dulang girls' and we were quite excited because we never get to be a dulang girl and being a part of the traditional malay engagement ceremony is just fantastic.

my sisters and I are not exposed to malay weddings that much because usually our parents are the one who attend all those kenduri and malay weddings. I can say I am not quite sure the agenda for a complete malay wedding. I am still lost of what comes first and the meaning of nikah, kahwin. are those two has the same meaning. 
i always forgot this bit!

Anyways, so we did Stonehedge, Bath, Plymouth and Portsmouth. Stonehedge is kind of disappointing to me because the ticket to see the stone closely is not reasonable and just ridiculous. In my opinion, its nothing that significant till it cost £14.
why can't be like Paris where all students get in free to all the historical sites??
fourteen pound is expensive to see a freaking stone that has one story behind it ONLY, not like if u enter a castle, u'll get to know many many stories.

Bath is beautiful as expected, i still remember Ms Saf's MIL asked me to visit Bath since it is a beautiful place. The house's structure is completely different where it is more posh and castle-looking. Then we went to see the Smeaton Tower, not that fascinating, unless u r a civil engineer or architecture where u would appreciate the design of the lighthouse hihihi. After that we went to the Southwest Beach near Plymouth. Its the Best Seaside 2014,  the weather was incredible on that day. I run by the beach with Shahira and sun tanning at the back of my body since i don't want to burn my face. hihi
lovely beach
We also went to the factory outlet mall in Portsmouth, Gunwharf Quays. We were quite disappointed with the place because they don't have many stuffs. And the Polo Ralph Lauren is not cheap there
according to Shahira
small place
not much selection
londoners should go to Cheshire Oaks, said Hafiz

Overall, the trip is still enjoyable since I spent it with Shahira. I enjoyed our night talkings session. She introduced me to Ben's Cookies which is so delicious.
i think I'm craving for their cranberry cookies now

Thank u Shahira for inviting me to tag along and hope to do more trips with u! because u r fun to be with and u r like a sister to me! xx